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February 22, 2024
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By Jonny Gamer

Fallout: New Vegas – Old World Blues: Codes
Fallout: New Vegas – Old World Blues: Cheat Codes
Codes on Notes

Player.AddItem XX012B9E – X-13 Delivery Notice
Player.ADDITEM XX00E243 – X-8 Information About Test Object
Player.AddItem XX014AB3 – X-8 Test 2 Sound Emitter
Player.AddItem XX00E240 – X-8 Collection of School Data
Player.AddItem XX00E721 – Armor Is Not Detected!
Player.AddItem XX012BA0 – Look At My Program!
Player.AddItem XX014F87 – Forward
Player.AddItem XX0155C8 – Cut from Diary Page
Player.AddItem XX0158F7 – Hologram Faith Kiz. Report on work
Player.AddItem XX00DD48 – DiscipLinary Recovery of Betsy Bright
Player.AddItem XX0155C7 – Diary elayj
Player.AddItem XX014E4F – A Diary. Day 2
Player.AddItem XX014E50 – A Diary. Day 3
Player.AddItem XX014E51 – A Diary. Day 4
Player.AddItem XX014E52 – A Diary. Day 4
Player.AddItem XX01604E – A Diary. Camp Yangtze, Record 01
Player.AddItem XX01604F – A Diary. Camp Yangtze, Record 02
Player.AddItem XX016050 – A Diary. Camp Yangtze, Record 03
Player.AddItem XX00E241 – Access to Cyberps Tests Zone
Player.AddItem XX00E242 – We Are Waiting For Instructions
Player.AddItem XX0158F8 – Order: Holograms
Player.AddItem XX0158F6 – Order: Dispensers
Player.AddItem XX0158F3 – Order: Costumes Chemicals
Player.AddItem XX01634C – Note About the Simulator BP
Player.AddItem XX013EB8 – Notes On The Test Landfill A
Player.AddItem XX00DBA4 – Sound Emitter
Player.AddItem XX014B86 – Sound Emitter
Player.AddItem XX0124A9 – Cyberps-Guards Test
Player.AddItem XX00F02A – Giant Roboskorpion Tests
Player.AddItem XX012BA3 – Study. BIB “MARK II”
Player.AddItem XX012BA4 – Study. Mark II Gloves
Player.AddItem XX012BA5 – Study. Boots “Mark II”
Player.AddItem XX011263 – Regarding The Closure of the Supply Department
Player.AddItem XX011277 – Manipulation with DNA Night Hunter
Player.AddItem XX011965 – Mobile Injuries Y-17 in Action
Player.AddItem XX012B9c – OBServations of Experimental
Player.AddItem XX00E246 – We Lent An Experiened Sample Of Weapons
Player.AddItem XX012B99 – Independent Study
Player.AddItem XX012C78 – Independent Study
Player.AddItem XX012B9F – X-13 Delivery Notice
Player.AddItem XX012B98 – Outlines for Experimental
Player.AddItem XX012B9B – OBServations of Experimental
Player.AddItem XX012B9A – OBServations of Experimental
Player.AddItem XX00E245 – Delivery Department IS Temporarily Closed
Player.AddItem XX00C894 – Turning Off Robots
Player.AddItem XX00F7F3 – Turning Off Robots
Player.AddItem XX01418D – Password to the rc module
Player.AddItem XX00F996 – Password to Emergency Disconnection Terminal
Player.AddItem XX015CC8 – Help Provided
Player.AddItem XX012B9D – Sentence
Player.AddItem XX01634B – Project “Smart Home”: Central Logical Module
Player.AddItem XX00E57A – Project “Berk” and the project “HER”
Player.AddItem XX00DD49 – Intermediate Estimates of Richie Marcus
Player.AddItem XX014B80 – Request for Help
Player.AddItem XX00DD4A – Cherry O’Bennon Schedule
Player.AddItem XX01604D – Test Results of Mobile Traumopy Y-17
Player.AddItem XX015CC9 – K9000 LOCKED IN X-12
Player.AddItem XX0124A7 – Data Collection
Player.AddItem XX0124A8 – Data Collection
Player.AddItem XX014F86 – SIMULATOR BP – Thank You
Player.AddItem XX0142CA – Scheme – K9000 FIDID
Player.AddItem XX0158F4 – Sierra Madre: Test Polygon?
Player.AddItem XX012BA2 – What The Hell?!
Player.AddItem XX012BA1 – Peter The Ass, Popkin!
Player.AddItem XX00C895 – Spyage: Basic Level
Player.AddItem XX00F7F6 – Spyage: Basic Level
Player.AddItem XX00F422 – Spyage: Advanced Level
Player.AddItem XX00F7F5 – Spyage: Advanced Level
Player.AddItem XX00F421 – Espionage: EXPERT LEVEL
Player.AddItem XX00F7F4 – Espionage: EXPERT LEVEL
Player.AddItem XX00F03D | XX00CC21 | XX00F449 – Efficiency
Player.AddItem XX0141FE – Energy Adjustment Terminal
Player.ADDITEM XX0141FF – Emergency Disconnection TerminalABILITIES AND IMPLANTS: Supplements Old World Blues

