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January 6, 2020
1 minute

By Jonny Gamer

I-Ninja: Cheat Codes

Go to the root directory of the game, find the Data folder, in it the general.vol file

I-Ninja: Cheat Codes Free Download

Open it in a text editor. Scroll almost to the end until you come across the lines:
“NAME ININJA // Name of game” and more.
Change the OFF values ​​to ON opposite the values:
NAME NINJA // Game name
WAD 9-98 // First readable WAD
DEBUG_CHEATS OFF // Debug cheats on / off
DEBUG_TEXT OFF // Show debug text / gfx
DEBUG_FLY ON // Flight mode on / off
LEVEL_SELECT ON // Level selection on / off
DEMO_LEVEL_SELECT ON // Only show * levels in level selection
SOUND ON // Sound on / off
BUILD Version: 03.00.00
Attention! These lines occur twice, change the ones where at the end of BUILD Version: 03.00.00.
LEVEL_SELECT and DEBUG_FLY – as I understand it, these items work only after activating the cheat mode.
Only ON and OFF values ​​can be changed!!!
Personally, it was enough for me to change the DEBUG_CHEATS value to ON and that’s it.
All levels are available in debug mode!
You can also use my files.

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