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December 28, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

Grim Fandango: Codes
Grim Fandango: Cheat Codes
El Marrow
You are in the office of manny. Look At The Letter Coming by Pneumatic. Take On The Table With Books a Deck Of Cards. Pull Out One Card from The Deck. Eva Secretary’s Table Apply A Hole Card. Go Down to the Garage. Turn On The Door of the Storage Room in The Far Corner of the Garage. Goldis Will Appear. Talk to Him And Get An Order for Work (Work Order). Close up and go down to the lobby. GO OUT AND GO TO THE RIGHT. Turn in Zakoleok. AT The End You Will Find A Hanging Rope. Rise On Ne. Through The Window, Get Into The Don Office and Use the Computer. SELECT A RESPONSE Meaning "Subscribe MySelf": "AH, CRIPES, EVA! JUST SIGH IT YourSelf…". Go DowN. OUTSIDE THE STREET TO CLOWN. Talk to Him. ASK Two Dead Worms (Dead Worms) And Another Any Toy. In The Tent On The Left of the Clown Take the Bread Loaf. Return to Secretary. Talk to Her, She Will Sign An Order For Work.

Goldis On a New Car Will Take You to A Cafe. Free with Braids Bruno.

You Again in Dod. Return to the Packaging Room (in the lobby to the left). Fill The Non-Implanted Balls with Packaging Foam Components: One Ball Is Made of Red Tube, Another – Out Of Blue. Rise Yourself Upstairs. Both Balls Push Into The Pipe Pneumatic. Go Down to the Communication Room (in the lobby to the left). Near The Door Hanging Fire Extinguisher. Take IT. Go to The Iron Door and Extend The Valve From The Inside. Exit The Room, and the Mail Server Exit and Go Inside. Use a PUNCTURED Card On The Red Pipe.

After Talking With Swords, Leave the Office. You Will Capture The Boss and After a Very Unpleasant Conversation Ban in Storage Room in the Garage. Write At The Door. You Will Hear Someone’s Voice. Talk to a Stranger. WHEN YOU SAY THAT DOD HAS A DISHONEST GAME, AND YOU ARE READY TO PROVE IT ("The Dod Runs Crooked Game….") And Confirm Your Intention, You Will Get Acquainted with Salvador Limondes. He Will Take You to the Headquarters of the Rebels.

Talk to Salvador, You Will Agree to Join The Ranks of the Alliance and Bring The Eggs of Pigeons. Get Out of the Headquarters. Climb on the Rope Upstairs. ON THE EAVES COME TO THE WINDOW OF THE DOMINIC OFFICE. Close Inside. Open The Table Box and Take A Glowing Coral. Go to a Boxer Pear. Hit It While The Blue Thing Will Not Fall On Top. Pick It Up. RETURN TO THE ROPE. Take Her Right End and Give A Glowing Coral to IT. RAISE THE ROPE AND THROW ON THE STAIRS. Climb The Roof. Go to a Look at the Dishwenche. Put The Toy from The Ball in It and Fall Off The Bread. WHEN THE PIGEONS DISAPPEAR, TAKE THEIR EGGS AND GO DOWN. Go to Garage. In The Storage Room, We Spend Blue Things WITH A MASS OF THE APPARATUS ON TEETH. You Will Get A Fingerprint. Go Headquarters. To Get IT, Tell Me A Few Words in the Eyes. Give The Eggs to Salvador, And The Imprint of the Teeth – Eve.

Petrified Forest
Through The Tunnel You Will Fall Into The Forest. HERE IN THE MEADOW YOU WILL MEET GOLDIS. Annoyed Loss of Work, He Will Break Out Him Own Heart and Throw Him Into a Thicket. Go there. The Heart Was In A Web. Take the Right of the Web 4 Bones. Throw One In The Web and With The Help of Braids Free Your Heart. Go to Goldisu. Pick Your Heart and Return It To the Right Place.

Carry on the Car Right. Turn Off The Switches. WHEN THE GLATIS CLIMBS UP, TURN ON THE SWITCHES. Now, with the Help of Cars, Achieve the Cylinder on Each Side of the Tree Moved At The Same Time. WITH THE HELP OF PARTS OF THE DESTROYED MECHANISM, GLOTIS IMPROVES THE CAR.

