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February 22, 2024
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DragonRiders: Chronicles of Pern: Codes
DragonRiders: Chronicles of Pern: Cheat Codes
To Begin With, As Usual, Sevel Useful Tips. In Conversations, TRY TO NO LONGER MISS ANYONE AND ALWAYS TALK WITH EVERYONE, BECAUSE IF YOU SUDDENLY MISS SOMEONE, EVENTS CAN STRIKE THE MOST INAPPROPRIATE WAY (The Person Does Not Come to the Specified Place, The Door Will Not Open…). If You Do Not Want To Talk to Any Key Character, Then You Probably Have A Non-Sufficient Development Of Any Level (Intelligence, Reputation), Try Talking to Him Later.
An Indicator of Physical Strength IS ALSO Very Important Here Levers, You Can Open The Doors Only in Case Of Conformity of Your Indicator Required "Standards". The Council Here Is The Same – IT DID NOT WORK, "Lift" LEVEL AND TRY LATER. The Battles Here Some Some Skills Do Not Require A More Primitive Breath With A Sword Still Search. SO I ALMOST ALWAYS WHEN THERE WAS A CHOICE BETWEEN "steal" Past Animals or Guards OR "Kill", Chose The Last and Faster and Tolls Less. You Can Be Treated with Small Plants That Grow Abundantly Across The Feathers, The Main Thing Is Not to Confuse the Healing Grass with a Poisonous.
The Number of Quests In This Game Is QUite Impressive, I Will Dwell Only On The Most Key, Well, and Occasionally AT The Secondary. SO, if you don’t find something in this Salt – Do Not Approve, He Is Not Intended to Highlight All The Game Aspects, Only The Most Basic.

Fort Weyr.

Take the Shelf Oil for Dragon Skin, Note from the table. IN THE NEXT ROOM, GRAB THE BRUSH AND GO TO YOUR DRAGON. Pour The Oil in A Bowl, Then Lubricate Them Your Dragon. When You Leave Your Apartments, Pick A Note from the grounds to be Invited to Meet: Lytah, S’lon, B’rak, K’tan, T’Men, L’Tul, F’ben, N ‘Eth, V’ Hul.
Talk to K’tan, Who Scratches His Dragon’s Brush, He Will Give You a A Knife and Teach Him to Contact Him. You are Letting Them On DRUNK TRIED SOME SLED ON TABLE TO WRITE. Go to the Central Level of the Level, from it to v’kal’u. He Will Refuse to Talk to You. In The Library, Talk to Lockern, He Needs to Find His Magazine. Also Here You Can Read a Lot of Scrolls ABOUT EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD, ABOUT THE LIFE OF PERN, ITS INHABITANTS, HERBS, RIDERS, DRAGONS, EGGS… He Will Also Give You A Map of Fort, It Will Now Be Much Easier to Navigate.
GO DOWN TO THE MIDDLE LEVEL AND TALK TO V’HUL, HE WILL ASK TO TRANSFER A NOTE. Then with N’eth’om, You Almost Drew a Knife in a Drunken Fill. WITH LYTAH, GET A LIBRARIAN LOG FROM IT. With S’lon, T’Men and B’rak’om (The Last Two Are in The Game Room). Take Their Playing Bones From the Table, OtherWise They Will Not Stop Playing. Still Talk to F’beeh’om (Give Him A Note), with emmala, with gillian.

Climb The Level "Kitchen" And Talk To Kendrick’om, Rowarth, With a Cook Tom (Does Not Like When’s Scold His Food), with Roma, Urik’om (Give a Cure for Headaches), Horlas (Give An Empty Cup), with h’ram and t’lor. DID NOT Have Missed Anyone…
At the Lower Level, The Fort Will Talk to Jillian, He Will Not Yet Want to Release You, But Will Give An Arbalet; Dorn Will Give A Rider Shape (Riding Gear); Take A Look At Kevan. Then Go Back to the Top Level and Talk to the Sitting At the Table, Then Descend on the Middle and Talk to N’eth’om. Back to Top and Conversation with V’Kai and Fin. Give The Librian His Magazine.
GO DOWN TO THE LOWER LEVEL, JILLIAN WILL OPEN THE FRONT DOOR. Go Behind Him, in Weyr Bowl. Rabbeat On The Ledge On The Rock, There Is A Stone That Can Be Shifted, Only for this One Must First "fond" Silushka. In The Meantime, Talk to J’Cob, Helan (She Will Say Than Jim Ran Into Tunnels), With Jax From Stone (This Will Gate A New Map), With Jillian At The Gate, With Perry, Hal, Miller (WHEN YOU Are Strong ENOUGH, HELP HIM SHIFT THE LEVER). Coven to the Laying of Eggs (The Largest Cave), Hatching Grounds, Talk to Syllia, Get Fire-Lizard Egg.
Get Back to the Cave Board Boards.
Still With A Man With A Hammer – Hul, He Will Give You a good Hammer. Break The Boards and Enter The Cave.

