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March 20, 2020
5 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Resident Evil 2: Cheat Engine Table [UPD: 06.02.2019] {Cielos}


Resident Evil 2: Cheat Engine Table [UPD: 06.02.2019] {Cielos} Free Download

– by script default, when activated, health still drop when being bitten until it reaches red (danger ~), but you won’t die.
– you can raise the min health if you want.
– don’t set min health lower than 360.

damage multiplier
– by script default, when activated, multiply the damage done to non-player by 2.
– multiplier can be changed after the script is activated.
– most likely the damage taken by allies would be multiplied as well. will update accordingly if there are allies later.

no reload
– you can always fire guns regardless of the current ammo clip you have.
– ammo still drop until it reaches zero when fired.
– REMEMBER to turn off the “Auto-reload” in the “Options> Controls” menu first.

ignore ammo pouch
– you can reload your guns without any ammo pouch in your inventory.
– you can switch ammo without any ammo pouch in your inventory.
– ammo pouches you brought with you will still be decreased until they disappear when you reload the guns.

inf. sub-weapons
– grenades quantity won’t drop below 1 when used, either by throwing manually or countering a zombie bite.
– knife duration would stay max when you counter a zombie bite with the combat knife. just remember to retrieve the knife from the downed zombie afterwards.

universal item
– allows you to interact with world objects with any item from your inventory.
– for example, open spade key doors with your handgun ammo.
– press and hold CapsLock key (or the key you specified) when clicking on the item in the inv AND when clicking on the USE option.
– should not be used on world objects that allows multiple items (e.g., dark room, multi-items puzzle, etc).

slow walk key
– the walk speed is quite good most of the time, but a little bit too fast when you’re in a dark room / corridor … so, when activated, hold CapsLock key to walk slower.

slow motion
– by script default, when activated, hold Mouse X1 Button and Mouse Right Button (i.e. hold Mouse X1 Button when aiming) would enter slow-motion by using CE’s speedhack.
– you can change the key combinations and the speed after you activated the script.

game player time mod
– when activated, game play time would stop at the time you specified.
– the display time in-game may appear within 4 seconds less then what you set via the script.
– by script default, time would stop at 1:58:43. i.e., when the game time reaches 1:58:43, the time would start cycle between 1:58:39 – 1:58:43.
– for easy time setting, remember you have to allow CE to run the LUA when you open the table.

highlighted item
– this is just good for simple quantity edit.
– you can change item type and quantity of the highlighted item in your backpack.
– if it’s a weapon, item id would be 0x00000000. if it’s not a weapon, weapon id would be 0xffffffff
– don’t freeze the values, unless you know what you are doing..
– if you are new to CE, REMEMBER you don’t need to freeze the value (i.e., put a tick in the box in front of the address) if you just want to edit the value.

hide weapon upgrade appearance
– when activated, allows you to HIDE appearance change of some of the weapon’s upgrade.
– it only covers 3 weapons, Maltilda, SLS 60, and W-780. as I’m only interested in changing the appearance of these 3 weapons.
– choose the value of an upgrade to “hide” to hide the appearance change of that upgrade, while the installed upgrade would still have its effect intact. e.g., you have both of the upgrades of W-780, Long Barrel and Shotgun Stock installed. activate the script, and set the value of “Long Barrel” set to “hide”. back to the game and switch to another weapon and back to W-780. you’ll see the Long Barrel is gone visually, but you still the concentrated fire and easier zombie head explosion.

– when activated, all characers on screen would get wet according to the specified amount.
– you can change the amount of wetness via the entry, range from 0 to 1.default: 0.5, can be changed by editing the script, line 3.
– the amount value is acting as a minimal value of the wetness actually, so that you can still get full wet when you get into the rain if the amount you set is smaller than 1.that means if you are setting it to a smaller value than before, the changes would be undergone gradually; while the changes would be immediate if setting it to a bigger value than before.

character model mod
– this script allows you to change the model of 5 of the characters separately:

Launch process:
1. Start Cheat Engine, “Load” and select a table
2. “Select a process to open”, select the desired process.
3. Select the desired option, put a cross.

You can download Cheat Engine from our server here.

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