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April 29, 2020
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Total War: Attila: Cheat (Public Order Rebalancing) Free Download

I reworked the public order penalty for many buildings and turned them happiness, buildings certainly still give squalor penalties as they should …. but the last time I checked one should be happy that you have a crop on the field for providing food on your belly, or that you have a market to buy wine and get drunk, so the mod reflects that it makes sense …. as opposed to ka.

Those that stand outside buildings with tannary, wine, gold (some exceptions, I will explain later), spices, everything else gives a very small default public bonus, which increases by 1 each level up to a maximum of 3 in LV IV. The rest go in 2 for the most part, but end up maxing around 6 for the most part (with a few exceptions, I won’t go into details, it’s boring after hearing the explanation)

Bonuses are small reason 1. hello! this is an update from punishment, so, not ♥♥♥♥♥ … and 2. if too large, then they would imbalance the game and you would have too much public order when you add actual public order to buildings oriented on top that.

Some buildings were left as they are, with a negative social order like quarries, mines or gold mines, etc. … this is an idea, and a jeweler (from gold) to make people happy and produce gold, as well as mine on the other side or into a quarry, mine or lead, or W. e may cause damage to the surroundings, but this line of thought does not apply to all, some buildings, which would cause noise because of them is somehow related to industry or forging at the same time people saw the point in the fact that weapons or stock up on armor and weapons, so they are ready to put from the forge if it means increased security … things like,

Anyway, farms that I had a big problem with one you are all the most interesting anyway, sicne you want that badly needed food and just focus on building a sewer building or two to balance it without worrying about some nonesensical public order of foreclosure, so this mod covers that.


1. Install in the data folder

2. Activate in the mod manager

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