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February 22, 2024
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By Jonny Gamer

ShadowGrounds Survivor: Codes
Shadowgrounds Survivor: Cheat Codes
To Open The Console, Press F8. IN FRONT OF Any Code Insert The Line: “EXTERNINCLUDE DEVELOPER:
Example: Externinclude Developer: GiveStuff

Main – Enable Developer Menu
ClosealRotoDoors – Close All Doors
disableallai – Disable All Artificial Intelligence, Including Enemies and Doors
Enableallai – TURN ON ALL Artificial Intelligence
FullHealth – Full Health
giveallkeys – Get All The Keys
Hidegui – Hide Hud
Stuffed – Invulnerability, Weapons, 9999 Flashlight, 50 Upgrade Parts
SetMissionFailurecounter 1 – Play A Mission
Open_door – Open Locked Door
openallremotedoors – Open All Doors
Quit – Come Out Of The Game
DisableHostileai – Turn Off The Movement of Enemies (The Ability to Shoot Will Remain)
EnableHostileai – Turn on the Movement of Enemies
RELOADSTUFF – Get Ammunition
Showgui – Show Hud
spawn_alienattack – Call Aliens
Loseallkeys – Get Rid of All Keys
SetMissionSuccessCounter 1 – Win a Mission
Immortal – Immortality

The Following Codes Do Not Require The Input “Externinclude Developer:” In Front Of Them:

SetMissionSuccessCounter 1 – Win The Current Mission
SetMissionFailurecounter 1 – PLAY THE CURRENT MISSION
Hidegui – Hide GUI (Interface)
Showgui – Show GUI (Interface)
disableallai – DISABLE AI (AI)
Enableallai – Enable AI (AI)
EnableHostileai – ENEMIES DO NOT MOVE
DisableHostileai – ENEMIES MOVE AGAIN

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