ON THE MEADOW Leave The Car. Come to the Sign. Pull It Out Of The Ground and Take The Left to the Other Part of the Forest. HERE PUT IT A LITTLE BELOW THE MIDDLE. IF The Secret Move Has Not Opened, Then Follow The Arrow Pointer and Stick It Into The Ground Again. If It Has Opened – Return to the Glootis and Enter The Car To the Opened Tunnel. You Will Stop At Some Kind Of Key. Take The Key and Go Further. You Will Find Yourself with A Large Gate Closed on the Castle. THEY HAVE A WICKET. Log In. For The First Time You Just Felt, Frightened Fiery Bobrov-Demons. Next Time Go Left On In Front Of The Resin River. Throw Into The Resin Bone and Prepare Fire Extinguisher. WHEN THE BEAVER JUMPS BEHIND THE BONE, WE WILL LEAVE IT FILE EXTINGUISHER. Repeat Until The Beavers End. IF You Do Not Have Enough Bones, The Beaver Dam. NOW OPEN THE GATE AND KEEP YOUR WAY ALONG WITH GOLDIS.

Climb The Stairs in the Cafe. Here You Will Meet Selo. Talk to Him. He Will Give You A Photo of My Wife. Get Out Of Cafes. Go After The Staircase Roll Up Not to the Glootis, But to the right, in fog. You Will Fall Into The Water, But Velasco Will Pull You. Show Him A Photo of His Wife Selo. IT TURNS OUT THAT SHE HAS ALREADY LEFT THE CITY AND IN THE PROF OF VELASKO WILL OFFER YOU A MAGAZINE. Take it to selo.

Passed year…

During This Time, You Turned Out of A Simple Cleaner in the Host of the Nightclub. From the Balcony Go to Your Office. Take Off The Letter from Lemonga Salvador. NOW GO DOWN AND GO OUTSIDE. After An Unsuccessful Attempt to Catch Up with Swords, Talk to Velasco. On The Fork Go Upstairs. Rise On The Elevator Upstairs. RETURN TO YOUR CLUB. GO DOWN TO THE CASINO, ON THE WAY, TAKE A BOTTLE OF LIQUOR IN THE BAR. Talk to Casino with Charlie. Select Him Printer for Rates. THEN ASK TO FAKE A TRADE UNION CARD. CHARLIE WILL AGREE IF You Return His Money That Maximino Took and Give You A Card V.I.P. To Enter The Hall for The Best Players. Give Goldis Card. IT’s Time At The Hippodrome: Go to the Elevator, But Do Not Go Down On It Down and Go Along The Stairs. After the Bridge, First Raise Up to the Airship. Drink A Liqueur and Try to Go Through A Metal Detector. When Carla Will Tell About Himself, Ask Her About the Metal Detector and Tell Me That You are Interested Only. Charles Will Throw Him Out the Window. NOW GO ON THE HIPPODROME. GO DOWN TO THE STANDS AND GO TO THE RIGHT. ENTER THE OPEN DOOR. Take a Canne Knife with A Cat With Cat Food. NOW Go to the Bridge and With the Help of Braids, Find The Metal Detector. Climb The Stairs to the Checkout and Go to a Small Arch Right. Rising On The Kitchen. Left in the Corner Take a Pipette. Wait For the Waiter and Enter The Doors and Press Their Oblique. Goldis Will Come and Drink All the Wine from the Barrel. Take Up Top, Open The Barrel to Canned Knife and Climb Inside. You Will Find Yourself in the Wine Basement. SIT INTO THE LOADER AND ENTER THE ELEVATOR. Put The Loader Lift To the Output Closer to the Right Wall. Turn on the elevator. SIT INTO THE LOADER AND START MOVING FORWARD, SO THAT THE CAPTURES FALL INTO THE GAP UNDER THE GRILLE. WHEN THE ELEVATOR WILL PASS BY A NICHE IN THE WALL, THE CAPTURES WILL BE HELD IN THE GAP AND YOU WILL STOP. Raise The Grippers with the Lever Above The Wheel. Go for a Suitcase Charlie. AT The Exit of Charlie, You Will Meet You and Give A Card Of The Trade Union. NOW GO TO THE CLUB "Blue Casket" (On the Elevator Down). Show Three Visitors In The Meidel Corner of the Lemons Salvador and Take The Book from the table. GO ON. You Will Meet Lol, Which Takes Pictures Kiss Nick and Olivia. Go to the Kitchen (Left) and Type in the pipette water from the shell. Get Out of The Club and Head to Toto Santos Tattooer (Straight to the Berth With Rails, Then Right). Go to the Door and Extend The Box. Go to the Bottle. WHEN NARANSCH AND SANTOS TURN AWAY, POUR THE CONTENTS OF THE PIPETTE IN THE BOTTLE. Take It To Narana His Medallion. Go to the Morgue, Which is at the Beginning of the Bridge Leading on the Hippodrome. DROP THE DEAD CORPE;) Naranhi Medallion and Give The Coronor Metal Detector. Another Place Left, Where You Did Not Visit: To the Right From "Blue Casket". HERE YOU WILL FIND SEVERAL MARINE BEES. Give Them a Book. Now You Need to Talk With Nickname, Max Lawyer, Hippodrome Host. Nick Sits At A Table In The Hall for The Best Players. Where Can I Get, Walking Around The Kitchen. Tell Him That You Need A Lawyer, Excellent, The Most Excellent, In Short, He Is Nickname. WHEN NICKNAME REFUSES, THREATENED TO HIM THAT MAX IS ABOUT HIM AND OLIVIA. Nick Will Be. Take It A Cigarette and Head to Carle. Give Her A Cigarette Box by Saying That You Don’t Know What It Is. Having Received The Key, Go to the Lighthouse (by Marine Bees to the Right of the Burst. Remove The Door and ENTER INSIDE. Go to the Club and Give A Card With A Magnifying Language. INSPECT THE RESULTING JACKET. Go to Toto Santos. Show Him A Note About Rusty Anchor (Rusty Anchor). Go on the hippodrome. Use Printer for Rates: 02, Tue, 06. Give The Printed Bet In The Archive of Photos of the Finish. Get A Photo Of A Kiss. Go to Nick and Show Him A Photo. Return to Your Office. Look Atue Table. HERE IS THE CONTROL OF MAGNETS IN ROULETTS. WHEN THE GAME WILL GO ON THE RIGHT TABLE, TURN OFF THE MAGNET.

