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February 22, 2024
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By Jonny Gamer

Slave Zero: Codes
Slave Zero: Cheat Codes
During The Game, Press T, Then Enter:
/ Goodies – Improved Weapons
I Win – Win A Mission
/ Big Ass – Get Out Of The Game
/ Onass – Throwns The Player Back
/ OUCH – Damage To the Player
/ Wilcox – The Action of this Code IS Unknown
/ Siong – Enable / Disable
/ Mission <Name> – Go to the Mission <Name>
Mission Names:
Credits, Moo_INTRO, MOO_STARTUP, M01_A, M01_B, M02_A, M02_B, M03_A, Moz_v, Moz_s, M04_A, M04_B, M05_A, M05_B, M06_A, M07_A, M07_B, M07_C, M08_A, M08_B, M08_C, M09_A, M09_B, M09_C, M11_A, M11_V, M11_C, M12_A, M12_B, M12_C, M13_A, M13_B, M13_C, M14_A, M14_V, M14_S, M15_A, M15_V, M15_S, MULTI_4_CORNERS, MULTI_ARENA, MULTI_BOXOFUN, MULTI_COMPLEX, MULTI_DELTA_FAB, MULTI_GRUDGE, MATCH, MULTI_HOUSE,
Ofchan, Multi_Junction, Multi_Slayerton, Multi_Streets, Multi _The_Tower, Multi_Tunnels

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