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February 22, 2024
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X-Files: The Game: Codes
X-Files: The Game: Cheat Codes
Seattle, Washington:. Agents Mulder and Scully Drive Up to A Warehouse Near Seattle. Without Unnecessary Labor Mulder Opens The Door, And The Enter Inside. FOX FINDSIBLE POWDER (OR IT IS A SIMPLE LAND?). HERE THE DOOR OF THE WAREHOUSE WILL BREAK INTO THE WAREHOUSE, SHOOTING, RUN THREE PEOPLE FROM THE NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY (NSA). Scully Wounded in The Shoulder, Mulder Barely Time to Grab IT and Hide From the Fire for Drawers. Suddenly by A Bright Flash of Light, People Shout, And Then Everything Because Of The Boxes Looking At The Side Where Shere Shooting, His Eyes Look Surprised Something and He Lowers A Gun. "Secret Materials".

Starring: David Spiritual and Gillian Anderson. Creator Chris Carter. True Somewhere There: So, You – Agent FBI, Craig Willmore. You Come To Work, In The District Office of the FBI, in Seattle. From Your Office Comes Out Your Partner, Agent Cook to Say Hello To You. He Tells You That Some Important Bump From Washington Arrived Here. He Should Answer Soon in A Fun or Childlike Form. I Do Not Advise To Be Indifferent, As It Can Buy Your Relationship For a While. Partner Left, NOW Go to Your Office. Look at the Walls. Pay Attention To The Board WHERE THE PAPER SHEET HANGS OF THE HANDS OF YOUR DAUGHTER ELIZABETH PAINTED. LOOK IN THE UPPER LEFT CORNER OF THE BOARD. REMEMBER HOW THE WORD SHILOH IS WRITTEN. Remove A Gun, Handcuffs and An FBI Icon From The Drawer. Sound Phone.

Take the Tube. Yeah, The Head, The Armixes of Shanks, Wants To See You in His Office. WELL, Leave The Cabinet, Go to the ROOM IS Brand Cook. You can Talk to Him, About Who Came from the Capital. IT TURNS OUT THAN THIS IS NONE OTHER THAN THE DEPUTY DIRECTOR SKINNER. WELL WELL:.Cabinet of Shanks Is Opposite Cook Cabinet, Just Need To Turn Left. Come and Sit Down. Talk to Skinner About Everything. His Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully Disappeared, and He Wants You to Find Them Whole and Unharmed. Talk to Shanksmos. He Will Tell You That You Have to Convey Your Investigations Brand. Go to Your Office Take Off The Paper Table (Sometimes a letter from Parents Appears On the Table, You Can Read it), Play with the Adhesive Tape, Look AT The Cup. Go to the Partner’s Office, Talk to Him About Everything and Pass The Paper to Him. At the output from the office you Will Meet Skinner, He Will Wait for You in The Car So That You Go to Everett, in the Motel Where Agents Stopped. NOW GO TO THE MEETING ROOM, OPEN THE BOX AT THE ENTRANCE, WITH THE INSRIFTION "Only for Agents" And Get Out of the Here All Objects (Lantern, Night Vision Glasses, Binoculars, Digital Camera, Package for Evidence, Lock). Take Your Mini Computer (Newton Message Pad), Check Mail (E-mail), Delete Messages if you want.

