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February 22, 2024
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9 Prince of Amber: Codes
9 Prince of Amber: Cheat Codes
One. Roxy (Start) on the Lake. Watch Around. GO UPSTAIRS, IN THE GARAGE, AND TAKE THERE, HANGING ON THE POST IN FRONT OF YOU. You Can Climb The Stairs and Admit Roxy. Return to the Help of Scrap, Tear Off The Boards, Nailed to the door. INSIDE THIS BARN IS NOTHING NOW, SO IT’S NOT WORDH LINGER HERE. Go to the Entrance to the house upstairs. Near The Door There Is A Mailbox. Click On It, Open The Box, Read The Letter and Take A Spiral Thing. Come in the HOUSE AND GO TO THE RED LIGHT. CLIMB THE STAIRS TO THE SECOND FLOOR, ENTER THE ROOM WITH AN OPEN DOOR. This Is The Roxy Cabinet. ON RIGHT THERE IS A CHOPPER THAT NEEDS TO BE SHED. IT IS On The Wall to the Right of the Staircase Leading Upstairs. After The Light Was Lit, Climb On This Staircase, and Notice Peek Lying On the Table. IT SHOULD BE TAKEN. Get Down and Run Around The Room. NEXT TO THE COMPUTER THERE IS A VIDEO TAPE WITH THE NESCESSARY INFORMATION. Take IT. In One Of The Table Boxes There Are Instructions for Using a Certain Led Device (BAR). Read it Very Carefully. Now It’s Time To Explore The House. The Most Important Thing Is To the Nose In All Holes, Pull All The Handles, and Read Everything You Can Read. The Bedroom Has a Dream Diary (In The Bedside Table On The Left of the Bed). A TV IS Installed In The Closet (Where He Still Stands?) WHO WILL SHOW YOU AN INTERESTING MOVIE. Not Worth Upset by The Result – In The End, IT IS Just a Game… May Be… In A Large Room (Where Many Sofas), On a Glass Table, Lies An Interesting Book. IT IS WORTH READING FOR FURTHER UNDERSTING OF THE GAME. (Pages in It Are A Bit, Moreover, Half Is Also Doring.) There Is a Telephone Number (Probably Cellular, Since There Is No Receiver In The House). By The Way, Call It Somewhere Useless. Once Only You Will Call Roxy (from the next light). If You Are Unsubstuted to Reach The Phone – No Matter. Sense From Him Like. GO TO THE ROOM OPPOSITE (LIVING). ON THE TABLE IS THE DEVICE. UNDER THE CLUE, YOU CAN SEE THAT THE SPIRAL THING IS PERFECT IN IT STICKS OUT. THE NEXT ROOM HAS A CAMCORDER. Sun In It Video Tape and See The Movie. In One Of The Cabinets There Is a Means of Weeds, A Very Useful Thing. Take IT. Go to the door, Open IT and Get to the Kitchen. One of the Doors Leads to the Street. Open It, Look At The Handle, and Remove The Device Hanging On It. Now You Have a Scanner. Go to the Big Room. To the Left of The Entrance There Is A Device Called LED (BAR). Enable IT and Set Its Parameters AS Indicated in the Instructions You Found in the Roxy Office .Level – 6 .StrengThening – 5 .Modulation – 8 Now You Can Install A Scanner On All Door Handles That Fit It. Click on the Red Button on It. PEEK FLIES, AND WILL JOYFULLY INFORM ABOUT THE DEFECTION OF THE SOUND TRAIL (TONAL RESIDUE) / After a while IT Will Decipher It, and you can Listen to it. In Addition, Peek Will Flash Every Time Paranormal Activity Will Be Detected. In This Case, You Can Look At What Happens. One Day You Will Be Shown The Bedroom, And The Spirit That Flies Out Of The TV, Turns Into a Key and Falls Into The Bedside Table. Take The Key At The First Convenient Feature. IT Will Open A Locked Door On The Second Floor To the Right of the Bath. NOW IS THE TIME TO PUSH THE AMBER. Go to the Device From The Table. Put IT. NOW YOU Have otherworldly worldwides. The Entrance To One of Them Is In The Room With A Poster "Hitler Cuput", Other – On The Lake, The Third – In The Gazebo.

2. Margaret. GO TO THE ROOM WITH POSTERS (I ALSO POURED BLOOD). Put on Yourself WITH A HELMET IF He Is Not Yet. ENTER THE MIRROR. Congratulations! Now you are in the world of ghost margaret. Look At Her Body, Prostrate From Your Feet. On the Left In The Head You Can Notice a Hole From The Shot. Everything Says That Poor Maggie Shot Himself. Now Look Back Around, and Look At The Chest. IT Lies 5 Masks. Dock Them and Cook Phrase "I Need Me, Maggie." NOW Go to the Radio. Twist The Handle Until The Picture Becomes A Clear. IT Will Be a Kitchen. View the Buttons. THEY CONTROL THE KITCHEN ELEVATOR. One of Them is Predesed, While The Elevator Leaves. Hoorey. NOW Go to the Room Marreret, Again with Radio. Walk to the table WHERE THE RADIO IS WORTH. IT Lies with Knitting Needles. Poke It, She Will Go in The Elevator WHO HAS ALREADY Arrived. RETURN TO THE KITCHEN, AND LOWER THE ELEVATOR BACK. Quick Back Again. IT Will Come to Be Flown and Stuck in the Receiver. NOW IT CAN BE CONFIGURED TO THE LIVING ROOM. Run Around The Room, and Dream Where You Can. Especially Pay Attention To the Clock. They A in A Wooden Box Next To A Postcard, On the table in the middle. Go to The Door and Open It. Gluck Will Go. WHEN YOU GET TIRED, CLICK THE DOOR, THE DOORS WILL CLOSE, AND THE GLITCH WILL DISAPPEAR. Watch at the Watch. Time Moved. The Door To The Clock for 15 Minutes, Large Doors – for 30 minutes. Set this Way for Seven Hours. NOW THE RECEIVER CAN BE CONFIGURED TO A NEW WAVE, 129.8 . You are in the new room. Look Around, Go to the Garbage Bucket and Push It. Sharow on the Scraps and Assemble from Neither a Telegram. READ IT. NOW MAGGIE KNOWS THAT HER HUSBAND DIED, AND IT SHOULD NOT BE WAITING. WHEN YOU GET OFF, TURN ON THE LIGHT. All, You can go to Another Ghost.

