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February 22, 2024
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By Jonny Gamer

Thief: Codes
Thief: Cheat Codes
Codes for Safes


Chapter 1. Blockade
Safe # 1
Location: Basement of Laigruva Jewelry Shop
Combination: 7-3-9
Jewelry: In The Safe Is Stored One of the Unique Trophies – Mask With Laigruva Jewels.
How to get a: The Safe Is Located Behind The Painting In The Basement Of The Jeweler’s House. The Cipher From Him Is In The Letter Laigruva, Which Lies Right There, On the Side, In The Writing Desk. We Read A Letter and Find Out The Happy Set of Numbers.

Chapter 2. Dust to Parah
Safe # 2
Location: Secret Room In The Production Shop of the Foundry Plant
Combination: 3-1-4
Jewelry: In The Safe Is Hidden Another Unique Trophy – The Soul Of A Mechanical Man.
How to get a: IN ONE OF THE CORRIDORS OF THE PRODUCTION WORKSHOP, GARRETT WILL BECOME A RANDOM WITNES TO THE CONVERSATION OF TWO GUARDS. One Will Grumble That The Slaughterhouse Service Is Better Than here, And The Second Will Call A Comrade With Him, For He Found Something Really Interesting. THEN GUARDS WILL GO SOMEWHERE ALONG THE CORRIDOR, AND THE MASTER THIEF WILL BE ABLE TO TRACE THEM. The Soldiers Will Bring It To the Boarding Door, Behind Which There Is Still Some Kind of Room. In That Room There Are Safe and Cipher to IT.
How to Get To the Secret Room
Via The Door Is Impossible, IT IS Clipped. We Will Rise On The Stairs to the Left of the Door and Jump Through the Railing Down. LANDMARK: Red Emergency Lantern Over Technical Lase.

Safe # 3
Location: General Cabinet On Foundry Factory
Combination: Arms Baron North Crest
Jewelry: In The Safe There Is A Ring Of Cornelius – A Quest Item (Client Trophy), As Well AS Three Handful of Coins Totaling 45 Coins.
How to get a: This Safe, “Non-Aggravated Wardrobe”, Is a Quest, and with the need to open it at the ver end of the chapter.

Chapter 3. Dirty Secrets
Safe # 4
Location: Personal Chambers Xiao-Xiao Brothel
Combination: 5-7-3
Jewelry: In The Safe There Are A Necklace 50 Coins and Pocket Watches 20 Coins.
How to get a: Fuck Madame. Safe Is Embedded in The Wall Opposite to the Entrance to the room. IT IS PROTECTED by A Trap, Access to the Protection System Is To the Right of the Safe. The Correct Code Combination Will Learn From Documents “Koyla Combination”, “List of Constellations” and “Finding A Combination”. The First of Them Will Indicate The Constellation Mr. Koila (Crown), In The Second – The Code CorreSponding to this constellation, 5-7-3.
How to Find Documents
One. Note “Koyla Combination” Lies in the Dresser Near Baron’s Bust in One of the Top Floor of the House of Tolerance.
2. “LIST OF CONSTELLATIONS” Also Located on The Second Floor of the Institution, Not Far from the Ext Document. IT Lies Opposite The Stairs on The Round Table, Over Which The Cell With a Bird Hangs and Near Which The Guard Tramples.
3. “Finding a Combination” IT Will Be Found in The Room Before The Rest of Madame Xiao-Xiao, On the table with a bright Burning Lamp and a Printed Machine. The Document Hints That In The Rest Of Madam There Is A Safe With The Property Of A Certain MR. By The Surname Koyyl.

Chapter 4. Friend in Trouble
Safe Number 5: Big Safe
Location: FORTRESS
Combination: First (left) Combination – 3-1-9, Second (Right) Combination – 0-1-8
Jewelry: Stone Fragment Primali and a Series of Hallucinations.
How to get a: – The Code from The Big Safe Will Automatically Be Added To Section Documents The Character Menu After You Are In A Rush to Leave a Viewing Mansion – Thirty.Eleven.98.

