Fallout 4: Cheat (Remove construction restrictions / Place in Red)

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Author: Fusk
Source: nexusmods
Features: Sometimes during construction, an object cannot be installed where one would like. This problem disappears with this mod! But let’s start with the fact that this is still more of a cheat than a mod and it works on the cheat engine. So you should already have it installed.
Installation: 1. Unpack the archive and run “Fallout 4 Place in Red.ct” (you must have the cheat engine installed beforehand) 2. Start the game and select the game process in the cheat engine. 3. Start the game and go to the construction menu. We press F1. Now you can build anywhere, and even beyond the green border of settlements. When finished construction, do not forget to disable the cheat by pressing F1
Video: Cheat guide

Fallout 4: Cheat (Remove construction restrictions / Place in Red) Free Download

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