Dark Caves.

Break The Passage in the Rock, Go Along The Bridge, He Will Start Crumbling. ON THE BASIS OF THE LEFT, KILL THE SNAKE. Further You Can Not Be Seen (IT Means On The Screen) And Click There "Action". You Will Find Jim At Lava. Next From The Snake to the Right, Jump on the Columns on the Other Side. In The Cave You May Not Have Enough Strength to Move The Stone, From It To the Left, Kill The Snake. Before Cave With A Guy, Take Off A Piece of Stone So That The Gate Is Not Closed, Then Ride It Down. Write Down AT The Bottom and Talk to Jim’om. Hammer Knock On The Trolley LEVER, Push It Down. She Will Break a New Way Out, and You Will Again Find Yourself at the Lower Level of the Fort. Talk to L’Tul.
Now Go to the Top Level, There Will Just Start The General Meeting. After His End, Go to the Main Hall, You Will Be Visited by V’Hul and Will Give A Note for Lamrat’a. GO DOWN TO THE VALLEY. Call Your Dragon and Fly to Fort Hold.

Fort Hold.

Talk to Archen’om, Give A Letter Lamrat’U. Still A Pair of Words With Parlan (Give Shoes, You Can Change Clothes "Civic" Clothes), With Keela (Let Her Stroke Your Dragon, Give Candy). With SCARN (Give a Fabric for Salyn in Harperhall), C Borrow, Taolousien ‘, with Malorien’om (Will Give A Cave Card). Also Do Not Miss Perella, Arrie and Others.

In The Square, Skjald, Kastalla, Daize, Stephe, Carrick, Sytra, Harat, Manwor, Neelet. Win An Archetle Competition From Crossbow, Get A Coin. All You Need to Earn Three Coins in Fort Hold (Maximum Here You Can Get Four, I’ll Tell You A Little Later ABOUT THEM). In The Main Courtyard In Front Of The Fort, Take A Toy (Similar to Yulia) from the table, After Flying Home.

Fort Weyr.

AT The Average Level, Talk to Jim, Give Him A Toy (Yula) And Candy, He Will Give You A Snake. Only You Shald Have a Basket Under It! AS No, But Why Are You Then in the Caves Zenki Slapped!?. So Descend To The Valley and Go to Dark Caves, You Can Also Get From the Lower Level. The Basket Will Be On Top Ledge in A Big Cave. NOW WITH THIS DRAWER TO JIM AND GET YOUR SNAKE.

Fort Hold.

Go to Square With a Fountain and Talk to Horat, He Will Take The Snake and Give You A COW IN RETURN. Cool, However. Talk to Harper, He Will Distract Potter and You Can Steal A Part of The Pottery in the Main Courtyard. Fly to the Master.

Mastersmith Hall.

Talk to Klor in the Building, IT Will Replace the Bracket. HE CAN ALSO BRING DIFFERENT STRANGE THINGS, AND IT WILL UPGRADE YOUR WEAPON. TRUE, IT IS NOT CLEAR. I Am Only for Interest At The Very End Once Again, And So All The Time I Waved at What Was At Hand and Nothing, Not Complein.

Fort Hold.

