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February 22, 2024
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By Jonny Gamer

7th Legion: Codes
7th Legion: Cheat Codes
To Add Welfare, Do The Following. The \ Data Directory Has Missions File.ini. It Has Sections CorreSponding to Each Mission, and The End of Each Section There IS A Subsection Called Pvstart. IT Describes The Machines With Which You Start The Mission. Each Number In The Under-Click Units SHICH ZERO IN THE FILE, FILE LEFT TO RIGHT, IT SHOULD BE REPLACED:

1st Zero-Ore Carrier
2y-Ore Truck
3rd crusader
5th Crucifier
7th-Faith Hammer
17th Mortar Unit
18th Priest
20Y-Slaven Rider
34th-Inquistor AC
35th Revelator AC
37Y-Nova AC
39Y-Redeemer AC
The Last Unit Is a Mobile Builder. AS FOR THE REST – EXPERIMENT. You Can Get At The Beginning of the Game Any Unit, Regardless of Whose Side Play.
Pvstart = 0010000000000000
T.E. AT The Beginning Of The Mission You Have Crusader and MCV.
Change ON:
Pvstart = 000000007000000000
Now at the Beginning of the MCV, 7 Purifier, 4 Redeemer and 8
In The Same Way, You Can Change The Briefing, The Goal of the Mission. REMEMBER THE SAFETY. Remember: if you downloaded the saved game after changing the file, you need to select from the restart level item, Otherwise The Changes Will Not Happen.

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