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July 30, 2020
8 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Middle-earth: Shadow of War: Cheat Engine Table [UPD: 22.11.2017] {seikur0}

Version table v17.1 includes:

Middle-earth: Shadow of War: Cheat Engine Table [UPD: 22.11.2017] {seikur0} Free Download

Spawn options (Spawn options)

>>> Uruk spawn markers (Editing Uruk data when spawning)

>>>>>> Very high potential (Very high potential spawn)

>>>>>> Very high learn speed (Spawn with a very high speed of learning new skills)

>>>>>> Try to find a bloodbrother (Uruk will try to find a blood brother)

>>> Uruk spawn rarity (Uruk rarity selection when spawning)

>>> Force uruk class (Uruk class selection when spawning)

>>> Force uruk role (Choosing the role of the uruks when spawning)

Adjust uruk level (Regulation of min / max level of uruks)

Get All Uruk Intel (Select to get information about all the Uruks on the map, mark one as a target to reveal their appearance)

Epic/ Legendary Uruks drop specific item (Supreme / Legendary Uruks will only drop items of your choice upon death)

Uruk Pointer (Editing Uruks)

>>> Level (The level in dominated Uruks will be reset to the level of Talion if you put it higher)

>>> Name (Name, cannot be changed)

>>> Status (Vulnerabilities / invulnerabilities are known, dead, bodyguard (the corresponding skill must be active; you can select several bodyguards); you can resurrect / kill uruks, freeze and make the status change for the entire army)

>>> Additional Properties (Change AI, Tribe, Class, Personality and Role of Uruk)

>>> Equipment/ Looks (Equipment and appearance of the Uruk)

>>> Marker abilities (You can change the skills that the Uruk can gain after leveling up / completing the event)

>>> Picker abilities (Uruk skills can be changed)

>>> Derived abilities (Skills that will be used in the game, changes are only visual)

>>> Location (Location on location, cannot be changed)

Item Pointer (Editing Talion’s Equipment)

>>> Level (Level for changes to take effect save and restart the game)

>>> Appearance (Appearance of items)

>>> Stats (Item data, such as damage, health, etc., changes are temporary, since the values ​​are tied to the item level; you can also permanently change bonuses, for example, health recovery upon execution, power accumulation per hit, etc.)

Modify FOV (Change of field of view)

100% Coin Drop (All enemies leave Mirian after death)

# myrian decrease (Mirian doesn’t shrink)

Complete all item challenges (Complete challenges for all items)

Choose multiple skills (Selecting multiple skills at the same time)

Infinite mission time (Timed missions do not end)


Author – SeiKur0


The future of this table.

 It was a good time and I’m glad so many people are using my table (my honey * gollum *) (oops). At this point I am already done with the game and more or less with the table too. I added everything I wanted and it works stably (from now on any problems with this table are most likely not the ones that I can fix) and should work with future updates as well. Therefore, if you ask to add more functions, do not ask me. You can still use this forum to discuss things related to this table, and I may add something minor, but for now I’m done.

How to use.

 Open the table, start the game, select the game in the list of processes, in the table put a cross in front of Master Script – if subsections appear, then the script is working.

If you see a value with the string type in my table, then it is only visual and cannot be edited.

 To edit the equipment of the Uruk, put a cross in front of the Uruk Pointer, then in the game open the army window and press “X” on the Uruk you want to edit. Its name should appear in the Name (visual) string value. The values ​​can be selected from all available in the drop-down list, in the Status section the values ​​change to 1 or 0, and if you put a cross, the changes will be applied to the entire army.

Usually, after making some changes, if you don’t see them yet, force the game to be saved by changing your equipment, then exit the menu and continue the game. To change the equipment of a Uruk, you need to change its position on the army screen or complete any event with it.

