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February 22, 2024
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Necronomicon: The Dawning of Darkness: Codes
Necronomicon: The Dawning Of Darkness: Cheat Codes

Go to the Entrance Door and Take IT. Edgar Habli Will Talk To You, Give You a Pyramid. RETURN TO THE ROOM AND TAKE THE KEY FROM THE TABLE WITH THE PHONE. Open The Middle Box Of The Writing Table, Take Money and Keys. Open The Front Door Again, DR. Eglton Will Give You My Card With The Phone.
Get Out Of The House and Go to the Motorcycle, Boot It Watch Keys. The Second Direction Will Lead You to The Home of Father Edgar Weringla.
Now You Do Not Need to Sit On a Motorcycle to Get To the Card And Click on the House of Interest.
Drive to the House of Edgar, He Is On The Map A Little Higher Than The City. Call The Call Hanging Nearby, You Will Not Be Allowed Inside. If You Call a Few More Times, The Type Will Be Released and You Will Wash You… In General, The Game in This Place Will Then End.
NOW Go to the House of Father Edgar, On the Map He is right next to your. In The Living Room, Click on the Portrait of Gregory Horshnell On The Wall, Then Leave The Room, Go Back to the Town. In The Grocery Shop, Talk Again With The Merchant and Give Him Money.
GO TO THE PIER, TALK THERE WHAT A SAILOR WHO FUSS ON THE BOAT. Choose A Map and Go to The Editorial Office of the Local Newspaper. This Building Is South Of Everyone. Talk to the Journalist in the NewSpaper, Then Go to the Boxes and Turn All the Boxes. Sometimes A Ladder May Be Needed, It Can Be Moved. Open The 1741-1760 SECTION AND TAKE THE PAPER ON THE DISAPPEARANCE.
RETURN TO THE CITY AND TALK TO THE SAILOR AGAIN. UNFOLD AND TRY ENERING A SMALL HOUSE OPPOSITE. A Person Does Not Want To Talk With You Wathout Drinking – Again to the Gota and Give Him Money, Get A Bottle. Go to This House and Give A Bottle, Borodach Will Tell A Lot of Interesting Things.
Near The Tavern, Talk to Artur Prokopom. HE AGREES TO Convey to You, But Tomorrow, You Have to Wait.
Go to the House of Edgar and Talk to Him. THEN RETURN TO YOUR HOME AND US CARD WITH A DOCTOR’S PHONE NUMBER ON YOUR PHONE. Go to the Diary From the Shelves to the Diary From the Shelves to the Right. And The Bureau Box Take The Key From Home Edgar Himself.
Open The Door of The Edgar’s House, Take a Letter from the Middle Drawer, From the Right – A Letter from Simon.
Return to Your Home, Talk to DR. Eglton. Again, Go to the Box in a Small Corner Locker Take The Key and Plan.
To Take A Plan You Need to Push A Small Subject in the Box.
Go to Your Home and Show The Plan to DR. Eglton. DRIVE TO THE BUNGALOW, THIS ABANDONED HOUSE IS LOCATED BETWEEN YOUR HOME AND CITY. Go Around The House and Log In to the Key From the Pin. Come to the CAR AND OPEN THE BOX TO THIS KEY THERE. Take the Leaving, Which Bungalow’s Entrance Door.
Look At The Portrait On The Wall, Remember The Symbol Under A Man With A Scythe. Move The Buffet From The Wall, Open The Key (Heart) BOX AND TAKE A MEDALLION. IT SHOWS THE SYMBOL OF SATURN, REMEMBER IT. GO TO THE THE ROOM NEXT TO THE STAIRS, MOVE THE BARREL. Look at the Castle-Puzzle. You Need to Put: The Symbol of Saturn – Downstairs, On the Right – Two "Sliding" The Angle and On The Left – The Characters That Were In The Book On The Saturday page. INSERT A MEDALLION WITH A SATURN, LOCK AND OPENS.

