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February 22, 2024
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By Jonny Gamer

Wargames: Codes
Wargames: Cheat Codes
These Codes Are Available in A Single Game Mode. To Enter The Code, Press ‘T’ And Type It OR Press The F1 Key….F4.

Eyeofgod – Includes An Additional Level Of Increase In The Low-Class Machines;
SaladTossed – Select Level (You Will Have to Go to the Load Screen After and Do That Ctrl H / W Thing);
TwoByfour – Build Units (for example: TwoByfour Dragoon);
Hermes – Increase the Speed ​​of Building Buildings;
Donkeys – Jeeps Fly Instead of Missiles;
MorningAfter – Remove The Fog of War;
Gimmiegimmie – Allows You to Build Any Buildings, Not Even Having A Command Center;
Unclejohn – God’s Mode;
CHACHING – 10 THOUUSAND CASH IS Added After Each Code Input;
Mrmuscle – Increase Protection Power;
Coffee – An Increase In Your Speed;
Beer Is a Decrease in ENEMY SPEED;
Shaft – Increase The Strength of The Shot;
Shahank – Reduce Enemy Shots;

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