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February 22, 2024
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By Jonny Gamer

Rocard: Codes
ROCARD: Cheat Codes
Steam Achevements:

100% GOLD Collectibles Found – Collect 100% of All Gold Collectibles
25% GOLD Collectibles Found – Collect 25% of All Gold Collectibles
50% GOLD Collectibles Found – Collect 50% of All Gold Collectibles
Bowling – Kill An Enemy With An Object Shot Wit G-Lifter
Death From Above – Kill An Enemy by Falling On Him
Death On Delivery – Kill 100 Enems Using Objects Shot OR Dropped With G-Lifter
Electrifried – Electrocute a Human Enemy
Kiss Me Deadly – Kill A Human Enemy Wit Another Enemy’s Body
Pack Rat – Collect All Upgrades
Say Hello to My Little Friend – Kill 2 or More Enemies with A Single Exploding Mechanical Enemy
Second Amendment – Kill 100 ENEMIES USING THE ROCK BLASTER
Speed ​​Run – Complete The Game In 3 Hours or Less
Unfriendly Fire – Kill A Human Enemy With Deflected Bullets
You’re Fired! – Defeat Maximillian

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