Go to everett. SO, You and Skinner Come to Comiti Inn. Before Talking to Motel’s Mistress, Turn Left. You Will See A Little Girl With Mom. Talk to My Mother, Talk To the Girl. Wonderful Scene, Is Not True? WELL, NOW TO THE CASE. Show The Hostess Motel Icon, Otherwise She Does Not Want To Talk To You. Ask Her All Questions, Ask You to Spend You in Mulder and Scully’s Rooms. Now You are in Mulder’s Room. Look At What a Mess! Pistachios Are Scattered, Documents Are Crushed On The Bed, Orange Juice Will Not. Watch Reports on the Bed. ESPECIALLY PAY Attention To The Nested Sheet. Watch The Newspaper on the Bedside Table. Go to the Scully Room and Unfold. Take The Laptop Scully. Try to work with him. Go Back to Mulder’s Room and Look At the Bedside Table. Take a Book, Polyce Her. Start. Talk to Skinner. None of His Passwords Approaches The Scully Laptop. Offer Him to See The List of Outgoing Calls. HE AGREES WITH YOU. RETURN TO THE HOSTESS OF THE MOTEL AND ASK HER ALL QUESTISS. Give Her a Book Mulder. Note The Phone Icon In The Upper Left Corner. Click On The Face of The Concierge). She Will Give You An Invoice for Telephone Services for Mulder and Scully. Call The Phone In Washington, Only Before Washington Code, ENTER THE UNIT. Oh, That Someone Scully Called!

Phone in Seattle Remember or Write Down. Head to Office. Sit Down. Enter Your Name (Craig Willmore) and Password (Favorite Battle In The Civil War – Shiloh). ENTER THE SEARCH ENGINE. ENTER THE PHONE ON WHICH SCULLY AND MULDER CALLED IN SEATTLE. YES YES, THAT SAME WAREHOUSE. Play with A Sticky Ribbon Again. From Cabinet. Drive to the Warehouse. Hack The Lock On The Goal With the Launder and Log in to the Warehouse. INSPECT THE HALL. Pretty Empty. Find Boxes, Inspect Them. We Need To Open Them and For This You Need to Find Scrap. Nothing We Find. NOW TURN TO THE OPPOSITE DOOR OF THE WALL. Go Through A Few Steps Forward.: In General, Find A Pillar In Which A Bullet Stuck. Look AT HER Closer. Take a Package for Evidence (Evidence Kit), and affect the bullet. Now Look Down. Blood Stain! Impact it WITH A PACKAGE FOR EVIDENCE (HEREINAFTER REFERRED TO AS PD). Skinner Has Already Been Drowned. NOW FIND A CIGARETTE. She Is Somewhere To The Right Of You, In The Depths of the Hall. Found? Mark What? "Morley" CERTAINLY! NOW GO TO THE ROOM WHERE SKINNER IS. Find The Staircase Next To the Drawer and Scattered Papers. Turn on the Lantern and Go ahead.

ENTER THE ROOM WITH ALL GARBAGE. Find A Drawer In The Dark, There IS A Nail. Take IT and Descend Back. Find These Boxes Again and Apply On Them. Collect Powder in PD. GO Back to the Skinner and Talk to Him About Everything, Including the Collected Objects. Get Out Of The Warehouse and Go to the Water. Go Down, Where The Fisherman Moored, Whose Name Is James Wong. Show Him An Icon, Talk to Him About Everything. NOW RETURN TO THE CAR. Skinner Noticed That You Follow. Try to Approach The Black Car. Of Course, She Quickly Left. Try to Try To Photo Product Her Number, Although IT IS Not Necessary. Drive to the Litigation Laboratory. Talk to John about everything. Give Him Things Found in Stock. REMEMBER THE BULLET CALIBER. Blood Will Have To Give Analysis To Washington. And The Powder in the Boxes Were Lead. WELL, YOU Any Guesesses? NOW Go to the Office. Go to Meetings for Meetings. Talk to Skinner. AS Soon As You Discuss All the Questions with Him, Schnex Will Come and Call Skinner to the Phone. Skinner Should Go to Washington. So Far, Skinnie!