Passed year…

Port Zapato
Go Down to the Bottom Deck. THE ISP WILL DRAG YOU INTO THE ENGINE ROOM. Raise The Right Anchor (Button On The Right Under the Portholes). Translate The LEVERS AND MAKE THE ARROW TO THE RIGHT. Lower The Right Anchor and Raise Again. Go to the Window and Attract Anchor Oblique. Press The Button Controlling The Left Anchor and – Full Back!

AT The Bottom
Wait Until Chepito Comes. Calculate IT. Talk to Him Not Necessarily. Get To The Right Border Of The Light Circle. WHEN CHEPITO IS NEAR, GRAB ITS LAMP AND TURN TO GOLDIS. Go Around Octopus. Go a Stone with Tentacles.

You Will Find Yourself on the Edge of the World Near Some Kind of Building. Go Forward. Climb The Elevator from IT – Right and Right. Complete all the doors.

You are in your "New Office". Come to the Cage and Talk to Angels. Pick Up the Hammer That Threads In You. Go From The Room and Go to the Right Again. WHEN YOU FIND SWORDS, USE AN ASHTRAY NEXT TO HER UNTIL SWORDS BURN STOCKINGS. Pull Off The Bucket Spoiled Stockings. Go to the Elevator and Go Down. From the Elevator to You Right. Come to Chepito and Give Him Stockings and Hammer. Get a Gun and Superbar. RETURN TO SWORDS AND GIVE HER A GUN. After An Unsuccessful Attempt to Deal With Domino, Go To the Safe Where the Swords Are Locked. Use Super Leaf On The Castle (Right). Rotating The Wheel Alternately To the Right, Put All Four Lock Elements So That The Slice Is right. Spit Fix The Castle. Press The Handle. ENTER THE SAFE AND CLOSE THE DOOR. Close Spit Contacts On Doors. Lift The AX Near The Knight and Drag in The Nearby Room. DROP THE AX ON TILE ADJACENT TO THE RIGHT TO THE CENTRAL BLUE SQUARE SQUARE.

From the Beach Go to the Crane. CLIMB HIM AND LOWER THE CAPTURE. Superbar Cut The Chain. CLIMB THE CRANE TO LOWER THE CHAIN ​​AND RAISE IT BACK. Move on the Crane On The Other Side Of the Island. Lower The Chain. Go Down On The Transportation in Water. WHEN YOU SEE THE LEVER, JUMP AND SWITCH THE CONVEYOR IN THE OTHER WAY. Return the LEVER AT HOME. WHEN THE CHAIN ​​IS GATHERED, AGAIN SWITCH IT. NOW Come Back to the Crane and Raise The Chain.


Passed year…

Gates to Ninth Underworld
YOU STAND ON THE STAIRS. Lear to the Keeper of the Gate. When You Leave, He Will Give You A Message. Get Down To the Bottom. Open The Coffin. IT Will Be Bruno, Will Give You a Mug. GO TO THE WORKSHOP (THE STRUCTURE FROM WHICH THE ROPE STRETCHES). Go to the Kitchen and Hang A Mug To the Stand. Open The Box and Take A Rag. EXIT THE KITCHEN, GO TO THE BARRELS AND PLUNGE THE RAG INTO THE OIL. RETURN TO THE KITCHEN AND SHOVE THE WOVEN RAG IN THE TOASTER.

