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February 22, 2024
2 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Wages of War: Codes


Blood Money: Toggles Cheat Mode On and Off.
Adjectives: Gives All Weapons, Ammo, Equipment, Special Objects and Maxes Stats.
911: Gives The Current Merc Ten First Aid Kits.
Bang: Activates All Objects Activates All Objects.
Bill: Gives All Weapons, Equipment, and Special Objects.
Deadman: Kills All Enemies Instantly.
Elbow Room: Gives 999 Action Points To the Current Merc.
Explode: Activates all the Destroy Links of All Objects.
Fill Magazine: Gives Abdul’s Magazine Two Of Everything.
Hour: Adds One Hour to the Game Time.
Liberty: Gives All Weapons and Maximum Stats to the Current Merc.
Mmin: Adds Five Minutes to the Mission Time.
Mortal: Changes The Current Merc’s Stats To That Of An Average Level Merc.
Noun: Increases The Current Merc’s Health to Maximum.
Oh Boys: Changes The Clowns Back Into Normal Mercs.
Oh Darn: Launches One Hundred Random Mortar Rounds Onto The Map.
Send in the clowns: Changes Wages of War To a Clown Motif.
Set Mine: Places A Mine At The Current Merc’s Position.
Smoke: Gives The Current Merc Twenty Five Smoke Grenades.
Stats: Increases The Current Merc’s Stats To Maximum.
Timers: Gives The Current Merc Ten Satchel Charges and Ten Timers.
Verb: Gives One Clip of All Ammo Types to the Current Merc.

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