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October 30, 2020
2 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Unreal Tournament 2003: Cheat Codes (English)

Press [`] in game to bring down the console, or press TAB for the quick console.

Unreal Tournament 2003: Cheat Codes (English) Free Download

Then type one of the following commands:

Cycle the camera through the viewable bots

AllAmmoFull ammo on all possessed weapons
AllweaponsGive all weapons
AmphibiousUnderwater breathing
AvatarPossess a pawn of the given class
CauseEventTrigger the given event
ChangesizeChange the player size by factor # (i.e. 0.25 or 2.0)
CheatViewToggle to view to the given actor
FlyFly mode
FreeCameraDelink the camera rotation from the actor
FreezeFramePause the game for the given duration
GhostWalk through walls
GodToggle God Mode
InvisibleTurn inivisibility on or off (true / false)
JumpMatchJump to a specific match on the ladder, where is a number. For example 43 for ladder 4, rung 3
KillAllKill everything of the given class, i.e. KillAll Pawn
KillAllPawnsKill all pawns of the given class
KillPawnsKill all actor pawns except the player
KillViewedActorKill the actor the camera is currently viewing. Do NOT kill yourself! (Game will get stuck)
ListDynamicActorsOutput all dynamic actors to the log file
LoadedGive all weapons and full amo on them (combo of allammo and allweapons)
LockCameraToggle locking the camera in its current position
LogSciptedSequencesToggle logging for all scripted sequences
PlayersOnlyToggle the level to a players only level
ReviewJumpSpotsTest jumping, the parameter can be ‘Transloc’, ‘Jump’, ‘Combo’ or ‘LowGrav’.
SetCameraDistSet the distance the camera has from its target
SetFlashSet the duration a screen flash takes to fade away
SetFogBSet blue color component of fog
SetFogGSet green color component of fog
SetFogRSet red color component of fog
SetGravityChange gravitional pull
SetJumpZChange jump height
SetSpeedMutiply the Player water and ground speed with the given value
SkipMatchWin the current match and advance on the ladder
SummonSummon the given object
TeleportTeleport to where your crosshair is pointing
ViewActorChange the camera view to the given actor
ViewClassChange the camera view to the given class
ViewFlagView the actor current carrying the flag
ViewPlayerChange the camera view to the given player
ViewSelfReset the camera to view the player (true to be quiet, false to have sound)
WalkReturn walking to normal
WriteToLogWrite the string ‘NOW!’ to the game log

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