Someone Mined The Car. Judging by The Handwriting – Domino. Go to Toto Santos. Take From The Locker On The Wall With A Bottle With Liquid Nitrogen. Now Go to the Berth for Velasco (from the Development of the Right). Take A Bottle With A Ship. NOW GO TO THE KITCHEN IN "Blue Casket". Fill A Bottle With A Ship From A Barrel and Return to the Goldis. Give Him A Bottle. Goldis Will Kill. Talk to Him WHEN HE RETURNS… IT IS BETTER NOT TO WATCH FURTHER. Will Be Flooded, USE Liquid Nitrogen. Come to the Car and Clean It.

El Marrow
You are at the Headquarters of the Rebels. Take from The Basket Near the Output of the Agent Photo. Give The Blue Note From Heector Lemance and Agent Photo. Take The Hand of the Skeleton Lying On The Floor. Talk to Swords. Get Out of the Headquarters and Go to Sewer. You Will Find Goldis and Take The Remote Control of the Car. Climb Up The Stairs to the Left of Goldis. GO PAST THE EXIT TO THE CASINO WITH THE NEXT STAIRS AND GO UPSTAIRS. Take Coffee and Go to Another Staircase Behind The Actors. Climb On Top Pad and Pour Coffee to the Actor on the Head. Return Coffee and Raise The Top Platform Again. Put The Skeleton Hand In The Crusher With You. Where You Will Be Fed Go To the Door To the. Return to Goldisu. Sprinkle The Land Near The Car Bone Crusher Flour. Go to the right. WHEN WE DRINK IN A DARK TUNNEL, APPLY THE CRUSHER AGAIN. He Will Drive A Glatis, But Soon The Way Will Block The Evil Monster. Move Forward As Far AS Possible, Apply The Remote Control and Climb On The Ledge. GO TO THE OPPOSITE END AND START GOING DOWN THE STAIRS. WHEN THE MONSTER TURNS TO YOU, GO Back to the lemote Control, Lower The Car and Bring The Monster The Tail. NOW YOU CAN SAFELY GO TO THE SHELTER OF BOWLSLI. SIGN IN THE STORE AND CLEAN THE OBLIQUE BELL ABOVE THE DOOR. Bowlsli Will Be Fused. LOG IN AGAIN AND GET A GUN.

You Will Return to the Sewer. Go to the Casino (On ​​the Stairs Up, Then in The Door To the Right). Go to Slot Machines. HERE ARE Chachillla Charlie, Swords and Salvador Agent. Talk to Swords. Take a Sheet for Charlie and Ask the agent to hack "Single Bandita". WHEN CHARLIE WINS AND CHANGE CLOTHES, GO TO THE COSTUME. Come to the Element in the Leverage Office. Talk to the Demon. He Will Ask Questions ABOUT Hecter Lemance. ANSWERS – THE LAST NUMBER THAT APPEARED ON THE SCOREBOARD BEHIND YOU. Close the elevator in the enemy’s lair. 😉 Here you Will Meet Selso with My Wife. Talk to them. Your Story Will Make Not Exactly The Effect You Expected. But Still to the Suitcase with Gold Tickets You Will Get. Nearly.

You are on the cornily. GO TO THE RIGHT AND RAISE THE ROOF. REAR TO THE BORDER NEAR THE HAND OF THE ADVERTISING GIRL. Pour Bone Floor From the Crusher in the Slot In The Stone, and the green can. Now go to the roof of the neighboring building.

Orangery Lemance
You are in the middle of the flowering field. But All These Flowers Rose On The Bones of the Victims of Lemance. Go to the Greenhouse and ENTER INSIDE. Lemance Will Shoot You, But Liquid Nitrogen Will Save From Imminent Death. Come to the Car and Look Inside. Talk to Lemonga Salvador’s Head. Salvador Will Sacrifice Himself for The Sake Of Justice. Open The Suitcase and Take Your Braid. Salvador’s Remains Will Be Cleaned With A Gold Ticket. Take Him and Go for the Greenhouse. Find A Place to Which A Ticket Is Attracted. Here Lies The Body of El Salvador. In The Pocket of His Shape – The Key From The Car Trunk. Open The Trunk and Take A Gun. Go to the Water Tower, From Which Water Goes Into The Greenhouse. Shot Out of the Gun Into The Wall of the Tower and CRIME IN THE GORUND OF THE DEAD, WILL END. (But Still Come to the Greenhouse and Make Sure That.)

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