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February 22, 2024
2 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Dark Planet: Battle for Natrolis: Codes
Dark Planet: Battle for Natrolis: Cheat Codes
To Take Advantage Of These Codes, You Need to Start A Campaign Under One Of The Following Names:
Animalmagic – An Increase In The Production Of Animals
Edgiesrock – Click During The Game A Space Key to Add All Resources;
Lightmap – Remove The Fogra of War (Fog of War)
Harderai – Give Computer Opponents More Resources and Make Their Attacks More Aggressive.There Is a Simple File with Files, Why No One Thought?
Understand Me?
IF Not, I Say A Video WHAT YOU PINE (Company> Player_Name).
If You Play A Company for Two, Or Three Races (in Turn Of Course) You can Simply Change The Places of the map from these Two Companies!
We Play The Company, We Pass a Pair of Levels (You Can And Already Traveled), Open The Darkplanet \ Save Folder, Look At The Dates of File Changes (Only Files With The Lev Extension, In Them Cards), Copy The One In The Name of That Which Card IS LESS.

Three Times In Three Races InterSect in Many Places, But Sometimes Do Not InterSect, So That Where Message Incorect Write Above The Point, Do Not Press There, and It Can Hang!

I Explain for Dezelov: Click On a File with the Largest Card Inside, Slotdatax.Lev (Where X Is A Digit), NOW Press It Watch The Right Button and Choose The Copy Item, Then …[read more]

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