Magrunner: Dark Pulse: Cheat Codes

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If you get tired of playing this toy by the rules, you can cheat a little 😉

Magrunner: Dark Pulse: Cheat Codes Free Download

Find here … \ Magrunner \ YoshiGame \ Config the DefaultInput.ini file and open it with notepad.

Next, find the Game Keyboard / Mouse Bindings section, and in it the Primary default bindings subsection and copy the following values ​​there:

.Bindings = (Name = “Z”, Command = “Fly”)
.Bindings = (Name = “X”, Command = “Ghost”)
.Bindings = (Name = “H”, Command = “Walk”)
.Bindings = (Name = “P”, Command = “PlayersOnly”)
.Bindings = (Name = “Y”, Command = “KillPawns”)

Save the file, close it.
During the game, press the following keys:

z-flight mode
x-walking through walls
h-disable flight / walk through walls
p – on / off everything that moves on the screen
y -kill all enemies (turrets there, etc.)

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