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February 22, 2024
5 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Space Rangers 2: Dominators: Codes
Space Rangers 2: Dominators: Cheat Codes
Codes On Them Are The Same As in the First! I.E:

Title: Cutting Care
Action: Repair All Equipment on the Ship
Call: Fly In The Sun and Dial [SHIFT] + [CTRL] + REPAIR
COST: 40

Title: Dominator Dozen
Action: Increases The Number of Dominators in Each of the Systems Controlled by Them Up to 12 PCS.
Call: [SHIFT] + [Ctrl] + Klissanmax
Cost: 20

Title: Call Beat
Action: Dominator Ships Invade The System from Where the Signal Is Served.
Rules: More Than 20 Detaines in the System Should Not Invade.
Call: [SHIFT] + [Ctrl] + Klissancall
Cost: 20

Name: Lazy Ranger
Action: Ranger Gets 1000 Ranger Glasses
Rules: IF Ranger Has Less Than 1000 Unallocated Points.
Call: While in The Center of the Rangers, Dial [SHIFT] + [CTRL] + RangerPoints
COST: 150

Title: halyava’s title
Action: Ranger Gets The Number of Points Needed to Get The Following Title.
Rules: If The Title IS Less Than The Maximum.
Call: Being at the Military Base, Dial [SHIFT] + [Ctrl] + NextRank
COST: 90

Title: Steep Cannon
Action: A Cool Gun Appears in the Store
Call: Being On The Planet, Dial [SHIFT] + [Ctrl] + Coolweapon
COST: 100

Name: Channel Gun
Action: A Random Gun for 1 CR APPEARS IN THE STORE
Rules: More Than 50 Things In The Store Does Not Appear
Call: Being On The Planet, Dial [SHIFT] + [Ctrl] + LowCostweapon
Cost: 20

Title: Two Bombs
Rules: If there is less than 10 Things in the trunk
Call: While in Space, Dial [SHIFT] + [CTRL] + Bomb
COST: 60

Title: Random Artifact
Action: 1 Random Artifact Appears In The Trunk
Rules: If there is less than 10 Things in the trunk
Call: While in A Hyper, Dial [SHIFT] + [CTRL] + Artefact
COST: 40

Title: Light Money
Action: The Player Has a Cash Amount Increases to 10,000 CR
Challenge: While in Space, On the Planet, In the Store –
Dial [SHIFT] + [Ctrl] + Money
COST: 40

Title: undress
Action: The Ship’s Nearest to the Player Drops All Equipment,
Rules: ON MAKHPELL, THE RULE Does Not Apply.
Call: While in Space, Dial [SHIFT] + [CTRL] + DROP
COST: 60

Title: Packaging
Action: On the Player’s Ship, All Equipment Becomes Less Than 2 Times.
Rules: Corps Remains UnChanged. LESS THAN 1 THING CAN NOT OCCUPY.
Call: While in Space, Dial [SHIFT] + [Ctrl] + Paking
COST: 300

Title: Scientific Gift
Action: Scientists Give Good Dominator Equipment.
Call: Being On a Scientific Database, Dial [SHIFT] + [Ctrl] + KlissanItem
COST: 160

Title: Sell Soul
Action: Pirates Enhance Themselves and Player Maximum Powder Strength
by 10-20 units.
Rules: The Global Attitude of Normal Planets and Ships To
The Player Decreases BY 60%. The Player Becomes a Pirate 100%.
Call: Being At The Pirate Station, Dial [SHIFT] + [Ctrl] + Weaponstrength
COST: 200

Title: Bombing
Action: 10 QUARK BOMBS APPEAR Around The Player AT A Distance of 800-1500.
Call: in space to dial [shift] + [Ctrl] + 10Bomb
COST: 140

Title: New Base
Action: A Random Base Appears In The Player’s System.
Rules: Each Type of Base Should BE 1. More Than Three Bases
In One System Should Not Be.
Call: On the Planet Dial [SHIFT] + [Ctrl] + Rndbase
COST: 30

Title: Open Sector
Action: Early Closed Sector On The Map.
Rules: If Are undiscovered sectors.
Call: Being AT The Pirate Station Dial [SHIFT] + [CTRL] + OpenMapSector
Cost: 20

Title: Big Money
Action: Player Gets An Additional 100,000 Banknotes.
Rules: If The Player Has Less Than 1 Million Credit Cards.
Call: Dial [SHIFT] + [Ctrl] + Hugemoney
COST: 300

Title: Perelegens Surprise
Action: In the store on the planet of the planets from the weapon sold
Radius Doubles!
Rules: The Global Attitude of Normal Planets and Ships To
The Player Decreases BY 50%.
Call: Drink [SHIFT] + [Ctrl] + PelengSurprise
COST: 100

Title: Hyperseyl
Action: The Player’s Body Increases by 30% and is Fully Refined.
Call: Dial in Space [SHIFT] + [Ctrl] + Superhull
COST: 250

Name: Ranger Hatred
Action: All Ships, Absolutely All Begin to Hate the Rangers,
Including Player.
Rules: Rangers Attitude to Each Other and The Attitude of the Planets to
Ranger Remains UnChanged.
Call: Dial in Space [SHIFT] + [Ctrl] + Hateraners
COST: 10

Title: Pirates Invasion
Action: in Each System Belonging to The Forces of the Coalition, Born on the Pirate.
Call: Dial On The Pirate Base [SHIFT] + [Ctrl] + Pirates
Cost: 100V The Beginning of The Game Any Cheat Works, Regardless of How Much Cheat Glasses Need If The Ship Or Equipment Does Not Like It [SHIFT] + [Ctrl] + Hugemoney, and if you have version 1.6 OR HIGHER, THERE ARE STILL MANY CODES:

Vertix – Are Given Five Light Vertices;
Device – The Complete Set of Steep Equipment Is Given;
ARTS – ALL Artifacts Are Given;
Module – All Micromoduli Are Given;
Skill – All Skills at Maximum;
Program – Gives ALL PROGRAMS FOR 100 PIECES;
Illness – The Player Is Ill With All Deseases;
Stimulant – The Player Is Running All Stimulants;
Ideal – The Player’s Case Becomes Perfect;
ShowMap – OpenS The Entire Map;
Medal – Gives all the Medals That Are Not Yet;
Horror – includes terrible dominants;
Nightmare – Includes Nightmare Detainers;
Hell – Includes Hellish Dominators;
TECHNIC – Equipment Stops Breaking;
Ammo – Endless Ammunition, Fuel and Lack of Reloading Weapons In The Hyper;

THEY ARE ALSO WRITTEN AS THE USUAL [SHIFT] + [CTRL] + Cheat, But for the Owners of these Versions, Cheat – Glasses Are Not Needed.

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