Give The Fixed Detail Of Potter, Then Another Detail Of Faran. He Will Run His Truck from the Entrance Away. Access to Harperhall and Healerhall Is Now Open. But You Still Need To Do Something Here. REPEAT INTO CIVILIAN CLOTHES You Get From Achen’a and Parlan’a. Soon the Thief Comes and Takes Off Your Knife. Go Behind Him, Talk to Him. He Will Teach You to Boast. Wait for Drawers, AS Long As Lamrat Goes Away From the Entrance to the Fort and Slip "ON TIPTOE" For Its Back Inside, Turning On The Corresponding Mode. From the first time (and not only) may not work, don’t leve attempts.
And Now Let’s Return to the Earnings of the Three Remaining Coins. 2 – Help The Bedspreadr From All Statues in Grand Hall. 3 – Return a Bag of Nails to the Builder At The Parity (Nails Should Be Immediately Nearby). 4 – Move The Boxes from the Entrance to the kitchen to the peasant from Another.


Mastersmith Hall.

Talk to a man with a Strange Name Guy, Which Walks Close to the Entrance to the workshop. He Will Ask to Pick Him Up to Him, She Is Lying Near Him In The Rocks (As Far As Everyone Is Stupid Here, Do Not See Her Nose). IN RETURN HE WILL GIVE YOU A SWORD. Return Back to the Fort.

Fort Hold.

Talk to Manwor Again, Teach to Handle A Sword. After Go to Grant Hall and Talk to A Lamit, He Spends You to the Door.

Ancient Caverns.

Put The Bracelet and Go Along The Corridor, Left, Kill The Snake. Further On The Bridge, IT Will Fall, and You Will Find Yourself in Water. Kill The Snake, Choose The Leaving To The Top. Call a Flying Creature There, in the Cave on the Left. New Cave, Bridge, Fork. GO TO THE LEFT, ON THE LEDGE, IN THE CAVE, LEFT – JUMP OVER THE CLIFF. IN THE END, COME TO THE RIVER. Climb Upstairs and Collapse A Large Stone From A Rock Down. GO TO THE OPPOSITE PART OF THE CAVE AND SET THE SAME WAY DOWN. Go Down and Go Through the Stones on the Other Side. Come in the Cave, Kill "Bird" IN FRONT OF THE METAL Door, ENTER INSIDE.

Metal Cave.

THERE ARE FOUR DOORS HERE, FIRST GO OPPOSITE THE ONE IN WHICH You Entered. Next To Her Take The Pipe and Open It. Go Down to Computers and Take Green Paper With Letters. READ IT, RECOGNIZE THE CODE 7936. Get Out Of The Ventilator Near. In The New Room, Take The Second Green Leaflet (Code 0186). ENTER THE CODE ON THE DOOR, GO OUT. Before 4 Rooms Again, ENTER THE CODE ON THE LAST. Inside Discover The Sheet and The Ancient Artifacth (IT IT DRUNK THE BLACKSMIT). Move The Table and Climb On It, Then in Ventilation.

Ancient Cave.



Talk to Latrot. THEN GO TO THE ARCHES. The Passage To Them Was Previously Blocked By The Cart.

Harper Hall.

ON THE LOWER FLOOR, GO TO THE THE ROOM ON THE LEFT, TALK TO SALYN, GIVE HER TAPESTRY. Climb On The Top Floor and In The Room on the Right Talk to Tinossi, In The Next Room with Yallin’om. Back to The Room and With Seph. Wait Here A Bit Soon Will Appear Hered. See Scene.
Conversation WITH K’tan’s Fountain. He Will Fall From Some IncomPrehensible Infection. GO TO THE LEKARYAM, THEY ARE NEAR HARPER HALL.

Healer Hall.

Talk to Hered, K’tan and All Other Patients. THEN WITH MERRICK, HE Needs Food for Patients.
Between Case You Can Do More Quests. Talk to Kilimi, IT IS Left from the main steps in Harper Hall On the Second Floor. What She Needs Can Be Found Including In The Fort Weyr Library. Go Down, Go In The Bedroom, Take The Key and Unfix The Box At The Sleeping Student. Take The Musical Instrument and Play On It, The Student Will Wake Up. Talk to Kilimi, She Will Be a Candidate for the Role of Weyrwoman.
In The Main Courtyard Of Fort, Talk to Arrie, She Will Give You Cold Patties. THEY MUST BE ATTRIBUTED TO COOK JAK’U IN GRAND HALL SO THAT He Gets Them. Only First He Will Have to Deliver A Message From His Brother – Chef Tom’a from Fort Weyr.
Take Hot Merrick Pies in Healer Hall. Go to the Main Courtyard of Fort, K’tan Will Die, and His Dragon Will Fly Away in the Interval. Go to Grant Hall, Talk Finally WITH GRALT. Previously, The Road Was Blocked By A Couple Of Pushing Each Other. Call The Dragon and Fly Home. Lamrat Will Stop You.

