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February 22, 2024
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By Jonny Gamer

Forgotten, The, It Begin…: Codes

Episode 1 (Episode 1)

Study (Cabinet)

After The Introductory Movie You Get Into The Office. Explore Everything. Pay Attention To the Collection of Exhibits in the Room.Go to the table.Open The Middle Box, Inside The Legend. Open The Box On The Table. Inside The Box, You Will Find A Backpack for Inventory. NOW YOU CAN PLACE ITEMS IN YOUR INVENTORY FOR FURTHER USE. Click On the Globe, It Will Automatically GO INTO A Special Slot. This Globe Can Be Used to Move from Close-Ups, and T.D. Read The Letter from Richard for You, He Asks for Your Help and Tells a Small Part of the Story. Take the Weapon and Drag It To Your Inventory. Move Also Hours in Your Inventory.Grab and Move The Box to the Side.UNDER IT – MAP. Click On The Map and It Will Start Rotating. Click On The Front Side Of The Card and You Immediately Teleport in …

The Street (Street)

Behind You – Gate. You Can Open One of the Locks by Your Card, But It Does Not Make Any Sense NOW, If You Do Not Have All Three Cards, According to Legend. Climb The Stairs to the Door Is closed on the other hand.Look at the Strange Symbol on the Wall on the Right. Return Back to the Street, Go A Little Forward and Turn Right.You Will See A Trash Can. Click On It, The Tank Will Open And You Can Read The Diary Pages.Turn Around And Go Ahead To Another Alley. Click On The Book, And Watch A Terrible Movie. I Wonder What It Was? Try to Go to the End of the Street, You Will Understand That It Is a Mirage. Return to the Street and Go to the Creaking Sound of the Sole Door To Which You Can Enter …

APOTHECARY STORE (Apothecary Store)

Explore Everything in the Store. Check The Door At The Other End of the Store, It Breaks Down WHEN YOU TOUCH HER.Look At The Strange Clock On The Wall, Her Arrows Move Back. Below The Clock – A Ball with Water With Strange Characters Around. Pay Attention To the Sequence of Characters.For Fun, Try to Beat The Drum or Recycle Bones In The Incomprehensible Device.To Do This, Click on the Device Lid. Capture and Move The Bone One by One To the Device.Close The Lid And Turn The Handle, Then Look At The Skull Aside.Now Click On the Floor, and You Will See Stones with Symbols Under It. PRESS THE STONES IN THE SAME ORDER AS THE CHARACTSERS ARE LOCATED NEAR THE BALL WATER UNDER THE CLOCK.The Lower, Central, To The Left of The Lower, To the Left of the Top, to the right of the right, The Upper. Luke Will Open And Will Appear The Ladder Leading In The Bottom.

Torture Chamber (Torture Room)

GO DOWN THE STAIRS DOWN AND GO ON THE TUNNEL UNTIL YOU REACH THE RIBBED ENTRANCE. Click on the Lamp and The Pass Will Open. The Lamp Will Automatically Go to Your Inventory. Go to the Opening and You Will See The Bloody Remnants After Torture. Click On a Small Table in the Corner. The Box Will Open, In IT Key, Kick The Key. Apply The Key To The Middle Door Lock.Camera for Prisoner. After You Bluff The Chains and Descended The Water in The Toilet, Open the Book. Take The Key. Insert The Key To The Other Door and You – NOW IN …


HERE IS A LOT OF WINE.Watch Around.Go Through The Other Door Fail.There Is Another Way to Get Out of Here.Click On The Middle Position.A Passage of the Lift Opens.Close There and Click on the Switch Again.NOW ENJOY THE TRIP.

Hotel Lounge And Lobby (Hotel Lounge and Lobby (Real Time))

You Get Into The Lounge and Restaurant.Around You The Here IS A Mysterious Ineffective Whispering. Pass In The Doorway, Then Turn Right, And Open Double Doors. You are in Lobby.The Only Object In The Room, The Registration Book. Open a Book. Click On The Handle, And Pull It Inkwell, Then On The Book. The Handle Will Start Writing a Name, But Before You Can Read The Entry, You Will Be sudden in a Crack Time And Move Back to the Past When The Hotel Was in Working Condition.

Hotel Lounge and LoBBY (Past Time)

Click On The Screen To the Right.IT TURNS ON RACK NEXT TO THE KEY. Read The Emmy Letter, It Will Inform You That Richard Hid The Key From The Floor in the Living Room.Take The Key, and You Will See A Close-Up Key, On It Number 814. ENTER THE LOUNGE (Which IS Now in the Original Condition).Explore The Phonograph, But It Will Not Work Without A Plate. ONE OF THE TABLES – A MAP AND SOME AMOUNT OF MONEY. Take the map.Go to Piano.Look At The Piano Close-up, On the right side of the Piano Will Be a Slot Size with A Map.INSERT THE MAP IN THE GAP.Piano Start Playing. IT Will Open A Secret Cache in the Wall. INSIDE – THE KEY WITH NUMBER 8 ON IT. Take The Key and Go to the Elevator in Lobby. INSIDE THE ELEVATOR, INSERT YOUR KEY FROM THE FLOOR TO CELL NUMBER 8. Pull The Handle and You Will Go.

