Satellite Reign: Cheat (Tactical Pause, Infinite Ammo, Auto Attack)

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January 9, 2020
3 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Satellite Reign: Cheat (Tactical Pause, Infinite Ammo, Auto Attack)

Mods are mods changed by me from Caldor‘and from the game forum.

Satellite Reign: Cheat (Tactical Pause, Infinite Ammo, Auto Attack) Free Download

Tested on version 1.13.06.

Pause.dll – adds a really active pause to the Space key. Allows you to slowly assess the situation, give orders, and more. What the game really lacked. There are several minor bugs – in the pause mode, the fabric on the clothes of the units can turn into stripes flashing on the half-screen, which is usually fixed by unpause and re-arm. Also, during a pause, aiming the camera at the player’s soldiers by double-clicking on the portrait or on the number keys does not work.

To use the next two mods, it is important to take into account that I reconfigured the camera control on WASD, and in the following mods the keys Q, E and T are occupied. Unfortunately, to change the keys in the mods, you need to rebuild the dlls themselves.

Cheats.dll – unloaded mod Caldor‘a, in which I left only infinite ammo (including grenades, explosive packs and first-aid kits, activated with the Delete key) and “removed” the slowdown when using the slowdown skill of the Coordinator, which became useless when using the active pause, leaving other skill bonuses. In order for the slowdown to be removed correctly, the skill must be MUST be pumped to the maximum level (you can take it right at the start of the game) and tied to the T key.Then, when the Coordinator skill is turned on, time acceleration is applied, and the slowdown is leveled.

UnStuck.dll – the sweetest and most unpredictable, auto-attack. Parameters are responsible for the possibility of auto-attack. AiAbilities. Initially, the player’s soldiers have parameters OnlyNearCover, CanMelee and HasSpeedAdjust. On the E key, parameters are assigned to all selected agents and intercepted units Shoot, LeaveCover, ScanEnemy, CanMelee and HasSpeedAdjust, allowing you to return fire at the enemy and attack other opponents in sight. Q key assigns initial parameters OnlyNearCover, CanMelee and HasSpeedAdjust, by pressing the F10 key, you can find out what parameters are assigned to the unit now. Unfortunately, auto-attack often works imperfectly, and soldiers do not attack the enemy, but in any case it greatly simplifies micromanagement in battle, which helps a lot in large skirmishes along with a full active pause. Also, pressing the F11 key triggers the original function of this UnStuck mod, which moves the player’s soldiers to a safe place if they are stuck. Has a rollback of 10 minutes.

Installation: unpack the archive, create the Mods folder in the game folder, drop the necessary dlls from the archive into it.

Have a good game.

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