3. Bryce. Go to the Street Through The Kitchen, Turn ON, And Go Ahead Until You Drink. TURN TO THE RIGHT AND LOOK AT THE TREE. Do it a Means of Weed. A New Track Will Open and You Will Fall Into a New Place. HERE IS A GAZEBO, IN WHICH ANOTHER SPIRIT DWELLS, BRYCE. ENTER THE FOURWOOD WORLD. NOW EVERYTHING IS COLOR AND GREEN. Look Around, Exit Home and Go Along The Path. You can Listen to Bees, They Will Tell You Their Ideology. Go Further Until It Is Stumbled Upon The Semblance of a Fountain Surrounded by Small Trees. Cut It Until You Come to the Door. ENTER THE INSIDE, AND TURN THE DOOR CLOSES. Take Back, and Near Rabel Look Down On The Board with Holes. Press in the Hole. GO OUT, Go to Holes. Make a Pot to Holes. NOW THE MIRROR LOOKS AT YOU. Turn Around and Slide The Pot to the Front Corner. Mirror Should Not Look At You. GO INSIDE INSIDE, CLOSE THE DOOR, AND GO TO THE HOLES. See The Window in The House and Look At The Inscription. Go Out to Bees. Go Along The Path On The Right Side Of the Screen. HERE IS A BENCH WOODEN HEART, INTO WHICH NAILS STUCK. Difficult Manipulations Acheve All Nails in the Middle. You have a cipher. You Will Open Another Way. WHEN YOU GET TO THE TREE, GOROD IT, AND CLICK ON THE RED Button. Lift Into The Gazebo. Look Down, USE Cipher. Will You Find Yourself in A Secret Place. Look Around: Looks Like Bryce Has Risen On UFO. If You Are Standing In Front Of The Stairs, Turn Right and Go to the Door. Puck In The White Flag and Pull The Rope to Raise IT. Look Down On The Drawing, Then Lower The Flag. IT GOES DOWN AND RAISE THE RED FLAG. Find A Panel Like A Board. Take it to it Open. There Are 6 Buttons. Press The Buttons In The Sequence as the Inscription Appeared in the window. Click On the Button Above The Panel and Open The Door. ALL, BRYSA KHAN, AND YOU AGAIN FOUND YOURSELF IN THE HOUSE OF ROXY. 3. Edwin. Another Spirit Dwells In The Lake, Edwin. Come in the Barn On the Shore, He Will Assign You to the Other World. Go Straight Until You Come Across A Doll. TRY TO GET IT. WHEN YOU GET TIRED, FIND THE HOUSE ON THE SHORE OF THE LAKE. SIGN IN TO IT. Go to the Wall, Look At the Winch. Twist IT Until The Stop Clockwise. Go to the Block Hanging Over The Table. Poke IT, He Will Lead A Stone Salt On The Ice. GET USED TO THE TOP AND TURN THE WEATHER FLUGER SO THAT IT SHOWN TO THE WEST. Go Down, and Poke The Corner of the House Where The Arrow At An Angle. GO STRAIGHT TO THE BOAT, PULL THE ROPE, AND NOTE THAT THE BOAT IS OVER THE HOLE. Go Back to the House and Turn the Weather to the East. Go Back to the Boat, And Push The Rope Again So That It Returned to the Place. Look In The Hole. AT The Bottom Sits a Bear. Go to the Place WHERE THERE WAS A DOLL, AND JUMP INTO THE WATER. Turn The Rubber Duckling To The Car Come. Sit Down in It, and Wipe the Windshield. Turn Left and Select The Path In The Middle. AT The InterSection Again Go Ahead. So Get To The Castle and The Doll Will Require A Bear. You Will Find Yourself WHERE THEY STARTED TO RIDE THE CAR. Go Along The Left and On the InterSection GO Straight. If Everything is Fine, You Are A Little "Flying", And Get To The Bear. He Will Climb to You. Take It To The Castle. Everything, Edwin Went To the World of Different…

4. ROXY (END). Go to the House and Turn on the Light. You Will Have An Electric Angel. Listen Carefully What He Will Tell You. GO TO THE COMPUTER, TURN IT ON AND TYPE PASSWORD "Wisdom". FIRST You Need to Stop The Rotation of the Stars On the Left. THEN YOU MUST ADJUST 3 Columns of Characters. Aftert That, Remove The Helmet, Go to the Garage and Come Closer to Roxy, AS Far As Possible. PUT Your Helmet On Her. ALL, TELEMARKET. See The Final Cartoon.

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