Go Down, Get The Match and Light Torches AS The Tunnel Moves. In One Place There Is No Damn There, So You First Get The Match, And Then Take the Cursor Around, So You Will Find Out Where The Need To Be Used.
Soon You Will Come to the Door Before The Lattice. Open It, Lit Candles On The Right. Press The Lever, The Grille That Blocked The Passage Will Open.


Take A Lighter from the Corridor and Burn The Lamp on the Right.
Go on The Passage Further, See Some Altar. Comes Running Monster and You Will Relieve the Lamp. Go To The Main Thing – Do Not Fall Into The Wells. Right from the Altar, Take the Ax, Return to the room with a chest and lever.
TOPOR DISCOVER THE CHEST AND BURN WITH A LIGHTER LAMP. Take The Key, Open The Cabinet. Take A Drawer With Tools, In The Inventory It Will Now Be Available. Take a Canister with Gasoline. Turn Off The Page From The Book That Lies On the Stand. GO OUT INTO THE CORRIDOR AND GO TO THE OPPOSITE PASSAGE, AT THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE RIGHT. AT The Corpse, Raise Your Hand and Take the Key. Go to the Altar WHERE THE AX TOOK. ON THE OTHER HAND, OPEN THE DOOR KEY.
In The Laboratory, Go To the Boiler Room, Take The Shovel on the Left, Jump Around The Coal and Pour Three Shovel Into The Car. PIGHT THE GASOLINE FROM ABOVE, THEN BURN THE LIGHTER. Close The Lid, Then Press The Middle Lever From Above, Screw The Wheel On the Right.
Go to the Entrance To the Laboratory, Twist The Valve at the Pipe. Open The Shield to the Left of The Entrance Door and Click The Switch, Light Lights. Go to the Other End of the Laboratory Where The Car Is With Brains. Look At The Mechanism on the Left, Press The Middle Button, Then Move The Lever On The Right Until You Hear A Illegitial Voice.
Go to The Second Bank On The Left (Counting from the Highest) from the bottom of the botto SHELF AND POUR ITS CONTENTS INTO THE FLASK ON THE TABLE (TURN ON). Take a Third Bank to the Right from the Bottom Shelf, Pour. Take the Syringe in the Washbasin and Type Them This Green Liquid. Pour It INTO THE FLASK THAT NEXT TO THE DEVICE ON WHICH THE VOICE IS RECORDED. Take the Lever at the Bottom. LISTEN TO VOICE AGAIN.
GO TO THE COAL AND THE KEY, AND ALSO GRAB THE HOLE (EUFORBIA). Go to the New Charam-Puzzle and Put Three Characters On It: On the Left – "Samuel", Below – Mars (Circle With An Arrow), On The Right – Metal (Similar to the Image of the Sword). Then Open This Castle of the Unusual Key That You Have.
Get Into The Room with A Mass of the Shelves. Go to the Inscription "Materia", From Her Five Steps Along The Shelf. Left Take A POT WITH TAG "EL". Powder With this Tag Will Be in Your Inventory.
Go to the next room, Look at the pentagram on the floor. To The Left Of It Will Be The Stand. Put Coal On It, Styrax (The Third Left In The Top Row) from the Box with Tools, Bring A Lighter. In The Center of The Pentagram, Put A Piece Of Paper "Eliphas Levy" (IT IT In The Table Box, Do Not Confuse with Others), Sand From the Inventory With the Tag "EL", Journey, Diamond From The Tools Box. Fit All This Business Lighter.
There Is A Converse of The Dead, Thene Will Be a Conversation with the Doctor and In The End, You Will Kill Edgar in the Hospital.
Look at The Body Of Edgar and Take The Key Dropped Out Of Your Pocket. Go to the House of Edgar, Next To the Entrance Door Take the Letter and Newspaper. Take The Card On The Right of the Fireplace on the Bookshelf. That Go Down The Stairs, Open The Door With The Key. With the Shelves Take: The Head of the Statue, The Box and From The Locker Book – Necronomicon. Return to Your Home and Give This Book To DR.

