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February 22, 2024
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By Jonny Gamer

Expeditions: Conquistador: Codes
Expeditions: CONQUISTAdor: Cheat Codes
In The AboveGround Map (Not Through the Struggle), Press the “Backspace” Key to Call The Console and Enter The Commands Below. After The Command Entered The “Enter” Key To Confirm.

Attention! In Brackets Indicate The Name of The Character or Object, Symbol "#" DENOTES A NUMBER.

SetMorale # – Set the Morality of the Selected Character
Givexp # – Add Experience
GiveHerbs # – Add More Herbs
ILLUMINATI – Display All Variables
Devmode – Activate Teleportation to The “T” Key
GiveIEM (Name) # – Add Object and The Right Amount
GiveeQuipment # – Issue The Number Of Equipment You Need
Kill (Name) – Kill Character
Vontrier – Let Go of the Charam from the Character
Remove – “Cut” of the Selected Character
Tordenskjold – Restore All Cured Followers
Givemeat # – Add More MEAT
GiveMedicine # – Add More First Aid Kits
Givemetal # – Add More Metal
Giveoil # – Add More Oil
Giverations # – Add More Food
Giverope # – Add More Rope
GiveValuables # – Add More Valuables
GiveWood # – Add More Tree
SMITE – Heal The Dedicated Character From Illness
TheSpanishinquisition – Cure Everyone From Diseases

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