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July 20, 2020
2 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Carmageddon TDR 2000: Cheats Codes

While playing, press the [`] button then enter hereComesTrouble to activate cheat mode.

Carmageddon TDR 2000: Cheats Codes Free Download

Now enter any of the above cheat codes:

  • openLevelsGuv – all levels
  • cash – add $ 10,000
  • invincible – invulnerability
  • invisible – invisibility
  • ai on / off – on / off. Artificial Intelligence
  • setCar (CARNAME) – change the car to (CARNAME)
  • makeai (CARNAME) – give the computer a car (CARNAME)
  • WasteAll – Destroy All Cars
  • lastlap – start from the last level
  • lastcheckpoint – all checkpoints are checked, except for the last
  • version – show version number
  • adventure – mini game
  • damage_multiplier # – will increase the damage done by #
  • addPowerup (name) – add power to (name)
  • breackCar (name) – damage the car (name)
  • peds on / off – on / off. pedestrians
  • enablebuy – enable the ability to buy any car
  • SetAnimation – set animation
  • setlevel – go to another level
  • difficulty – change the difficulty
  • crash – disaster

Disable timer:
First, make a backup copy of the file being edited.
Open the options.txt file, from the “Assets” folder, with any text
editor. Find the USE_TIMER parameter and change it from 1 to 0.

Alternative way to freeze the timer:
Activate the cheat codes mode, then in the console type:
addPowerUp Timer frozen!

Free cars:
Open the cardescriptor.txt file from the “Assets \ cars” folder in
where the parameters of the machines are located, with any text editor.
Find the cost parameter followed by the price for each
from cars and change it to 0.

Mini game commands:
Get an item – get [item name]
move in the specified direction – go [direction]
attack zombies – kill [zombie name]
look at the specified target – look [object or character name]
describe others if they exist – look
more detailed description – look again
show what is in inventory – inventory
exit from the mini-game – quit

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