Grand Theft Auto 5: Cheat (Jordans Menu v0.98 [1.30])

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September 17, 2020
2 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Grand Theft Auto 5: Cheat (Jordans Menu v0.98 [1.30])

How to use:

Grand Theft Auto 5: Cheat (Jordans Menu v0.98 [1.30]) Free Download

Inject file Jordans Menu v0.98.dll

Open Menu – Numpad *
Navigation – Numpad 8 / Numpad 2
Choice – Numpad 5
Back / Close – Numpad 0
Toggle anti crash cam – F4
Hancock mode -] and [
Vehicle rockets – Numpad plus (+) or press horn
Manual anti crash – F9 or RB + DPAD Right
Teleport to waypoint – =+
Invisibility -;:
Fix player and fix / clean car – Caps lock
Reset downforce vehicle mod – Numpad Divide
Speed ​​boost – Numpad 9 or RT + A
Instant stop – Numpad 3 or LT + DPAD Down
Remove attached objects – F11
Disable spectate mode – F12
Changes 0.98


Added option to spawn objects and adjust position
Added option to change to a custom model (advanced users, enter name manually)
Added option for thermal vision (self)
Added option to set a custom bounty (tunables)
Added option to show some report stats (misc options)
Added option to change vehicle horn (vehicle mods, lsc)
Added option to clear area of ​​objects / vehicles / pedestrians (world)
Added option to attach custom objects to players (enter name manually, advanced users only)
Added more IPL locations
Added more objects to attach
Added more enemies / bodyguards and a custom option
Added a few simple map mod trolls (misc options)
Added a few more emergency vehicles
Changed the anti-crash hotkey to F9 (controller unchanged)
Changed the default money bag values
Crash game option now turns itself off after 40 seconds
Improved give all players weapons – menu no longer disappears and added a longer delay to fix crashing issues
Fixed the text input box
Fixed no cars (world)
Improved object delete gun reliability
Max upgrade vehicle now includes lowrider vehicle mods
Player list now shows the most likely host of the game
RP increaser no longer requires safe mode to be disabled
Weapon protection now sets your current weapon to a machine pistol when in a vehicle (if weapons are removed)
Unlocked Rockstar Dev T-Shirts and SCTV mode (thanks to sn00x)

Grand Theft Auto 5: Cheat (Jordans Menu v0.98 [1.30])

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