And You Go to Your Office and Sit at the Table. Mark Will Come. I Prefer to Mock Him, and Not Give A Laptop. Put The Laptop In The Closet Next To the Cabinet of Shanks. Call The Department of Computer Crimes, But Thera Is Now Repairing Voicemail, So While The Laptop Does Not Get Get It. Use Shanks in the Future Like Assistant. Talk to Him. He Will Look At Your Notes and Tell You If You Forgot Something. GO TO THE WAREHOUSE. Night Has Come. AND SOME MACHINE APPROOGING THE WAREHOUSE. Isn’t That What Followed By You? Wait Until The People Leave The Drawer from the Car and Close the Warehouse Door. Get Out Of Shelter. Go to the Second Entrance To the Warehouse, From the Pier. Hack The Lock and Log In. Do Not Turn On The Lantern. Find Passage Forward, Turn Left and Pass to the Main Hall. Watch People and Do Not Attach (Do Not Light The Lantern, Do Not Get A Gun, Do Not Take Pictures and.). Wait Until The LEAVE. Look At The Hatch in the Floor. Something The LEFT There:. RETURN TO YOUR CAR. Go Home To Sleep. Morning:. Drive to the Warehouse. Someone Killed. Show Your Police Icon and Enter. Look at the Corpse. Poor Wong. Look At The Cigarette Next To Him. Wong Is Not Smoking, "Will Be Cancer", REMEMBER? SO This Is A Cigarette Of Another Person:. And brand cigarettes? Again "Morley"! WELL, THERE ARE GUESSES?

IT Sems That The Chinese Were Killed Because Of You: Sorry. Talk to Detectives. THEY WILL TELL YOU SO THAT YOU TALKED WITH A DETECTIVE ASTADORIAN. Oh Yeah It’s a Girl? Talk to Mary. Just Do Not Begin The Conversation with the Fact That You Talked With Him Yesterday, But You Will Be The First Suspect. Better Tell Me That You Are Investigating The Missing FBI Agents. Go On Wong Ship, titled "Agrippa". Look at the Canisters Below.Go to the Cabin. LOOK ALL, AND MOST Importantly, Find the Locker on the Right. Open It, Take Tablets. UNFOLD AND INSPECT THE YELLOW JUMPSUIT. Get Out Of The Cabin. Talk to Astadorian ABOUT EVERYTHING THAT FOUND AND NOT ONLY. Go Down From The Boat. Corpse Take Into The Morgue. Then Look and There J . THE OWNER OF HARBOR COMES. Interrogate IT. I first Thought That He Killed Wong. But It’s not. He Will Tell You ABOUT "Cockroach" (Ship Name). Fix there. Looks Like The Ship Burned, But Somehow Unusual. This Will Learn from the first conversation on the pier. Look AT The Top. Look At The Shadow on the Second Deck. Climb The Ship. There Is Quit Easy to Get Lost. ENTER THE DOOR TO THE RIGHT. Go Down to the Engine.

Findor With Arches Find A Long Yellow Corridor. Go Deep and Open The Box. Take the ball. Get Out From There, Find The Boxes On The Way and Look At The Places Passed On Them. Lear to the Second Deck. Look at the White Shadows of People on the Wall That You Have Seen from the Pier. GO TO THE ROOM AND TAKE THE DIARY AND PAYMENT STATEMENTS. All in Russian, by The Way. CLIMB INTO THE CUT, FIND MARY AND LOOK AT WHAT SHE WORKS ON. Fingerprints, and Left On Top of Someone Else. Maybe Mulder? BE SURE TO TALK WITH ASTA ABOUT EVERYTHING. Give HER RUSSIAN TEXTS FOR Translation. Show Her Shar. I am Very Laughing This Episode. Show Her Shadows on the Wall. ASTA SAYS THAT SUCH SHADOWS WERE IN HROSHIMA, AFTER THE EXPLOSION. IT LOOKS VERY STRANGE. WHERE THE EXPLOSION ON THE EDGE OF THE DECK? RETURN TO THE CABIN. A POLICEMAN COMES AND TELL YOU THAT WONG BODY DELIVERED TO THE MORGUE. Call John Emis. FIRST GO TO THE JUDICIAL LABORATORY AND PASS THE FOUND ON "Tarakan" Things. THEN HEAD TO THE FIBI OFFICE. You Will See Cook Lying On The Floor. Praise Him On The Cheeks So He Woke Up. He Trust People After That:. Go to Your Office.

