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August 26, 2020
4 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Kingdom Come: Deliverance: Cheat (Full Game Manipulation)

This Cheat adds endless quick saves to the F5 key, allows you to use the console to use developer commands, as well as to manipulate things, perks, skills, statistics and the like..

Kingdom Come: Deliverance: Cheat (Full Game Manipulation) Free Download


Run the game with the parameter devmode. To do this, make a Windows shortcut to KingdomCome.exe and add -devmode to the end of the Object field.
“C: \ Games \ Kingdom Come Deliverance \ Bin \ Win64 \ KingdomCome.exe” -devmode

Kingdom Come: Deliverance: Cheat (Full Game Manipulation)

Download the file zzz.cheat.pak and copy it to the steamapps \ common \ KingdomComeDeliverance \ Data folder
C: \ Games \ Kingdom Come Deliverance \ Data

Kingdom Come: Deliverance: Cheat (Full Game Manipulation)


Press ~ to open the console.

Type cheat and hit tab (not enter) to see a list of commands.

Enter the command and press Enter to execute.


You can see help for command arguments by typing the command with the “?”

For example “cheat_set_regen?” to see help on command.

Not all commands have arguments or reference information.


cheat_add_buff – Adds the specified buff to the character.

cheat_add_buff_heal – Health buff.

cheat_add_buff_immortal – Immortal buff.

cheat_remove_buff_immortal – Remove immortality.

cheat_add_item – Add item.

cheat_add_money – Add pennies.

cheat_add_perk – Add perk.

cheat_find_buffs – Find buffs.

cheat_find_horses – Find horses.

cheat_find_items – Find things.

cheat_find_perks – Find perks.

cheat_find_skills – Find Skills.

cheat_no_door_lockpicking – Hacking without opening doors.

cheat_no_lockpicking – Hacking without opening.

cheat_no_pickpocketing – Hack without pickpocketing mini-game.

cheat_no_stash_lockpicking – Unbreakable lockpicking.


cheat_reload_script – Reload script.

cheat_remove_all_items – Erase all things (in inventory).

cheat_remove_item – Erase a thing.

cheat_remove_buff – Remove buff.

cheat_remove_perk – Remove perk.

cheat_save – Save.

cheat_set_all_merchants_fence – Merchants buy stolen goods.

cheat_set_bow_reticle – Toggles crosshair on or off.

cheat_set_horse – Assign a horse.

cheat_set_regen – Assign a regeneration.

cheat_set_skill_level – Assign skill level.

cheat_set_state – Sets one of the player’s states to a given value.

cheat_set_stat_level – Assign a general level.

cheat_set_wanted_level – Assign wanted level.

cheat_unlock_recipes – Unlock potion recipes.

cheat_wash_dirt_and_blood – Wash dirt and blood.



For example, enter cheat_add_money ? to see the command help

Enter cheat_add_money amount: 10 to add 1 grosz (amount: 1 will add 0.1 grosz)

Enter cheat_add_item id: XXX where XXX is the id of the item.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance: Cheat (Full Game Manipulation)

Below is a standard call to the console and commands without installing cheats

To start the console press ~ (just below Esc) on your keyboard and enter the command (without brackets). Note that these console commands worked in early alpha, but not all might work in full.

A possible way to get more commands related to the game: in the console, enter at least one letter and press Tab to list the available commands.

[q] – quit the game

[exit] is the same as [q]

[r_MotionBlur 0] – disable motion blur

[CL_FOV x] – Change the field of view to xx —–> \ XX digits, 60 standard value

[e_LodRatio = XXX] – range of objects drawing —–> \ XX digits, 500 standard value

[e_ViewDistRatio = XXX] – object render range —–> \ XX digits, 500 standard value

[e_ViewDistRatioVegetation = XXX] – grass and tree render range —–> \ XX digits, 500 standard value

[e_ViewDistRatioDetail = XXX] – detail rendering range —–> \ XX digits, 500 standard value

[e_MergedMeshesInstanceDist = XX] – grass animation range —–> \ XX digits, 20 default

[e_ShadowsMaxTexRes = XXXX] – shadow resolution ——> \ 4096 for 4k shadows

[e_TimeOfDay] – shows the current time

[cl_showHUD 0/1] – disables / enables HUD

[g_showhud] is the same as [cl_showHUD 0/1]

[e_GI = 1] Global Illumination

[t_scale XX] – movement speed from 1 to 10

[goto X Y Z] – coordinates in x, y and z format for teleportation (for example, playergoto 1144.68 2244.58 70.03)

[p_gravity_z XX] – Sets gravity for you and NPC ——> \ XX digits, 13 is default

[playergoto] is the same as [goto]

[wh_pl_showfirecursor = 1] – adds an aiming cursor when using a bow (0 disables)

[wh_cheat_money XX] – gives xx the amount of money

[wh_cheat_addItem ?? ??] – gives x items by id (wh_cheat_additem 36 – simple cap, wh_cheat_additem 37 – red hat)

Item IDs:

[05]: Bastardsword

[27]: Footwraps with leather

[28]: Leather Shoes

[29]: No Pants

[30]: Short Breeches

[31]: Clean Short Breeches

[32]: long linen shirt

[35]: Green Hood

[36]: Coif

[37]: Red Hat

[50]: Red Long Sleeve Tunic

[51]: Brown Hood

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