Fort Weyr.

Climb AT The Top Level and Take Part in the General Meeting. Thene Will Be a Scene with S’lon, WHEN HE IS OFFEDED by HIS Colleagues. Go to the Dragon and Fly to Fort Hold.

Fort Hold.

Talk to the Lamit, Levitt Will Soon Fit, Wait Until It Stops, And Turn A Couple Of Words With Him.

Harper Hall.

Go to the Kitchen, The Entrance to IT IS in the Corner to the Left of the Entrance. SPEAK WITH GRALT AND SALYN.

Healer Hall.

Talk to Jazon, On the right in the room, Next to the sick. Call The Dragon and Fly To The Island.

Ista Island.


Come to the Fisherman on the Pier and Talk to Him, He Will Give You A Map. Next To Your Partners Lift The Flower and Give It to Kiristi, Go On The Shore. RIDERS WILL RUN UP TO YOU, AND YOU WILL DISCUSS THE PLAN FOR FURTHER ACTION. Head to Town.


Talk to Drakk. ENTER THE HOME TO THE THE LEFT OF THE ROAD AND TALK TO MORIA AND LARIA. Repeat Into Civilian Clothes and Go to the Dawn Sisters Bar (Otherwise I Wanted The Entrance You Will Not Miss You). Talk to all visitors. In The City You Can Still Visit A ​​Bunch of Places and Learn a Lot of Interesting Things At Your Discretion…
Further ENTER THE RISING STAR INN, TALK TO THE ROOF WITH A MAN. INSIDE TALK TO MATRICE. GO Out to the Street and Go Again, Talk Again With Her (Here Is a Stupidity). She Will Say That Holin Came from Her and Did Not Pay, You Will Have to Knock Off The Grandmother. On the Street, Climb A Little Higher, There and Meet Choline WITH A PAIR OF TYPES. Win Him In A Duel, He Will Give Money.
Return to Rising Star and Give Money Hostess. She is Joining to Agree to Pass The Room for Free. RETURN TO THE STREET AND TALK TO SORIAN. He Will Tell That Holin Is Sculpted WHEN Playing Bones. AGREE TO CLEAR GOOD NAME SIRIN. Then Go Up to Choline. Before Him There Will Be Sevel Barrels, Take A Stone And Throw It in the Rogues. Two Will Go Away, Now Turn On The Mode "steal" And Imperceptibly Go to Choline From The Back, Drag His Playing Bones. Give Them a Bartender in Dawn Sisters. After Go To Bed (Click on the Bed in Your Room).


Talk to the Hostess, in Another Room with Belan, He Confezzes in The Poisoning of the Nalya. GO OUTSIDE, GO DOWN, TALK TO MANWOR AND FARAN Traders. Go to the Dawn Sisters Bar. Talk to the Merchants Again, Tell Me That You Have Not Passed Anything. Get Out of The House and Climb On The Street Upstairs, Talk On The Way With N’eth’om. Go to Dawn Sisters and Talk Again WITH N’eth’om.
Go Down To The Bottom, To The Peasant Named Doorin. Talk to Him, Then Go to the House to Him and Talk There With His Wife and Daughter. She Will Be Another Candidate for Weyrwoman.

Go to the Rising Star, ENTER INSIDE, GO OUT. Talk to N’eth’om, He Will Give You A A Piece Of Paper With A Description of the Medication. Climb On The Top of the Town and Talk On the Platform with Tenrol’om. RUN ASHORE, CALL THE DRAGON AND FLY TO FORT HOLD.

Fort Hold.

Go to Healer Hall, Talk Thereby With Jazon, In The Room to the Right of the Chamber With Patients. Then Look At The Harper Hall and Talk to Salyn in The Kitchen, Go Down to the Bedroom of the Harvesters, Talk to Limoriad. TIGHTEN BACK INTO THE KITCHEN AND SCORE WITH KELLI. Again In The Bedroom – With Yallin, Limoriad. Get a Steep Drum. Fly Back to the Island.