 For the skills, I added the values ​​list_end and list_maxlength. These are dynamic arrays, they are expanded by the game if required. list_maxlength is the maximum number of abilities in this list. list_end is the address immediately after the last entry in the list. Now let’s say this number is 32 and you have only 28 abilities, then you can add 4. To do this, change the numerical values ​​that go after the skills to the desired abilities, and enter the address of the line immediately after the last modified field into list_end. More details here: imgur.com/IVeljAM

 Don’t change list_maxlength, just changing this number won’t allocate more memory. However, you can increase this number if you have 32 and list_maxlength is also 32, try adding another ability as described earlier. Next, open the equipment and change some item (to save) and exit the game. It will crash and when you load the save you will most likely have a new ability and more slots to add others. Even with this method, there are probably limitations..

Master Script not working.

 The table contains various methods of the master script for finding the required data. If it doesn’t work for you, right-click on Master Script and select change script. Find these lines:

registerDB () – works on all versions of the game
registerDB_ns_old () – works on game version 1.0.7214.0
registerDB_ns () – works on game version 1.0.7217.0
registerDB_alt2 () – alternative, works on all versions of the game

Remove the dash “-” in front of one of them and add before all the others.

 Also make sure you have the latest Cheat Engine 6.7 installed.



–  Fixed remaining items that were broken by the last patch, spawn options and item drop script


– Fixed the table after the last patch, had to change a lot to make it work again … * annoyed * It only works with the game since v1.0.7636.0.


– Changes in the “Uruk Pointer” section:

– Abilities Dynamic are now Marker abilities, Abilities Perks are Picker abilities and Abilities Derived is Derived abilities

– Picker abilities and Marker abilities now include list_end and list_maxlength values ​​so new skills can be added

– Picker abilities will no longer display skills that do not fit this type

– “Equipment” is now called “Equipment / Looks” and contains more options, if you want to temporarily change something, you can directly edit the models, otherwise use the values ​​(appearance). Some things, like hair, can only have a model. Oh yeah, and I added colors. ARGB values, google …


– Added “Force uruk class”

– Changed script “Force uruk role” so that you can create uruk without a role


Changed the place of some sections so that scripts affecting the uruks were next to

– Added “Uruk creation” and “Force uruk role”


– Added “Infinite mission time”.


– Fixed item section


– Added scripts “Complete all item challenges” and “Choose multiple skills”

– Support for even more slots for item abilities


– Fixed table for Microsoft Store version


– Changed the script for dropping items from higher / legendary uruks, should no longer crash

– Removed some master script methods that only worked with the Steam version

– Added script “Adjust uruk level script” (It’s just silly when uruk is level 65 if the maximum player is 60)

– Added more slots for item abilities just in case


– Added more methods for the master script, all should work with the Steam version


– Fixed “No myrian decrease”, I whipped up the last one to test the market and it just wasn’t meant to work for other people

– Changed the second method of the master script to work with update 1.0.7217.0, the first method is now the default again


– Fixed memory leak

– Changed the default method of the master script, it should now work with all versions and be resistant to future updates

– Changed the order of some table elements

– Added script “No myrian decrease”


– The master script now contains three different methods, each of them should work with the corresponding version of the game


– Added values ​​to the Additional Properties menu in the Uruk Pointer section


– Fixed the master script not working for Windows Store users, it should now also be resistant to updates for all others; the disadvantage is that it now needs more time to activate

– I also clarified that the skills in “Abilities Derived” are only visual and changed the name of the script for item drops to reflect that it only works with higher / legendary uruks


– Fixed crash for the script “Uruk Drop editor”


– Now the Uruk drop editor should work reliably, before that it did not replace normal items with rare ones


– Added Uruk drop editor

– A little more Lua refactoring


– I am now finishing most of the editable things so you can easily and directly change values, including uruk and player gear.

– Refactoring the Lua wrapper code, the table no longer looks ugly and can be easily extended

Launch process:
1. Start Cheat Engine, “Load” and select a table
2. “Select a process to open”, select the desired process.
3. Select the desired option, put a cross.

You can download Cheat Engine from our server here.

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