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October 21, 2020
2 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Zoo Tycoon: Cheat Codes

In the game, name any guest one of the following names (the game must not be paused):

Zoo Tycoon: Cheat Codes Free Download

John Wheeler – all kinds of animal shelters;
Hank Howie – All Research
Steve Serafino – all kinds of animals;
Andrew Binder – all pet houses;
Lou Catanzaro – all animal toys;
Adam Levesque – all animal rehabilitation programs;
Akiyama – open all scripts;
Bill Gates – get big contributions;
Alfred H – white birds will attack people, scare them;
Mr. Blue – blue shirts for guests;
Mr. Blonde – white shirts for guests;
Mr. Brown – brown shirts for guests;
Mr. Orange – orange shirts for guests;
Mr. Pink – pink shirts for guests;
Zeta Psi – Sick Guests.
Name one of your Rosalie guides and all guides will start working for you for free.
The following names should be given to the exhibits:
Xanadu – get a unicorn;
Creteaous – get a dinosaur;
Microsoft – more contributions;
Blue Fang – Increase the popularity of your zoo.
At the beginning of the game, hold down Shift + 4 and hold for a while. For every few tens of seconds of holding, you will receive $ 10,000. You can use the code at later stages of the gameplay, but it should be borne in mind that it removes all the erected pens for animals.
A small hack with script tweaks. Open the zoo.ini file and look for the following lines:
MSStartingCash =
MSCashIncrement =
MSMinCash =
MSMaxCash =
Write in the first line after the equal sign as much money as you need.
To open all scripts, find the following lines in the zoo.ini file:
tutorial = 0
ba = 0
bb = 0
bc = 0
ca = 0
cb = 0
cc = 0
cd = 0
da = 0
db = 0
dc = 0
dd = 0
ea = 0
eb = 0
And change all values ​​except the tutorial to 1.
Be careful. Cheat Codes REGISTER DEPENDENT.
Hacking with changing the zoo.ini file works in all addons of the game.

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