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August 4, 2020
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Cheat Engine v 6.4 table for game version 2.0

Victor Vran: Table for the Cheat Engine Free Download


1: You can only activate codes one at a time! Because most of everything is located at one address!

2: After activating the codes, you must turn them off immediately (in order to avoid crashes of glitches and other dirty tricks).

And be sure to activate ClassSearch from the first to activate the codes, otherwise nothing will work!!!

We start the program, then the game, if the character is created, we minimize the game, find the process in the program and click on the ClassSearch square and the table should be activated. We expand the game and start playing.

We went into the game as a Persian, we click Huge Health, we go into the game, we get 250,000 health and be sure to turn it off and immediately turn it off (after we made sure that the cheat worked).

Next, we do the maximum damage to the weapon: go to the inventory, turn off the game, press Weapon Damage, go into the game, move the cursor over the weapon and get the result. Turn off the game turn off the cheat.

Fast reloading of weapon abilities: While in the inventor, activate the Fast Fight cheat, remove and re-equip the weapon, disable the cheat! The same principle applies to bombs and potions.!

Enjoy your game everyone!!!

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