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May 21, 2020
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here everything is just the same as on DAO only the file is called not daorigins.exe but Dragon Age 2.exe (I did not use a demo version so I have a Demo prefix) also create a shortcut to the Dragon Age 2.exe file located in the C folder : \ Games \ Dragon Age 2 Demo \ bin_ship (well, someone like that), we also go into the properties of the shortcut and also prescribe -enabledeveloperconsole (always with a space after the “sign) and enter (the most in demand in my opinion

Dragon Age 2: Cheat Codes Free Download

runscript addxp [###] – Add ### experience
runscript zz_money [###] – Add ### copper coins (1000 copper = 1 gold)
runscript pc_immortal – Immortality
runscript wizard – Transform into 2nd level mage
runscript rogue – Transform into Level 2 Rogue
runscript warrior – Transform into a 2nd level warrior
runscript cheater – All achievements
runscript zz_party_addgifts – Party members gifts
I tried several times and it worked intermittently (or maybe I just entered incorrectly)
I do not visit this site often, so I will rarely write comments
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