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February 22, 2024
2 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Homeworld 2: Codes
Homeworld 2: Cheat Codes
Change Ru’s
Find The File “Persist *.Lua“, WHERE * This Is The Mission Number. THE FILE IS IN THE CATALOG “HOMEWORLD2 \ BIN \ PROFILES \ PROFILE \ CAMPAIGN \ ASCENSION“. Open The File “Persist *.Lua“IN A TEXT EDITOR. Find the string “rus =”, and change the value to you.Edit Ships.
Find The File “Persist *.LUA “, WHERE * MISSION NUMBER. This File is in the catalog “HOMEWORLD2 \ BIN \ PROFILES \ PROFILE \ CAMPAIGN \ ASCENSION”.
Open It With The Text Editor and Find The Line With The Name of the Ships (For example, HWR_BOMBER). Create This Line to the Parameter You Need, for example: Hwr_assultecorvette.In Order to Appear in The Game Sadge (The Strongest Ship) You Need Homeworld 2 \ Bin \ Profiles \ Profile (Your Player) \ Campaign \ Ascension \ and Open The Mission To Which You Want To Insert A Sagki using a notebook. INSERT THE FOLLOWING FURTHER, CLOSER TO THE END OF THE TEXT IN A NOTEBOOK, IF, WILL NOT NOTEBOOK, THE SADZHUK WILL NOT (OR THE MISSION WILL BES WAVED), THEN CHECK THE BEST “{AND}” IN THE PLACE OF INSERTION OF THE FOLLOWING TEXT AND SPECIFY THE “TACTIC” PARAMETER EQUAL TO THE SAME NUMBER AS OTHER SHIPS IN THIS MISSION.
Tactic = 1,
Type = “KPR_SAJUUK”,
Subsystems = {
BuildJobs = {
Size = 1,
shiphold = {
name = “nis_squad”,
TeamcolourHandle = 7,
HotKey = 67109888,

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