Sound Phone. Raise The Tube. Call You From Washington Laboratory.Blood Found in Stock – IT IS Scully’s Blood. Pay Attention To What a Grief Tells You This Laboratory. AS SOON AS
FINISH THE CONVERSATION, YOU WILL AGAIN GO COOKS AND TELL SOMETHING ABOUT WONG. But How He KNOWS ABOUT HIM, WE DID NOT SY SYS ANYTHING. ASK HIM ABOUT IT. He Remembers That Skinner Said to Him. Suspiciously:. IT’s Time to Go to Morg J . Talk to Your Doctor. IT TURNS OUT THAT WONG HAD CANCER. To Eliminate A Terrible Pain, He Saw A Pill. And He Sems to Be Cancer from Radioactive Exposure. Look at The Table With Carved Bodies. Find A Bullet and Take IT Yourself. Ask to Inspect The Bodies of Those Killed ON "Tarakan". I Like this Scene Most. Bodies Are Gone. Someone Very Well Chilled. Look At The Judicial Laboratory and Give Emis Bullet. Talk to Him, He Graduated from the fingerprint Analysis on "Tarakan" NOW Go to Your Apartment. SIT DOWN THE COMPUTER AND CHECK THE MAIL. John Sent You Fingerprints. Check whose whose. YES, IT IS OLDER MARK COOK! IT MAKES IT THINK:. EXIT. Write A Knock On The Door. Let Marka.
He Wants to Talk to You. I Do Not Advise You to Talk to Him All The Truth, It’s Better to Lie to Him Or Tell Me What He Wants To Hear. ASK HIM ABOUT FINGERPRINTS. Oh, He Decided to Examine "Cockroach". What is Inactive, Something Vaguely Believe:. GO TO THE WAREHOUSE. THE GATE WILL STAND A TRUCK. Pay Attention to What is Written on Hauling (Gordon’s Hauling). Click to the cockpit and see right. Open "Bardac". Take A CRUMPLED PAPER WITH THE INSRIFTION "Rail Road 1121 and 82434". The Driver Will Appear Behind The Truck. SPICK Out of The Second Door Quickly and Hide In The Bushes. AS SOON AS THE TRUCK LEFT, GO TO MY CAR AND GO HOME. Go to bed.You Will Wake A Knock on the Door. WHO IS SO EARLY? Mary. Talk to Ne.

She Got A Video Tape With Gas Station. Look AT HER SEVERAL TIMES. The Gas Station Stopped The Car and a man Came Out from there. Jeep Suddenly Drove Up. The Guy Runs Out of It, Later Identified As A Truck Driver Gordon’s Hauling. Flash of Light I "Snow" ON THE SCREEN. Sun Electronics at the Station Refused. Something Abnormal:. Get Two Faxes. AND GIVE THEM TO ASTADORIAN. Talk to Her Yet. Then Go to the Morgue. Talk ABOUT ALL ICONS IN THE LEFT CORNER. Look at the Body. IT IS ALL IN BURNS, BUT NOT FROM THE FLAME. Strange Things Happen:. Start in Sharno, In Place, Hereby "Transportation Gordon". Talk to Astadorian. Pay Attention to the Truck at the house. Familiar, Truth? Come to the House. IT SEEMS TO BE QUIET. Go to the door. Go Right To the Room Where Paper Scattered. Look AT Them Closer. A Truck Driver Will Be Pounce. What’s with His Eyes? AS If The Oil Under The Age (Hmmm, Familiar Something).