Ista Island.

GO TO THE RISING STAR, IN THE BELAN ROOM. AND HE TURNS OUT, ALREADY ESCAPE FROM HERE. Take From The Chest In The Room Card and Other Renewals. GO OUTSIDE, MEET WITH S’LON. Climb On The Very Top and On The Platform, Knock On Your Noble Drum. GO Ashore, On the Way to Defeat Holin’a and His Friendships. Then, On the Shore, Talk to Matrice, With a Sailor That Will Suggesta You to Play Bones. Only It Would Be Nice First to Get to the Rules. Fly in Hold.

Fort Hold.


Ista Island.

You Will Beat The Sailor in The Bone With the Help of Choline Cubes, At the Same Time You Have to Win Money From Him Gradually. Remember The Advice and Play Something Like This: Two Or Three Times (Depending On The Bet) Win, Then Lose The Time and So to the Victorious. If He Beat You (i Would Just Boot IT), You Can Fly to B’rak’u and Take More Money From Him. Winning, Talk to the Rest of the Sailors and With Matrice.
Go to the City and Come to the House of Sorian’a, It Is Marked on The Map (Not Far from The Barrels Where The Stone Was Thrown). Talk to Sorian, Cross The Street and To the Barrels, Wait Sorian’a and Proceed With Him for the Building. Inside Take The Key Back, Open The Hatch in the Rear Room.

Smuggler’s Cove.

Your Task Is to Go Down to the Ship, On the Way You Can Either Hide From Sailors, Or Kill Thatm. Further In The Cave, The Development Has N’eth On One Side, And In The Other – The Belan’a Body. Take His Icon and Put It On Yourself. Repeat INTO Civilian Clothes and Go to the Ship, Showing There Icon. Also There, You Can Simply Sneak Behind The Captain.

Clear Endeavor.

In The Corner, Take The Card, Soon Go Down Cabin Boy. You can TRY TO BRIBE IT OR JUST KILL. Upon Arrival You Need to Get Out Of The Ship, Try Not to Fall Across The Eyes of Sailors. Roll Into The Cliff, Ship Sail. Call The Dragon and Fly Home.

Fort Weyr.

Talk to S’Bor, Then with S’lon (In The Room V’Hul’a). After the Scene, Go to the table and take a bottle with poison and letter. AT The Top Level, Talk Again With S’Bor. You Will BE Sent to the Island Again.

Ierne Island.

GO DOWN THE PASSAGE, SOON YOU WILL FALL DOWN AND MEET WILL. NOW YOU NEED TO SNEAK TOES NOT NOTICE YOU. Make Your Way Between The Cliffs on the Left. THEN CLIMB HIM AND TAKE A BOTTLE BECAUSE OF HIS Back. Fill It Out Of The Barrels That To The Left of the Gate at the Bottom. Get The Finished Bottle With Acid. Go to the Landing Pad, In The Next Cave.

Ierne Volcano.

Get Down Down The Way Killing The Biggest "Cat". You Can Just Hide In The Corners, But It Is So Boring. In The End, Choose the Healing Plant from the Stone for the record – Silverthorn. From The Last Attack of the Animal You Will Save You A Tagged Hunter Shot.


Just Come Back to The Starting Area and Go to the Third Passage. Bottle With Acid Dissolve The Shrub On The Right, Will Be In Front Of The Lock.

Ierne Temple Interior.

You Need to Move Four Stone Statues So That They Get On Dark Plates On The Floor. Then in Four Opened Color Rooms Press Four Levers, The Main Lattice Will Open. Inside Take The Second Healing Plant – Roseleaf. Look At The Door Close IF You Have A Sufficient Level Of Intelligence (7), Then You Will Learn What To Do. Shoot from the Arblet on targets in this order: Red, Red, Blue, Yellow. The Door Will Open, Take Away Inside Fire-Lizard Egg. Get Back to the Landing Pad. You "Otovaryat" Behind Head.

