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November 10, 2020
2 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

The Dark Eye: Demonicon: Cheat (Sale)

Game archives are unpacked using the script by Aluigi for quickbms.exe

The Dark Eye: Demonicon: Cheat (Sale) Free Download

The game engine easily loads unpacked files, so you can do something of your own with the game.

What the cheat does.
All merchants have changed their inventory. Now you can buy all the items from the game, namely 431 items, from any merchant. Except for quest items. I did not put the quest items on purpose, since it is possible to break something, but this is not a fact. So if you want to experiment, you can add quest items to merchants yourself. The archive has a complete list of items.

I have not changed the cost of the items, although it can be done. Well, it’s just quicker to read a lot of money with the help of a trainer and not sweat it.

Drop the trade_traderinit_tables.lua file from the archive into the game \ data \ lua folder, and start a new game. The game will load everything itself.

If you have already started the game without a mod and want to install it, then in this case there is such a moment. If you have already talked to the merchant, his inventory at the checkpoint will be saved and cannot be changed. So either look for a merchant you haven’t talked to yet, or boot from a previous checkpoint where you haven’t talked to that merchant yet. Yes I know saving in this game is a complete mess.

by Liori

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