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February 22, 2024
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By Jonny Gamer

Lego The Lord of The Rings: Cheat Codes
During The Game, Click The Pause (The “ESC” KEY) and Go “Option”, then “ENTER CODE”. After Entering The Following Cheats Bell:

RJV4KB – Get Deenethor Character
A9FB4Q – Get Elrond Character
QL28WB – Get a Character Lurtz
R7xKDH – Get Easterling Character
U47AOG – Get Eomer Character
7B4VWH – Get a Galadriel Character
UE5Z7H – Get Berserker Character
J4337V – Get a Character Bilbo Baggins
HTUADU – Get The Character Captain Boromir
LG5GI7 – Get Gondor Ranger Character
BU95CB – Get a Character Grima Wormtongue
Avjii1 – Get Gamling Character
73hjp6 – Get Hama Character
IH7E58 – Get a Character King Of The Dead
C2A58D – Get Lothlorien Characters
C19F3A – Get Madril Character
5LV6EB – Get The Character Radagast The Brown
Lyqu1f – Get a Character Ringwraith
PJB6MV – Get Chagrat Character
F4M7FC – Get The Character Mouth Of Sauron
H5L6N6 – Health Restored
1F5YH2 – Multiplier Detail X2
GD35HC – 8-bit Music
WS68P2 – Falls Do Not Apply Damage
A2LU58 – Fast Construction
EY4K32 – Task Detector
B72D7E – Mitrile Detail Detector
2MCRDN – Mitrile Heart
T1JM4R – Help
C7FJ7B – Magnet for Details
F3H14H – Bosses Are Disguised
PR3V4K – Get Items of Characters
D49TXY – Get Details from Animals
A24TVJ – Treasure Chest Detector

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