He Will Hit You Greatly, Will Find Mary and Throw Her Through The Table. THAT’S NOT ALL. Looks Like You are locked in this room. Astadorian Gets Up, Opens The BOX, and there is a bomb. You Have Thirty Seconds. Find The Shovel by The Windpers (You Can Take and Nippers). TURN TO THE REFRIGERATOR AND LOOK DOWN. Choose A Shovel Hatch. You brke out. You Can Explode, Then You Will See How a Smoker Litter A Cigarette Against The Background of a Burning House. SPEAK FROM MARY AT THE GATE. TRY TO KISS IT. After A Night Adventure You CAN Enjoy Relax. NEXT MORNING GO TO THE OFFICE. Find A Brand in the Meeting Room. He Is Collecting "Take" Smolnikova, Warehouse Owner. TELL ME THAT YOU NEED TO GO FOR HIM First. A New Place Appeared on Your PDA – Smolnikova Warehouse. Ask Cook Cover You, and Yourself, Not Bag, Go to the Warehouse. Three Guys Will Jump Out Due to Boxes on the Left and Right and One in The Middle. Install Them. NOW YOU CAN GO AHEAD. ON THE RIGHT, FIND SOME MORE PAYMENTS STATEMENTS, THE SAME AS ON "Tarakan", ONLY MUCH More.

Rise On The Second Floor. Immediately Turn Right. Another Guy Will Appear With A Pistol. "Success" and IT. He Will Fall at the First Floor. Pay Attention To the Passage Driven by Boards. For them Will Seem Another Guy. NOW Go Down and Find The Gun. Take IT. Look At The Boxes and Especially On Signs on Them. Close Up On A Spiral Staircase. Find Smolnikov. Cominate Cook. Talk to them about everything. NOW GO TO THE LABORATORY. Wake Up John. He is Tired and Welcome to Sleep? Spend The Ballistic Test of the Found Pistol and Go Back to the Warehouse. Talk to All about the pistol. Mark Arrest Smolnikov. Call John Emis from the Laboratory. Looks Like "Cockroach" Really RadioActive. John Will Scold You for the Fact That You Brought Him This Radioactive Ball. So He Slept. Apologize to Him and Go to the Apartment. Mary Breaks on The Door. Let Her. She Does Not Understand Anything And Is Angry With You for Going To the Warehouse. Talk to Her, But Mark Was Supposed to Call Her!

Looks Like He Tried to Substitute US:. Listen to the Answering Machine. X Wants To Meet Want You on Sand Point 4. Check Your Email. FingerPrints Looking Useless, T.To. This Information IS Secret and Inaccessible. Go to bed. For The Next Morning, Go to the Meeting WITH X. Find It In The Hangar, In The Nearest Room On The Right. Talk to Him. Give Him A Word and Listen to Him Carefully, OtherWise He Will Kill You. He Will Give You A Needle for Infected and Say Where Scully. AS SOON AS HE HITS, ASTADORIAN WILL APPEAR. Talk to Her and Go to the Hospital To Scully. THE NURSE WILL MEET YOU IN THE HOSPITAL. Show Her Icon, Tell Me That You Are From Skinner. IF You Make Wrong, Then You Will Be Caught and Fired From Work. NOW ASK How Scully Feels. WELL, OH WELL, I See You Can’t Wait to See Her. Go to the Ward. Scully Behaves QUite HysteriCally, So Do Not Make Big Pause In Conversation With Her. Tell Her About Yourself, And Most Importantly, Show Her A Needle. Talk To Her, She Will Tell You How It Was Really.

Say Goodbye To Her, IT Will Soon Dissolve. Theater Your Path Lies on the Distillation Point of the Written Wagons. Complete Between The Telegraph to the Telegraph Pillar Will Not Be Held Before You. Pick Up Him and Look Around. Take Binoculars and Look At The Roof Number of One of the Cars (82434!). REMEMBER THE ROAD TO IT. Get Down and Talk to Mary. Pass a Little Further Until The Right Will Be The Discontinity Between The Wagons. Go Through IT and Turn Right. Find the grown car ј82434.T GO INSIDE, INSIDE ALL. RETURN TO THE CAR. STOP THE DRIVER. Talk to Him. He Will Be Able to Provide You With Useful Materials, But At First You Must Play With Him In His Game, Guess What He Will Give You. This Is a Video Tape. For Her He Asks 10 Dollars. Well, In Your Pockets, It Sems There Is Nothing, But Mary Astadorian Has a Very Elegant Wallet:.