Richard’s Room (Richard Room)

Explore Everything Starting With A Strange Symbol on the Wall.On The Other Hand, The Bed IS A Music Box. While You Enjoy The Lunar Sonata, Click Twice On The Pages of the Diary. You Will Learn About the Madness Of Thibodeau, About His Terrible Tricks, And about the secret office in the elevator. (You Must Pass Several Stages Before Using It.) Take the Dismantled Part of the Card.Take the Plate and Explore The Bible in the Box Below. ENTER THE BATHROOM AND TURN BOTH CRANES. Mixer Will Drop The Key! This Key Will Allow You to Return to Lobby. Leaving The Bathroom, You Will Show You a Video Clip. RETURN TO THE ELEVATOR, AND PLACE THE KEY TO THE LOWER CELL.Pull the handle.

Hotel Lounge and LoBBY (Past Time)

IN THE LOUNGE, PLACE THE PLATE INTO THE PHONOGRAPH. Turn The Handle With The Side.While The Secret Department Will Open. Inside The Key.IBID – Part of Paper WITH A Secret Square.After Simple Mathematical Calculations, IT CAN BE Assumed That In The Center of the Secret Square There Should Be a Number 7. Place The Key In The Cell Number 7 in The Elevator, Hurray Earned! Pull The Handle and Wait Until You Deliver To the Seventh Floor.

Utility Room (Storeroom)

Turn The Knitting Knob; IT’s Heating The Box So That You Can Move The Box.Move The Box Below The Lattice To Which You Now Can Get to Get. Turn Both Screws and Click on the Lattice. Inside Are Tickets to Santa Fe, Card, And a Double-Headed Key Key.Take All Subjects.NOW Go to the door on Which A Double-Headed Eagle Is Drawn (IT IS On The Same Floor).Open This Door, And Enter The Room Nikolai II.

Nicholas’s Room (Room Nicholas II)

Explore The Statue. There IS A Legend, Requiring Her Eyes Return.Look in the mirror; YOU WILL SEE CROWLEY. READ THE MAGAZINE NIKOLAI. You Will Learn That There Were Other Reasons for the Disappairance of The Royal Family, In Contrast to Those Described in History Books. Explore The Map On The Table.RECOGNIZE SYMBOLS?Look at the Faberge Egg, IT HAS A MAPPRINT ON IT.Explore the Lamp. Noticed Red Stone On The Right? Click on the Lamp and Try to Take A Gem. You Get Hit. UNSCREW THE LIGHT BULB ON THE LEFT AND NOW YOU CAN SAFELY TAKE A GEM. INSERT A GEM IN THE EYE OF THE STATUE. You Will RecEive A Map With The Same Drawing Like On The Egg. Place The Received Map in Faberge Egg. Aftert That, You Will Show You a A good Egg Opening Cartoon.INSIDE IT IS THE KEY OPENING THE DOOR IN…

Anastasia’s Room (Anastasia Room)

Examine Maps and Calculations. Explore Pictures and Table Anastasia. Explore the Box with Precious.IT HAS A GAP Size WITH A MAP.INSERT THE MAP TAKEN IN THE STORAGE ROOM IN THE GAP. The Box Opens and a Secret Room Opens With IT. INSIDE THE ROOM, READ THE LOG AND TAKE MATCHES. Return to elevator.


IN THE ELEVATOR, UNDER THE LEVER, CLICK ON THE SECRET COMPARTMENT.Turn The Key to Start The Elevator. Luke Will Open in the Ceiling After The Elevator Stops in the Attic.Get Out Of The Elevator and Press The Large Button Near The Door in the Motor Room.There is Another Big Button; Click it and click on the door in the attic. Explore Everything in the Attic. You Will See Thibodeau’s Cylinder. You can Move IT, But Nothing Will Happen.Come to the Candle, Get Out of The Inventory Matches. Close The Match, Drag It To The Coating, Turn on the Coating (IT IS at the Bottom of the Box) And Burn The Candle.Grilled Candle Will Illuminate The Box Down.When You Open The Drawer, You Will See Another Part of the Dismantled Card.Align Both Parts Together. THE MAP IS ACTIVATED. Click On It And You Will Again Teleport At The Present Time.

Ending (End)

Click on the Mirror and Watch the Movie. Richard Takes Your Inventory, But Leaves You a Letter With Explanations.Once You Read The Letter, A Map Will Appear. Click On The Map, and Listen to Good Music Contemplating The Author of the Game.

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