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February 22, 2024
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By Jonny Gamer

Dragon Age: Origins: Codes
Dragon Age: Origins: Cheat Codes
RUN THE GAME WITH THE PARAMETER -enabledeveloperconsole. In The Label to the Launch of the game, “C: \ Games \ Dragon Age \ Bin_Ship \ Daorigins.EXE “-enabledeveloperconsole
Open The File “Keybindings.ini“IN THE FOLDER” My Documents \ Bioware \ Dragon Age \ Settings \ “. Find The String:

“OpenConsole_0 = Keyboard :: Button_x”

CHANGE X On Any Key Not Covered In The Gameplay. Save the file. Now, During The Game, You Can Use the Selected key to call the console to enter the followinging Commands:

Runscript AddXP [###] – Add ### Obvious
Runscript ZZ_MONEY [###] – Add ### Copper Coins (1000 Copper = 1 Golden)
Runscript PC_Immortal – Immortality
Runscript zz_addparty namenpc – Add to NPC Batch (Name List Below)
Runscript Ai Off – Disable AI
Runscript SelectParty – Screen Selection Party
Runscript Chargen – Character Generation Screen
Runscript KillallHostiles – Kill All Enemies
Runscript ZZ_ADDAPPROVAL X YY – Add Reputation From NPC (X – Name, YY – Number)
Runscript zz_addparty – Allows You to Increase Party Limit
Runscript HealPlayer – Cure Player / Party
Runscript zz_dropparty – REMOVE THE CURRENT BATCH
Runscript zz_talk_nearest – Talk to the Nearest NPC
Runscript zz_pre_strategy – Teleport Player and Party to the Fireplace Duncan in Ostayar
Runscript ZZ_PRE_DemO2 – Teleport Player and Party in Ostor
Runscript AddTalent [##] – Add Skills or Spell Player (## – Number)
Runscript RemoveTalent [##] – Remove The Specified Talent or Spell From The Player Profile (## – Number)
Runscript BowlingForferelden – Discard The Enemy and Form A Shield Around The Player
Runscript Wizard – Turn Into The Magician 2 Docking
Runscript Rogue – Will Turn Into A Strollery 2go Level
Runscript Warrior – Will Turn Into A Warrior 2nd Level
Runscript Cheater – All achevements
Runscript zz_party_addgifts – GIFTS TO PARTY MEMBERS
Runscript ZZ_JUMP_AROUND – Teleport in An Arbitrary Card Point
Runscript zz_reveal_map – Open The Entire Map

Character Names

Use with Teams Runscript zz_addapproval And Runscript zz_addparty, Aftert That Enter The AppropriTe Number Facing The Name of the Character.

1 – Alistair
3 – Morrigan
5 – Shale
6 – Sten
7 – Zevran
9 – Eiliana

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