Chapter 5. Oligated
Safe # 6
Combination: 7-3-1
Jewelry: Wedding Ring Serendi With Ivory, Microscope 30 Coins, Seal of the Guard 20 Coins and 1-On Explosive Arrow.
How to get a: –
How to Open A Safe
THERE ARE TWO TIPS WITH THE SAFE CODE. One Lies in the Note “Knock in Pipes”. For the Note, This Far Does Not Have To Go. She Lies in A Box Of A Locker Standing Near The Safe. Yes, And the problem Pipes Themselves Are Right There, in the Operating Room.
READ THE NOTE OF DR. Hantfield. Listen to the Rhythmic Claws Distributed in the Room. IT IS NOT AT ALL Chaotic. Consider Clasons, And You Will Learn A Code Combination, Unlocking Safe

Chapter 6. Lone
Safe # 7
Combination: 8-8-9
Jewelry: The Safe Ring of Serendi with Sapphires and Baron Bust 60 Coins Are Stored In The Safe.
How to get a: Note With A Code Combination with One of the Guards Patrolling The First Floor of the Library and Only After That Go To the Ruest Room. To Get Into This Room Is The Easiest Way Through the Ventilation Grille from the Pantry Adjacent to IT.
How to Pick Up a Note With the Code
The Guard of Interest Is One Of Those Two Officers In The Library That Do Not Depart from the Table.

Safe # 8
Location: On the Second Floor Captured by Closed Mansion, Indoors Leading to the Solemn Room.
Combination: 0-1-7
Jewelry: In The Safe Is Lying – Printing Of The Guard 20 Coins, Vessel 35 Coins and 2 Guarantees for 20 Coins Each.
How to get a: ON THE SECOND FLOOR NORTH CREST MANSION. In The Room Adjacent To the Hall, Garrett Will Meet a Fanatic Trying to Hack Safe.
Paper With A Code from the Safe
In The Room with A Safe on Wooden Structures, We Climb Under The Ceiling and Then On The Cornices – Ventkorobam, We Choose The Nearest Corridor. Cross It Under The Ceiling, Then We Climb Into The Air Duct and Turn Right. THERE WILL BE A NOTE IN A DEADLOCK “LIST OF WORKS”, AND IT WILL BE INDICATED by The Code from the Safe.

Chapter 7. Secret City
Safe # 9
Location: Boot Docks
Combination: 6-7-3
Jewelry: In The Safe Itself There Are Five Guarantees for 20 Coins Each. Total: 100 coins.
How to get a: The Safe Is Located in The Flooding Of The Loading Docks, And The Tip Relative to the Code Combination Opening IT IS IN A NEARBY MINE.
How to Find
Caught Not Long Tunnels of Loading Docks “The First After Descent On the Elevator from the Cathedral”, We Turn Out Again in The Main Miner, But Now The Tier Is Higher. ALMOST NEXT TO THE WALL. Up and Understand That We Need To Get To the Level. With Whatever Parties, We Hit The Desired Level, We Go Straight, And The First Opportunity to Left Again, In The Yarn With a Safe.
Leave An Extraction WITH A SAFE AND MOVE RIGHT. Get Out of IT, Ahead And On The Left Will See The Place Where We Will Need to Jump Down The “Blue Round GRIL”. If You Look Down From WHERE THE PLACE WHERE WILL GO DOWN, THE NOTE WILL BE LOWER AND LEFT, NOT FAR FROM THE LUMINOUUS MACOPODITIVE PLANTS.
Order Basso “Beauty Inside”
Safe # 1
Location: Living Room in Miss Scarlett House
Combination: 8-2-4
Jewelry: Wallet With 20 Coins and Manual Mirror Miss Scarlett.
How to get a: Miss Scarlett Lives on the Square Tower Square (HER HOUSE IS ADJACENT TO THE TOWER). Once You AGREE TO FULFILL THE ORDER OF BASSO “BEAUTY INSIDE” (Will Be Available After Passing Chapter 1 of the Main Storyline), Residential Scarlett Will Appear On The Map. ABOUT WHERE THE CODE IS RECORDED TO THE SAFE, LEARN FROM THE DIARY. IT TURNS OUT THAT SCARLETT SCRATCHED IT ON INSIDE WALL OF THE CABINET STANDING OPPOSITE THE SAFE. Safe ItSelf Is Hidden Behind The Picture.
Miss Scarlett’s Diary Lies On Her Bedside End, And The Cabinet Costs Accurate Near The Window Through Which We Get to the The Apartment.
The Cabinet Stands in Front Of The Picture Hiding In The Safe, And the code is Scaled on Its Right Inner Wall.

