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October 26, 2020
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How to put:

Payday 2: Cheat (MVP v3.2 Hook v3.2.1) Free Download

1) Unpack the archive
2) Drag and drop all files into the PAYDAY 2 directory
3) Run Payday 2, first the debug with the cheat will open, and then the game starts.

What changed:

What changed:

v3.1 —-> v3.2 – Update To Address Crashes From Update 69-70 – Added GGC Options to F4 – Mission Manipulator – Added Items From GGC To F5 Inventory Menu – Moved Take All Intel To F4 – Mission Manipulator – Updated Job Menu – Updated Achievments – Added New Character To Pregame Menu – Updated Ultimate Kill For Better Results – Jump With Mask Off Now Works In GGC – Updated Take All Intel and Hack All Electrics To Include GGC Items – Other Background Fixes

Remove DLS unlocker, all functions can be found in the “Details” folder

There is also a group: p3dhack

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