Grim Dawn: Cheat (All skills of all classes)

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This config file is intended for the trainer from iMMO.

Grim Dawn: Cheat (All skills of all classes) Free Download

The purpose of the config is to provide the use of all abilities of all classes.
Skills are not fully pumped, only as long as the veteran mode gives. You can manually edit skill values ​​up to 99, but they will be reset by the game to the maximum possible mode.

1. Start the game.
2. Run the trainer.
3. Wait while it scans.
4. “skils” tab.
5. The “import” button and select the file.

1. The trainer is unstable, if the file selection dialog box does not appear, repeat all steps starting from the 2nd.
2. It is recommended to make a backup of skills using the “export” button. Find your ini in the Skill-Sets folder which will be where the trainer exe is located.
3. After installation there will be a dummy class.

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