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July 14, 2020
2 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Nemesis of the Roman Empire: Cheat Codes

During the game, press the [Enter] key and enter the following cheat codes:

Nemesis of the Roman Empire: Cheat Codes Free Download

pr () – print the next line
removedecors – remove pieces, trees and other decor
remfd – change AddFD code
screenshot – save screenshot to .BMP file
save – save the game
spawn (,) – create the specified number of units
setplayer – changes the places of the players in the multiplayer
testadventure – test the integrity of the storyline
togglefog – disable the fog of war
togglevis – on / off buildings and decorations
_black – black screen
debugselected – debug of the selected unit
usr – describe the selected unit
gaikafd – show a green bypass on a non-object
– and black on objects
printmemstats – show statistics from memory
mousepos – show the location of the mouse
gmp – show the indexes of the index
dumpobj – show the capabilities of the selected unit
addfd – show a white border on a non-object
– and black on the object
desync – write desync_test.txt
dumpfunctoxml – add dump_try.xml
quit – quit the game
exportobjs () – export all objects to the selected file
exportterrain () – export the location to the selected file
flatterrain – make the area flat
pause – payza (another time to remove from pause)
ttest – translation test
ae – show level property
advexplorer – built-in MYTH option
rayoflight – print “Abe ti me buzikash s tezi parametri maj, a?”
_dbgsel – show options for the selected selection
esg – show information about hostile formations
settlementcount – show the number of settlements
explorer – MYTH function
shrinkentities – MYTH function
prelit – show BuildLight value ()
_toggleinvrects – show the outline of units
showflatterrain – a country place

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