The Library Building Appears on The Map, Go There, Give Necronyons Professor to Sanders. Now You Have to Find The Necessary Books In The Library for It.
In the section "Occultah" Take a Book "Moon, Gates to the Soul". She is right in the middle, in a small bedside table. Take it to Sanders. THEN BE SURE TO READ THE BOOK ON TABLE.
GO DOWN TO THE BASEMENT (The Door Opposite The House of the Professor) And Take The Book ABOUT "Red Dragon". Give Her Sanders. Read This Book.
In Section "Symbolism" Take a Book "Tongue Dedicated", Also From The Central Bedside Table. Give IT to Professor.
On The Map You Need to Draw a Star. To Do This, Put The Head of the Statue in The Card – To Africa, The Letter – In Transylvania (Europe), The Newspaper – In Greenland, The Parcel – To The North Of South America. Then Connect All The Dots Among Themselves, Plus Another Missing In North America. IT TURNS OUT A Six-Pointed Star and a New Location Will Appear On Your Map. Go there.
ON LOCATIONS WITH STRANGE RUINS, YOU NEED TO ROTATE THE MECHANISMS AS SHOWN ON THE PRISM. The Cover Will Open, USE A Special Key From The Tools On It. Put The Prism in the Opened Slot. Take The Three Other Prisms on the Sides. Go to a Small Stone Pyramid and Click on It. The Whole Design Will Move Aside by Opening The Passage Down.
GO DOWN AND GO TO THE MIDDLE PASS. You Got Into A Labyrinth. Come to the Cave WHERE THE FLOOR WILL BE A CIRCLE AND FOR CHARACTS. Go Towards The Symbol "Tailing arrow". SOONER OR LATER YOU WILL COME TO THE GREEN ROOM. PRESS ALL THE BUTTONS IN THE CENTRAL VERTICAL LINE FROM ABOVE THE SMALL COLUMN, THE LATTICE WILL OPEN. IT Will Be Three Passages Behind It, Press The Mechanism on The Left. This Is a Timer, You Have a Four Minutes to Run Through Four Or Five Metal Doors (Start With the Central Pass). Then Get Into A Large Room with Drawn Symbols on the Walls. Examine Them.
Further Go Down, Go Around The Big Tower, GO Inside Her. At The First Control Panel, Press The Central Triangle From Above. GO TO THE RIGHT, THE SECOND PANEL PRESS THE LEFT TRIANGLE IN THE LOWER ROW. Again Right, in the Third Click The Left Triangle In The Top Row. To The Right, The Middle Row to The Right. Further, The Extreme Right Triangle in The Top Row. IN THE NEXT PANEL, THE EXTREME RIGHT TRIANGE IN THE LOWER ROW.
GO On On The Road to the Entrance and, A Little At Least Reaching It, Turn The Left. Look At The Star With A Star. Put Three Pyramids On It, So That The Characters Coincide. If You Forgot, Run Back and See What Characters Are Burning from the Panels That You Just Click. Yes, and a Simple Selection, In Principle, Takes A Dozen Seconds.
Pressing the Buttons on the Walls, Go Through A Small Maze. As a Result, You Will Come to a Room with Columns. Before You There Will Be a Large Closed Door and You are surrounded by Columns with Symbols. SUPPOSE THAT THE FIRST CHARACTER ON THE RIGHT (IF FACING THE DOOR) WILL BE "A", SECOND "B" And So Until The Last – "G". In General, to Open The Door You Need To Press Them In Such A Sequence: B, C, E, D, B, F, D, G, B, A. Only To Do It Very Quickly, OtherWise You Will Not Have Time, And The Whole World Will Fly to Tartarara.

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