And You Can Already Have a Chamber. Pick Up the Plant, Talk to the Neighboring Prisoner. BREAK DOWN THE LEG FROM THE BED, PICK UP THE POT FROM THE FLOOR. See How D’Kor Will Cut Off The Guards. Click The Button Next To the Camera, The Lattice Will Open on the Passage.
Talk to All Prisoners. GO OUT, SOON THERE WILL BE TWO DOORS ON THE LEFT AND ONE RIGHT. PRESS THE EXTREME RIGHT BUTTON ON THE WALL IN NICHE AHEAD. The Grille OpenS. Go to and Take a Weapon and Hammer from the table. Press The Button On The Wall, The Lattice Will Open Further. THEN YOU CAN Either Hide From The Guards, Or Everyone Will Shoot Them to the Damn Grandmother. To Hide, You Need to Guess Lanterns and Boast. For This You Need, Being Near The Lantern, When The Icons Appears "Head" Press Num0 and Choose icon "!". Then Press Action. SIMILARLY, IT WILL BE NECESSARY TO PRESS THE BUTTONS OPENING THE LATTICES. By The Way, About This Ill-Fated "Num0" The Author of The Game Do Not Mention Anywhere, Apparently, Strains With Memory, And You Suffer Here…
In The Room with a Bell Knock On It, Three Guards Run Away. GO TO THE ROOM AND REMOVE THE KEYS FROM THE BOARD. Further Press a Few More Buttons, Open The Lattices and Take The Missing Two Keys – One Will Be In The Room With Three Guards, The Other On the Second Keyboard.
RETURN TO THE CAPTIVES AND FREE THEM ALL. Keriil Can Become A Candidate in Weyrwoman. Flick Will Give You The Third Medication Flower – Southern Star. Select From The Chambers, Right, Take All Your Equipment from the Chest and Press The Button There, The Lattice Will Open In The Room Where Two Guards Were Hanging Out. Go there.

Ground Floor.

Make Yourself With A Lamit, Foam It A Little Sword, and then Kill Finally. SELECT THE KEY FROM THE GROUND. Go to the Courtyard, Overheam The Conversation V’Hul’a and Drus’a. Kill The Druza, Free The Slaves. SELECT THE OPTION "Divide Slaves In A Room With A Window", Then Select "Divide Slaves Into The Yard". Previously You Must Go Further and Destroy All the Guards There. Slaves Will Remove the Ravoisi.
By The Bell (1, 2, 3 Times), The Bell (1, 2, 3 Times), the Security Will Move to Different Rooms. So You Can Get Around. In The Next Room, Talk to Hellion, He Will Give The Key To the Door. Open Them – Make Yourself With V’Hul. Win Him In A Duel, Give The Key. In The Room with a Hatch in The Floor, Collide The Stone, Gladeril Can Be a New Candidate for the Role of Weyrwoman. Return to the Courtyard, Open The Doors With the Last Key, Go Upstairs.

Top Floor.

Go to the Metal Door, Show The Belan’a Icon There, You Will Skip, Pick Up the Part of the Disk. On The Stone (If The Forces Are Enough) And Take the Second Part of the Disk. NOW GO TO THE ROTH’A CHAMBERS AND SPEND ON Swords With Him, He Will Run Away. Wake Up in Your Room.

Fort Weyr. Upper Levels.

Talk to V’kai at The Top Level, Then Go to the Lake and Talk There With Jim and Jax. Go to Dark Caves, Talk to Rowarth’om. Return Back to The Fort and At the Average Level Talk to B’rak, T’Men and L’Tul. And On Top With Lytah in the Library. Before Catching Roth’a, You Can Execute a Few More Quests.
Fly in Mastersmith Hall. Give the Blacksmith Two Halves of Disc, Get Fire-Lizard Egg.
WHEN HE Leaves, Take the Third Scroll from the Box and Read Them All. Recognize The Name of the Traitor – F’Ben.

Fort Weyr.

GO TO THE LAYING OF EGGS, THIS IS THE LARGEST CAVE AT THE LAKE, AND CANK THERE WITH ALL THE RIDERS AND CANDER GOLDENES FOR THE ROLE OF THE RIDER GOLDEN DRAGON. Soon One of The Riders Will Report That I Noticed Something. Come and Talk to Him, Roth Will Appear. Win Him In A Duel. Look at the Scene in Which The Dragon Hatch Will Choose a Hostem. The Scene With Roth’om, Whom The Bloodthirsty Riders Chained to Earth So That It Was Destroyed by The Threads Falling From The Sky. UU… Sadyugi!


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