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March 23, 2020
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By Jonny Gamer

Splinter Cell: Cheat Codes

Calling the F2 or TAB console from anyone like

Splinter Cell: Cheat Codes Free Download

All items and weapons that can be picked up and used

Summon EchelonIngredient.eF2000

Summon EchelonIngredient.eAmmoF2000

Summon EchelonIngredient.eFn7

Summon EchelonIngredient.eAmmoFn7

Summon EchelonIngredient.eRingAirFoilRound

Summon EchelonIngredient.eStickyShocker

Summon EchelonIngredient.eStickyCamera

Summon EchelonIngredient.eDiversionCamera

Summon EchelonIngredient.eSmokeGrenade

Summon EchelonIngredient.eFragGrenade

Summon EchelonIngredient.eWallMine

Summon EchelonIngredient.eDisposablePick

Summon EchelonIngredient.eLockPick

Summon EchelonIngredient.eLaserMic

Summon EchelonIngredient.eCameraJammer

Summon EchelonIngredient.eOpticCable

Summon EchelonIngredient.eFlare

Summon EchelonIngredient.eChemFlare

Summon EchelonIngredient.eNightGoggle

Summon EchelonIngredient.eThermalGoggle

Summon EchelonIngredient.eMedKit

Summon EchelonIngredient.eAmmo


Mission Objects

Summon EchelonIngredient.eBreakerBoxMTown

Summon EchelonIngredient.eBriefCase

Summon EchelonIngredient.eGenerator

Summon EchelonIngredient.eRappelingObject

Summon EchelonIngredient.eRetinalSafe

Summon EchelonIngredient.eRetinalScanner

Summon EchelonGameObject.eBallBasket

Summon EchelonGameObject.eCanCoke

Summon EchelonGameObject.eKolaVodka


invincible 1

invincible 0



invisible 1

invisible 0




playersonly 1

playersonly 0


Stat FPS

open? restart

open map

Entra? Nement: 0_0_2_Training

Poste de Police de Tbilisi: 1_1_0Tbilisi

Minist? Re de la D? Fense: 1_2_1DefenseMinistry

Raffinerie P? Troli? Re: 1_3_2CaspianOilRefinery

Quartier G? N? Ral de la CIA: 2_1_0CIA

Kalinatek: 2_2_1_Kalinatek

Ambassade de Chine: 4_1_1ChineseEmbassady

Abattoir: 4_2_1_Abattoir

Ambassade de Chine # 2: 4_3_0ChineseEmbassady

R? Sidence Pr? Sidentielle: 5_1_1_PresidentialPalace


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