Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V): Cheat (Mod Menu H4X V1) [1.42]

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In connection with the latest complaints, I am attaching a link to VT

Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V): Cheat (Mod Menu H4X V1) [1.42] Free Download

Alas, in this version there is no money cheat, maximum you can choose others and throw the bag or find yourself in the list of players and throw, but I see no reason to twist $ 2.5 each, if you can use 10 MILs in another cheat.

What does this cheat have? (Of the new ones not yet known to us)

1.Off radar. I won’t say that the function is new, but you rarely see it in free cheats.
2. There is no editing of statistics. You can change the number of days played, I got a maximum of 149 days.
3. Here is a brand new feature for free cheats, this is an endless orbital gun. You can shoot and shoot.
4. Believe it or not, this cheat for 1.42 has a crash of players, it’s a real holiday. Also has players kick, but you must be the host of the session, otherwise nothing.
Well, that’s all, the rest is to give weapons, spawn cars, self mods and so on..


[Image: image.php? Di = 73T8]
[Image: image.php? Di = 73T8]
[Image: image.php? Di = PB1O]
[Image: image.php? Di = PB1O]
[Image: image.php? Di = SMBY]
[Image: image.php? Di = SMBY]
[Image: image.php? Di = BSTA]
[Image: image.php? Di = BSTA]
[Image: image.php? Di = 6CA6]
[Image: image.php? Di = 6CA6]

How to start the cheat?

1. Start the game and go to the online \ single.
2. Run the Xenos64 injector and drop the file MyMenu.zv9 there by moving.
3. Next, you need to select the type of cheat injection, and you need to select Existing, then select the gta5.exe process
4. Press the button below Inject.
5. Done!
ZY After the injection, you need to wait a little.

All list of GTA 5 Cheats Codes on link.

Cheat management

Everything only on numpad. Don’t forget to activate !
* – open cheat
0 – return \ close cheat.
8.2 – up, down.
4.6 – left, right.
5- activate any function.

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