Order Vittor “Gourmet”
Safe # 2
Location: Basement in The Collector’s House
Combination: 8-1-2
Jewelry: Quest Trophy
How to get a: The Collector Lives In The Southern Quarter, Near the Collar Leading to StoneMarket. Once You AGREE TO FULFILL THE ORDER OF VITTOR “GOURMET” (Will Be Available After Passing Chapter 4 of the Main Storyline). Safe / Storage Room, Is Located in a Semi-Base Room Near the House, to Get Into Which You Can Only From the Street. Safe Digital Discs Are Hidden Behind The Picture Hanging Opposite Themselves, SUBTURCE TO THE ROOM, AND THEMSELVES, SUBTUT TO A PROPERLY DIAED COMBINATION, MOVE TO SIDE OF THE NEARBY WINE CLOSET, OPENING ACCESS TO THE DOOR TO THE STORAGE. The Code From This Storage IS Calculated on the Basis of Two Documents That Will Meet In The House: “Diary of Servants” and “Last Will and Testament”.

Basso Order “Course Board”
Safe # 3
Location: Basement at home Archie Maxwell
Combination: 7-7-6
Jewelry: Necklace 15 Coins, Notes Archie Maxwell and A Chess Horse Basso, for Which, Actually, We Were In This House.
How to get a: Archie Maxwell Lives in Mornership. Once You AGREE TO FULFILL THE ORDER OF BASSO “STROKE KONIE” (Will Be Available After Passing Chapter 5 of the Main Storyline). ONCE IN THE BASEMENT, YOU CAN EASILY FIND A SAFE, BECAUSE THE CANDES ARE BURNING NEAR HIM (THERE IS A VOBUSHKA)". The Code from the Safe Is Recorded in the Archie Maxwell Diary (Room on the Second Floor WHERE You Made Your Way Into The House). Of the Two Combinations Mentioned in the Diary, Correct 7-7-6.

Mission “Bank Robbery”
Safe # 4
Location: First Floor of the Bank
Combination: 6-3-2
Jewelry: Necklace “Star of Oldale” and The Golden Watch of the Former Bank Managing
How to get a: The “Bank Robbery” Mission Is Purchased As a Separate DLC for a Fee. The Main Storage IS Located on The First Floor of the Bank. A Checkpoint Marker Will Lead You to Him. Find A Huge Round Door Leading to IT IS NOT A PROBLEM. IT is more different to choose the correct code combination to it.
How to Choose The Code from the Bank Repository
You Need to Familiarize Yourself With the Two Documents: “REPORT ON THE REPAIR OF THE REPOSITORY” AND “LETTER MAUNDERS”. The First Document Is On The First Floor of the Bank, In The Box of a Written Table, Near Which The Employee Stands. From It, We Learn That The Second of Three Sets Recently Recently Replaced and ReplaceD 8 to 3. SECOND DIGIT IN COMBINATION – 3.
“Letter Maunders” Lies on the Bookshelf in the Side Room on the Second Floor. IT Will Become Clear From It That Before Second Dialing Disk Code from The Repository WAS 682.
Another Way to Find Out The Code From the repository – Open The Cell 7 in the external storage. THERE WILL BE A NOTE WITH THE CIPHER: “68…(The Last Digit Is Not Read) “.

Southern Quarter, Baron Avenue
Safe # 1
Location: House on Baron Avenue Near Dock
Combination: 8-4-2
Jewelry: Necklace 50 Coins, Earrings 25 Coins.
How to get a: One of His Facade of the House of Interest to US Goes to Baron Avenue, And The Customs Bridge. IT Is Enough To Climb The Cornice At Home On The CONTRARY AND SNEAKING, JUMP OVER THE STREET. Safe ItSelf Is In The Depths of The Apartment Behind the Cabinet. THE MOST DIFFICULT SAVE IN THE SEARCHES Apartment, Where You Just Got, IS A Dwelling Of Patient Willy. INDITION TO THESE Apartments, He Has Another House – In Version Row in Stunmarket. IT IS There That Is Worth Searching A Combination. To Get to Willie in the StoneMarket, You Will Have to Agree to Fulfill The Order of Basso “Patient Willy”. AS SOON AS You Take The Order (Will Be Available After Passing Chapter 1 of the Main Storyline), Residential “Klin” Immediately Appears on His Map. From The Note, Removed from the Corpse of Willy, And The Newspaper Will Become Clear Code for the Safe.
The Note
DURING THE EXECTION OF THE BASSO ORDER, YOU WILL FACE THE BODIES OF THE OWNER. Document Will Be Detected With It, “Magazine of Patient Willy”, Of Which It Becomes Clear That He Has Problems With Ugred – A Gang, Industrially As Close to the Southern Quarter, Which Also Has a Safe Somewhere and That Code for the Current Year.
This Year to Know Easier Simply – LOOK IN THE NEWSPAPER LYING ON THE TABLE IN THE SAME APARTMENT – 842 G. Board North Crestovs.

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