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February 22, 2024
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By Jonny Gamer

Velvet Assassin: Codes
Velvet Assassin: Cheat Codes
During The Game, Hold The [Ctrl] + [SHIFT] + [O] + [E] Key, and then Press The [H] Key to Activate the “Developer” Mode. NOW YOU CAN USE THE FOLLOWING KEYS TO ACTIVATE CHEATS:

G – God’s Mode
V – Switch Visibility
M – Maximum Armor
N – Maximum Ammunition for Selected Weapons
1 – Get The Next Rifle
2 – Get The Next Gun
5 – Get a Gas Mask
6 – Get a Blow
7 – Increase Characteristics
8 – Add 1000 Units of Experience
9 – Get Morphine
X – Flight Mode

Find The File difficulty.CFG (by Default, Folder Velvet Assassin \ Aio \) and Open It Notepad. In IT You Can Change The Desired Indicators for Your Needs, For example:

Npcdamage = 1


Npcdamage = 0

For Invulnerability of Heroine. You Can Also Edit Other Files In The Folder, For example Weapons.CFG, IN ORDER TO DIVERSIFY THE GAME.

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