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February 22, 2024
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By Jonny Gamer

Doom Eternal: How to Open Cheat Codes
Doom Eternal: How to Open Cheat Codes
Doom Eternal Has Many Collectible Things That Can Be Found and Collected by Gamers. Unlike The Doom 2016, in Which You Could Enter Cheat Codes Through A Console String, for Codes in Eternal Will Need To Find Flexible Media (Floppy disks), Hidden at Different Levels. You Can Find 14 Cheat Codes and We Described Their Location Below.

To Simplify The Search for Cheat Codes, We Bring Their Location by Chapters, As the game Through The Game. Below You Will Find Out What Makes One Or Another Cheat Code, As Well As Where It Can Be Found in The Plot Level. CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER WILL ALLOW YOU TO COLLECT ALL THE CHEATS ALREADY AT THE FIST PASSAGE OF EACH TASK.

Cheat Code “Infinite Life” – Assignment “Hell On Earth”

You can Unlock This Cheat Code During The First Plat Task. Continue to Pass The Level Until You Choose From The Metro Where The Codex Page Will Be at the End. Follow Below Until You Reach The Room with Three Zombies, Soldier and Explosive Barrel. Kill Enemyes and Go Ahead. Immediately for the first Time The Tentacles Will Appear. On The Right Side You Will Find A Box to Climb. Do IT and Climb Even Higher, In Ventilation. Sense Through IT and Find Yourself in The Area With A Secret.

What Gives: Infinite Additional Lives That Allow The Executioner to Revive Right During The Battle.

Cheat Code “All Runes” – The Base Of The Guarantees

IN THE FIRM GUARD THERE ARE A TOTAL OF TWO CHEAT-CODE. HOWEVER, AT THE BEGINNING OF THE GAME YOU CAN ACCESS ONLY ONE. After You Find Two Guarage Batteries (And Unlock The Hardening Panel), Go to the background and Roll to the right, to the door, Followed by An Outdoor Tower. WHEN YOU OPEN IT WILL UNLOCK PRETORIONER (Skin for the Executioner). HAVING DONE THIS, INSPECT THE ROOM AND ON THE LEFT, DETECT THE HOLE IN THE WALL. Jump Over The Hole in Open Space, Turn Off and Jerks to Get to the Secret Room Below. WHEN YOU CHOOSE THE CHEAT Code, The Portal Will Apper Here, Allowing You to Go Back.

What Gives: Unlocks All 9 Runes, And You No Longer Need To Look for Them.

Cheat IDDQD Code – Quest “sectals”

After You Get Superdrobovik, ENTER THE ROOM WITH EIGHT COLUMNS. Each Column Has Green Locks. You Must Break Them to Rescue Opponents Or Access Mining. After You Unlock All The Columns, Output from the Room. But Don’t Rush. STAND IN THE CENTER WHERE THE ONLY TOWER REMAINS. Use The Crossbars On The Side Walls of the Central Tower to Takepoint Up. Immediately Turn to the Side of this Tower and Do The Jerk To Her Top. THERE YOU WILL FIND CHEAT CODE.Doom Eternal: How to Open Cheat CodesYou Need to Find Here Such Floppy Disks.
What Gives: Guardian Armor Will Work Throughout The Entire Level. THEY STRENGTHEN THE EXECTIONER. You Can Get Armor in Conventional Sobs In The Event That You Will Die Too Often In The Same Place (for example, in Battle With the Boss). The Game Is Simply Offered to You This Strengthen, But You Will Refuse Him.

Cheat Code “Silver Pullyle Mode” – Quest “Woller Hunters of Rock”

After Opening The Stone Sarcophagus, USE The Wall to Lift to Move Up. Before You Jump Over The Abyss, Continue to Go Up to Detect The Secret On The Top of the Column. You Can Also Jump Over The Roof Hole to Find a Pretorian Tank Inside The Column.

What Gives: All Stunned Demons Will Die From One Shot Or Impact.

Cheat Code “Infinite Ammunition” – Quest “Blood Super Genet”

THE FOLLOWING CHEAT CODE CAN BE DETECTED IN THE TASK “BLOODY SUPER GENET”. Come Down Until You Get A Yellow Key. After the Left of the Cracked Wall on the Left Skirmish, And The Left Skirmish, And The Left Skirmish, And The Left Side Of the Platform for Three Different Keys. On The Other Hand, The Secret Is Also Visible, But The Passage is Closed Bones.

What Gives: Endless Cartridges for Any Weapon.

Cheat IDKFA Code – Quest “Committee COMMITTEE”

Reaching The Third Building In This Mission, Look for a Cheat Code in a Hole Where You are Flown using a Crossbar on the second floor of a huge building, Outside the window. Skip Almost Unreal.

What Gives: Get Access To All Weapons, Equipment and Its Improvements.

Cheat Code “Upgraded Costume” – Base Of The Firm Guard

After Returning To the Hardening Of Guards With A New Source of Energy (Set the Key), Go to the Central Part on the Control Panel. Look At The Right of The Platform on Which The “Question Mark Is Located”. On the Stroke Glass Will Be a Red Dot. Shot IT to Appear The Red Panel for Jumping. With it to be Flown Into Ventilation Under the ceiling and do it to the top platform with the cheat code.


Cheat Code “Enhancement Mode of Natisk” – The Task of the “Kernel of Mars”

During The Passage of The Mission Mission, You Will Need to Get to the Spacious Room with A Lot Of Supreets. UNDERSTAND THE OPPONENTS AND GO TO THE THE ROOM ON THE RIGHT TO DETECT THE CHEAT CODE THAT IS NOT HIDDEN.

What Gives: Throughout The Level, This Amplification Will Act, Enhancing the Execution of the Executioner.

Cheat Code “Strengthening Rage Mode” – Task “Taras Nabad”

After the Second Site, Where It Will Be Necessary to Sail Under Water, Get To the New Location WITH ANOTHER SLAUGHTER. Turn to the Left and Destroy The Wall to Access The Secret Skirm. To The Left of The Altar Activating The Smell, The Cheat Code Is.

What Gives: Throughout The Level, This Increase Will Act, The Rapid Speed.Doom Eternal: How to Open Cheat CodesAll Cheat Codes in the Menu.

Cheat Code “Migration Mode” – Task “Unknoval”

After Passing Under The Second Set Of Crurshers, Pay Attention to the Closed Cells. Jump Down Where The Left Cells Are Raised From (of Two Rows) to Detect The Secret Area with the Cheat Code.

What Gives: From Demons Will Not Fall Out Of Health and Armor Glasses.

Cheat Code “Party Mode” – The Task “Unkvolol II”

In The Second Part of The Unkrelol, You Need to Get to a Huge Tunnel, Where You Jump After The Third Battle. Do Not Hurry To Fall Here! Instead, Jump on the Ledge On The Left, At The Same Level. Then Look At The Right Wall and Detect The Crack In It. Fall, Scatter and Take Another Cheat Code.


After Taking The Second Ring Of Three, Look for Outside The Building, On the Left Hand Niche With a Destroyed Wall. After Breaking It, You Will Find Inside The Secret Cheat Code.

What Gives: Throughout the Level This Strengthening Will Be. In This Case, The Cheat Code Works Only In Some Missions!

Cheat Code “Quakecon Mode” – a Special Condition

To Unlock The Cheat Code, You Need to Fully Improve The Costume of Pretorian (Unlock All Pretorian Skills).

What Gives: Cheat Code Adds Invisible Viewers To The Game. They Will Applaud and Scream In Response to Your Actions in the Game. The Cooler You Play, The More Noisy Will Be The Audience.

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