Monstrum: Cheat (Multihack v3) [1.5.0] {ArieX}

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January 6, 2020
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By Jonny Gamer

Monstrum: Cheat (Multihack v3) [1.5.0] {ArieX}

The final version of my cheat.

Monstrum: Cheat (Multihack v3) [1.5.0] {ArieX} Free Download

default – regular version of the cheat
default-no-items – no items if it lags
lite – only highlight the monster and disable it

to install, move the file to the folder with the game \ Monstrum_Data \ Managed

yes, noklip, remove the monster, immortality, invisibility for the monster

input is limited to 25 meters for optimization. not all items are highlighted for optimization.

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