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February 22, 2024
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By Jonny Gamer

Championship Manager 3: Codes
Championship Manager 3: Cheat Codes
Players for freebies
Go to the Player You Want to BUY. Make An Offer for IT Twice On The Amount As It Costs. THEY WILL TAKE THES SUGGESTIONS, AND YOU GO TO "ADJUST OFFER" And Lower Your Exclusion To 0 And then Click Ok.

National Team Manager
To Become A Team Manager, Enter Your Name and Select Nationality. SELECT THE TIME FROM THE COUNTRY LEAGUE YOU WANT TO CONTROL AND SELECT THE COMMAND. Choose Any Player From The Team of The Required Nationality (For example, England – Select Newcastle and then Alan’a Shearer) And Click on Its Nationality. This Will Lead To The List of the National Team and Simply Click On the Button "Take Control".

Good Season
Enter "Champion" IN THE TACTICS MENU.

Light Victories
FIRST SELECT THE COMMAND TO WHICH YOU SELECT EARLIER. Then Take The Control Over This Command AS Another Manager. Throughout The Game, Move All The Team Players to Lose, In The Attack, And Then The Other Team Will Not Be Difficult to Earn Points.

Unlimited Money
To Have An Unlimited Money Supply ENTER THE NAME: Jimmy Rules.

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