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February 22, 2024
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By Jonny Gamer

Citadel: Forged with Fire: Codes
Citadel: Forged with Fire: Cheat Codes
How to Enter Codes:

One. Become The Server Administrator and Put A Password.
2. Open The File “Game.INI “(File Is Here: AppDatalocalCitadelSavedConfigWindowSnoEditor).
3. Find A Line: “[/ Script / Citadel.SocialManager] ». If There Is No Such Line, Add it Yourself at the file.
4. UNDER IT SHOULD BE A STRING WITH A PASSWORD. “Password =” and Server Code (for example: 1234 (password = 1234)).
Five. Save Changes to the File, Run The Game, Press Enter, Enter The Command “/ Admin_Login 1234”.

List of Codes:

/ Admin_Autosave – Save Changes on The Server
/ Admin_Delete – Delete (Player Name) from the server and display its steam id id in confirmation message
/ admin_logout – Turn Off The Administrator Rights
/ Admin_Starstats – Stop Launching The Previous Command
/ Admin_Update (New Password) – Change the Old Password to the new
/ Cinecam – Remove The Weapon From Your Player’s Hand With A First-Person View
/ Server_BAN (Player) – Blump User on Server
/ Server_Kick (Player) – To Nourish The User On The Server
/ Server_Unban – Loose User
/ WHOIS (Player) – View Information About the Right Player
/ GiveAllitems – Get All Items In The Game
/ GiveIEM (Number) – Get a Definite Number of Necessary Items
/ GiveSpell (Spell Title) – Explosion Spell Spell
/ GiveExp (Quantity) – Get a Definite Amount of Experience
/ GiveResources – Get a Definable Amount of Resources (UP TO 1000)
/ Giverune (Quantity) – Get a Definite Number of Run Crystals (UP TO 1000)
/ Givestone (Quantity) – Get a Definite Number of Stones (Up to 1000)
/ GiveWood – Get a Definite Amount of Wood (Up to 1000)
/ Invincible (Quantity) – Get A Percentage Damage
/ Knowitall – Learn All Recipes and Spells In The Game
/ REGEN – Restore All Health and Manna
/ REGROW – Restore All Resources In The Game
/ SETNAME (New Name) – Rename Your Gaming Character
/ Suicide – Kill The Character

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