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February 22, 2024
2 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Warhammer: Dark Omen: Codes
Warhammer: Dark Omen: Cheat Codes
Print The Following Code on The Main Game Screen. If The Code Works, You Will Hear The Sound.

Fudgeislush = Includes The ‘Troop Roster’ Series Codes
Afterter That, You Can Use The Following Secret Shortcuts of the Keys:

Ctrl-C-G = Gives You 1000 GC Cash
Ctrl-C-T = Takes 1000 GC Cash
Ctrl-C-E = Increases The Experience of The Chosen Unit
Ctrl-C-U = Makes The Selected Unit Invulnerable in Battle.

dontmessWithme = includes book Codes:

Ctrl-C-M = Gives All Magic Things
Ctrl-C-F = Gives All Units Full XP.

Bringemon = Includes The Codes of the ‘In Battle’ Series (Combat)

PRESS CTRL TO HIGHLIGHT ENEMY UNITS. You Can Shoot Enemy Rockets and Crawl Enemy Spells. During The Shooting – It Will Give 100% Of The Accuracy of the Hits.
To Increase The Level Of Magic, Press The W Key.

OverbyChristmas = Enable Extended Combat Codes.
Aftert That, When You Press The F12 Key, You Will Win The Mission (Click – 1 or 2 Times).
(Make Sure You Have Not Used Other Combat Codes, Otherwise You Can Lose The Game – IT Will Hang.)

SMEGHEAD = Make Head Characters Small
BlackMarket = Makes Magic Things Unlimited Available in Multiplayer Mode
Bennyhill = Mode "Quick Boy": Computer Will Calculate The Winner Himself.
Youandi = View Rollers That Are SHOWN Between Missions

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