Go to Office. Introduce Mary With Mark. For The First Time I See Them All ToGether. INSERT THE VIDEO TAPE INTO THE TAPE RECORDER AND WATH THE RECORD. Turn On The Surgeon Turn ON. This is Dr. Roche. See Dossier. Someone Wants To Arrange A Video Conferencing With You. Connect. Frohaike? Langley? Bayers? Talk to Them, The COORDINATES OF THE SECRET BASE IN ALASKA. Very Cool Conversation. Get Fax and Check Mail ON PDA. RUN THE FILE IN ATTACHMENT. New Coordinates Will Appear On The Map. Mary Will Not Go With You. WELL, SORRY:. SO, We Have A Way to Alaska. Do You Have A House of DR. Roche. POST FOR THE TYPE THAT WILL COME OUT OF THE HOUSE. GO TO THE HOUSE. Climb The Second Floor. There IS A Corpse. You can Talk to Him, But This, Of Course, Is Useless. Pay Attention To the Toy Skeleton Hanging From The Ceiling. Take Him. Outdoor Hatch in the Ceiling. Go Up. And Here He, Mulder, Knitted Hands and Legs, Lies on The Floor. Unleash IT, He Will Sit On The Floor in An Interesting Posture. Talk to Him.

Call Scully. Give Her to Talk to Mulder. People Come From NSA. Go down to them. THEY WILL TELL YOU TO GO WILL THIM. I do not advise:. YOU CAN ESCAPE INTO THE FOREST, BUT THEY WILL FIND YOU, AND IF YOU DO NOT WILL. NOW THE MOST TERRIBLE AND AT THE SAME TIME IS THE MOST INTERESTING PLACE IN THE GAME. You Go to the Secret Base. FIRST OF ALL, TALK TO SCULLY. Go Forward. Find A Computer and Look At The Map. REMEMBER IT. KEEP A GUN READY.To. ARMED GUARDS WILL ATTACK YOU. Be Careful, Saved More Often. You can Talk to scully in a room with black boxes. Find Operations. Look AT The Electric Shock. Cook Will Attack You. Traitor! IN NO CASE SHOOT IN IT. Take The Electric Shock And Hit It With Current. Find Mulder in A Room with Dead Bodies. What’s with His Eyes? HE IS INFECTED WITH THIS EVIL AND TRYING TO FIND THE KEY TO SOME RADIOACTIVE DOOR. Do Not Try to Talk to Him. Scroll Scully to Run Away and Hide Yourself. Turn Right and Shoot Guard.

Find A Room With A Glass Insulating Chamber, Go to the Other Side of the Hall. Go to the Room with Control Panels. Scully Frightened, Almost Killed You. Talk to Ne. She Believees That Mulder Says All Nonsense About Alien Organisms, But The Insulat His Behavior Wants To Explore His Behavior. PRESS THE LARGE BUTTON ON THE CONTROL PANEL. Open Both Doors In An Insulating Chamber and Go to the Room with Displays Where Electrical Discharges Are Constantly Distributed. Click On The Large Button In The Middle Of the Room. GO Back to the Hall with An Insulating Chamber. Go to the Next Room (Door In Front Of The Control Room). THERE YOU WILL FIND SCULLY. I Advise You to Go Left, But In Principle IT IS Not Important. The Main Thing Is Not To Think About Returning – Get A Lead From Scared Scully. Shoot The Guard. Take The Key. Mulder Will Come. Quickly Run To The Insulating Chamber, Otherwise You Are Threatened With Deadly Exposure. Take Mulder Through One Door, and Close The Second and Thereby Catch IT. Poor! But This Is The Only Way. But The Infection Moved to the Brand Cook. He Takes You for the Castle. He Wants To Do The Same As Mulder Wanted To Do With Him! IT REQUIRES TURN THE KEY. Naturally, You Should Not Do That That. Take the Needle and Throw Her Scully, Which Arrived After US. She Sticks Her in Cook. Sorry For a Partner of Course, But He Himself is to blame.

SO, Happi & End. Agents Found, Mulder Recovered, You Received The Recognition of Skinner and Other Supervisors. And You Still Need A Needle:.

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