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February 22, 2024
2 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

ORCS MUST DIE! 2: Cheat Codes
Achievements in Steam

All Aboard – Kill 1,000 Orcs by Trolleys.
BFFS – Live Up to the 40th Waves In Infinite Cooperative Mode.
Big Spender – Spend 100 Skulls In The Book.
Cash Money Skulls – Spend 1000 Skulls in the Book.
Droppin ‘Hamilts – Spend 10 Skulls In The Book.
Freedom! – Invil Your Comrade from the State of Stunning WITH THE HELP OF AMULET OF FREEDOM (FREEDOM TRINKET) IN COOPERATIVE MODE.
Friends’ Till The End – Complete Twisted Halls in the Cooperative.
Halfway There – Complete The First Campaign Act.
I’m SO Awesome – Complete The Second Campaign Act At The DiffiCulty Level Of The Nightmare.
Impossible! – Live Up to the 50th Waves in Infinite Mode.
INDECISIVE – Redistribute Your Skills.
Kingdom Rush – Pass Any Level On The Complexity of the Nightmare, Using Only Weapons, Amulets and Guards (Gnomes, Archers, Paladins).
May i Have some more? – Kill 50,000 Orcs.
Mmmmonster Kill! – Kill 25 Orcs.
Perfectionist – Get 5 (Basic) Skulls AT Each Level Of Campaign On The Complexity of the Combat Magician.
Pot Of Gold – Perform 10X Combo or Higher.
Predator – Pick 30 Dropped Skulls.
Queen of The ORCS – CURB 100 ORCS AS A Sorceress.
Restoring Order – Go Through The Second Campaign ACT.
Six Degrees – Picker Robot’s Disease.
Stay Classy – Complete All Classic Levels.
TEN AT ONCE – Kill 10 Orcs.
Thanks Bro – Come on Comrade in the Cooperative.
They Just Keep COMING – Live Up to The 25th Waves in Infinite Mode.
Tough Going – Complete The First Campaign Act At Nightmare Difficulty.
What is Best in Life? – Use the Amulet Berrock and Lower Your Health Bell 15%.

Opening On The Passage Of The Game.
Please Note That Level of DiffiCulty Nightmare Opens Separately for Each Campaign: History, Classic and Additional. Material.
Classic Costume Order – Pass The Story At The Difficulty Level Of The Subset / Combat Mage.
Double Jump – GO Through The Story (Only for the Combat Mage).
Soft Landing – Pass The Story (for a sorceress only).
Costume of the Story At The Difficulty Level of the Nightmare.
The DiffiCulty Level Of The Nightmare – Pass The Campaign At The DiffiCulty Level of the Subset / Combat Mage.

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