Basic Abilities
XX008011 – Atomic! | Effect: + 25% Speed ​​of Movement and Attack in Contaminated Area Radiation, +2 PU, +2 Forces. With Increasing Radiation Poisoning, The Recovery Rate of One Increases From 1.1 to 1.5 Times Faster Than The Usual.
XX009619 – Serpentokinologist | Effect: You Started Understanding Night Hunters. Consumption of Squeezing from Night Hunters Gives +1 to Perception, +5 to Resistance to Poisons and +5 to Secrecy in Addition to the USual Effects.
XX0098C9 – Beautiful Dish | Effect: 50% of the Chance Appears That There Will Be Powerful Healing Items on Any Living Creature On Any Living Creature – Liquid Red Paste or Bleeding.
XX009D48 – Implant grx | Effect: You Got An Injector for Subcutaneous Administration Of Turbo (WITHOUT ADDICTION). This ability can be taken twice, The Second Rank Increases Duration From 2 To 3 Seconds, And The Number of Users from 5 to 10 Times Per Day. ACTIVATED IN PIP BATTLE INVENTORY.

Special abilities
XX0098BE – Brainless | Effect: The Head CAN NO LONGER DAMAGE; + 25% resistance to addiction to delgs; + 5% (+1) PU, IF Your PU < 10.
XX0098C2 – Heartless | EFFECT: Immunity to Poisons; Treatment + 25%; Robots Are Doubled The Chance Of A Critical Hit.
xx0098bc – Invertebrate | Effect: Initial Dialogue with Doctor Klein In The Brain Center.
XX015BBA – Big Mind | Effect: The Head CAN NO LONGER DAMAGE; + 10% resistance to addiction to delgs; + 10% (+1) PU, IF Your PU < 10.
XX015BBB – Heart Stop | Effect: + 50% Resistance To Poisons; Treatment + 50%; Robots On a Quarter Reduce a Chance for a Critical Hit.
xx015bbc – Reinforced Ridge | Effect: Power +2, PU +2.
XX009617 – Dnquot | Effect: COMPLTION OF THE DATA RETURN X-8.
xx00da28 – Dnzasador | Effect: Damadoram Damages Increase by 10% for Each Rank.

Implant abilities
XX009616 – Implant C-13 | Effect: ADDITIONAL 10% Damadora Damage.
XX009614 – Implant M-5 | Effect: Speed ​​WHEN MOVED IN STEALTH MODE INCRASED BY 20%.
XX009615 – I-3 Implant | Effect: Removes Radiation WHEN DRINKING WATER FROM AN INFECTED SOURCE.
XX00961A – Implant Y-7 | Effect: +5 OZ and +2 Recovery OD WHEN FOOD CONSUMPTION.

Hidden Abilities
xx00c88f – Robocontrol | Effect: ability to turn off robots

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