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December 11, 2020
2 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Mass Effect 3: Cheat (Edited coalesced.bin)

So, I climbed half of the Internet in search of codes for 3 franchises, but there was no result!

Mass Effect 3: Cheat (Edited coalesced.bin) Free Download

Everywhere they write like through ME3Coalesced to remake the game was confused remade, but still decided to lay out this trainer to you, so as not to f *** ing 

with this program, we just transfer the file that you download here along the way to the CookedPCConsole folder:

C / Games (well, anyone, of course) / Mass Effect 3 / BIOgame / CookedPCConsole

Only there is a snag in this! I decided that all F, starting with F1-F12, will be cheats, so I left the fields for quick saving and loading empty, in the game settings, you yourself will choose which buttons will be responsible for them, except for the top panel.

Here is a list of the trainer:

F2-cartridges 999, grenades 99, medigel 99
F3-Enable Instant Cooldown Abilities
F4-Disable Instant Cooldown Abilities
F5-Increase Character Level
F6-One Hit Kill / Infinite Ammo / Shoot No Reload
F7-sets the maximum amount of fuel
F8-sets the number of credits to 1,000,000 units
F9-sets the parameter “hero” to maximum
F10-sets the “renegade” parameter to maximum
F11-Add 10 Skill Points
F12-ALL RESOURCES (I’m not sure about F12, I haven’t tested it, but it should work!)

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