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September 10, 2020
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Dark Souls – Prepare to Die Edition: Table for Cheat Engine (Compilation) [UPD: 04.06.2017] {MR.realdoge} Free Download

– add pointers to Hero’s Appearance
– fixed Assign Element / Upgrade to Equipment
– update Assign Element to Equipment to Assign Element / Upgrade to Equipment
– modify the Enable script to include an new option, Assign Element to Equipment
– add one more injection point to the Enable script so that the Item Mod will show the pointers when highlighting item in the Inventory menu too, that means you can edit non-equippable items from now on
– change the value type of Item Category to “Array of byte”
– add pointer to Item Category for Item Mod
– combine Index and Sort Value into one pointer for Item Mod
– update Inf. Humanity, it works on kindle now
– add pointer to Soul Level
– add some pointers for item mod based on Chaos0915’s info
– update Inf. Spell / Inf. Spell V2 to cover 12 atunement slots
– update Inf. Durability, it works on weapon when doing special attack now
– update Inf. Souls, it works on the reinforcing equipment now
– change Inf. Estus Flask to Inf. Item Usage
– change Inf. Attunement to Inf. Spell
– add Inf. Spell V2
– add Inf. Humanity
– add Inf. Souls
– fix Max HP and Max Stamina pointers
– add a bunch of pointers
– refined Undead + One Hit Kill, bonfire bug fixed. still frequent savegame back up is recommended.
– add Inf. Estus Flask, Inf. Attunement, Inf. Durability.
– add Undead + One Hit Kill
– update Enable Table and Inf. Stamina
– pointers now available after Enable Table activated
– add Undead

– Undead
HP still drops but won’t be killed.
– Undead + One Hit Kill
back up your save before using this script.
do not use together with Undead.
– Inf. Stamina
– Inf. Humanity
you can reverse hollowing and kindle without using humanity.
you need at least one humanity to reverse hollowing or kindle.
you’d still lose humanity if you die, you can always retrieve them afterwards.
– Inf. Item Usage
you may choose if you want to affect all usable items or equipped items. set All Items Switch to 1 for all items, set to 0 for equipped items (equipped Estus Flask, solid Humanity, arrows, etc.)
minimum item’s ammount can be set via the table, default: 3
SHOULD DISABLE this script if you are trying to transfer any EQUIPMENT into the storage. nothing game breaking though.
– Inf. Spell / Inf. Spell V2
use only one of them.
basically the same thing, but V2 add a check before assigning any value.
works on 12 attunement slots.
– Inf. Durability
– Inf. Souls
you can level-up, shopping, and reinforcing equipment without using any souls.
same as Inf. Humanity, you’d still lose souls if you die, you can always retrieve them afterwards.
– Assign Element / Upgrade to Equipment
I made this one mainly because it’s fun to make. you don’t really need this option if you are playing in windowed mode or don’t mind alt-tab to the cheat engine everytime you want to change the element or upgrade of an equipment.
as this option has 12 key-pressing checking in the Equipment menu when turned on (there’s a better way I know …), you should turn this option off after you made the change.
after enabling the table, press Ctrl + to turn this option on, Ctrl- to turn it off. or set the value manually in the table (1 == ON, 0 == OFF).
when this option is ON, highlight an equipment in the Equipment menu, then press numpad 0 to 9 / key 1 to 4 (above the alphabetic keys) to assign different element / upgrade to the equipment.
numpad 0 – normal / special
numpad 1 – crystal
numpad 2 – lightning
numpad 3 – raw
numpad 4 – magic
numpad 5 – enchanted
numpad 6 – divine
numpad 7 – occult
numpad 8 – fire
numpad 9 – chaos
key 1 – +0
key 2 – +5
key 3 – +10
hey 4 – +15
although you need to highlight another equipment before you can see the change, the assignment is immediate actually.
the script would check if the item can be assigned an element or not, but it’s better to be sure before you press the key to avoid unwanted result.
some equipment’s name may changed to “? WeaponName?” after changing the element if the weapon upgrade is larger than +5. it’s normal.
this works in the Equipment menu ONLY, won’t work in the Inventory menu.

– HP, Stamina
– Max HP, Max Stamina, Vitality, Attunement, Endurance, Strength, Dexterity, Resistance, Intelligence, Faith, Humanity, Soul Level and Souls
– Hero’s Sex (check Table Extra for details)
I’m not sure how it would affect the game in anyway. back-up save before trying to change this in-game.
– Hero’s Hair (check Table Extra for details)
both Master Value and Actual Value will be stored into the savegame.
Master Value of Hair Style and Hair Color only affect the savegame info, they won’t affect the actual style / color in anyway, you need to edit the Actual Value to change the hair style for real.
– Hero’s Physique (check Table Extra for details)
unlike hair, only Master Value will be stored into the savegame.
if you are changing the Master Value, you need to quit and re-load the game to see the change.
although the body parts changing would take effect immediately, they won’t be store into the savegame. they would reset according to the Master
– Item Mod
Item’s info of the highlighted item in the Inventory menu or Equipment menu, including Item Category, ID, Quantity, Index & Sort Value and Durability.
see Chaos0915’s post for modification details.
check bonzay0’s post for a table with a form for easier item switching.
DO NOT freeze any of the pointers in the Item Mod.
– Estus Flask Quantity
– Equipped Arrow Quantity
– Equipped Item Quantity

– NO aob scan.
– tested on FLT only.
– process name is DATA.exe, not DARKSOULS.exe
– if playing with retail original, remember to activate the first script before enabling the table.
– scripts and pointers may take a few seconds until it’s fully working.
– this table is intended to be used in offline mode ONLY.
– the auto-save policy of this game is pretty aggressive, it’s almost impossible to undo ANYTHING you did in the game. so no matter you are using this table or not, you should back-up your savegame frequently!
– update maybe slow, as I’m going to actually play the game now … feel free to share your findings ~

Launch process:
1. Start Cheat Engine, “Load” and select a table
2. “Select a process to open”, select the desired process.
3. Select the desired option, put a cross.

You can download Cheat Engine from our server here.

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