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August 2, 2016
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By Jonny Gamer

For your hideout to flourish, its residents must be energetic, well-fed, and happy. In this article, you will find all the tips, tricks and secrets you need to do this.

When Bethesda announced Fallout 4 at E3 2015, and Fallout Shelter appeared first in the App Store and then in Google Play, the setting of survival in a post-apocalyptic world became more relevant than ever.


Good resource management is the foundation of your success. At the very beginning of the game, you should spend time on developing the optimal system for their production. The main resources are electricity (energy), food and water. Energy is used to operate rooms and illuminate your shelter, and if it is absent, some of the rooms will stop functioning. Food and water keep your residents in good spirits and healthy working conditions.

Your people will be involved in production, and the rate of resource creation will depend on the number of these people and their characteristics. The larger the production room, the more workers can fit there, so try to build several rooms of the same type nearby, in this case, with the same upgrade level, these rooms will be connected into one large one.

You can speed up resource production by pressing the Rush button, and it’s completely free. True, such an acceleration increases not only the speed of production, but also risks (their probability is indicated as a percentage). Emergencies include the appearance of monsters and fire. By the way, they sometimes happen without rush, but much less often.


Don’t forget to explore the areas surrounding the hideout. These outings bring a lot of experience to your residents, a variety of uniforms, and the local currency of a cola cap called Caps.

You should always have a team of researchers ready. To send them, you just need to drag the inhabitants of your choice to the surface. First, we advise you to equip them with the necessary clothing, weapons and medicines.

You can follow the progress of your scouts by clicking on the territory outside the shelter. When your character is about to die or you have enough of the found caps and things, you can send him back to the house, but it is worth considering that the return requires half of the time spent on the journey itself.


You will soon realize that you need a lot of caps to successfully develop your hideout. And those that you find in the process of researching the radioactivity of the lands you will miss.

Caps can be earned by completing tasks from the Pip-Boy menu. For especially difficult tasks you will be rewarded with lunch boxes. In them you can find cards with caps, weapons, clothes, as well as special residents. All this will help you equip even more inhabitants to raid the surface and defend your hideout.

Some useful tips:

  1. For a successful shelter, give people around the door good armor and weapons. During the attack, take all well-armed people straight to the door and destroy the enemy forces. So you will be able to quickly protect the entrance to the shelter and earn a lot of experience.
  2. In rooms where acceleration is constantly occurring, it is worth better equipping the inhabitants, so you will reduce the damage from “failed acceleration.
  3. It is necessary to improve the door to the shelter, and keep a couple of strong guards near it. When attacking, they will have time to kill several enemies, which will make it easier for you to destroy the rest.
  4. Try to keep at least a couple of women in your population pregnant, because with rapid development, new workers are always needed. Pregnant women are incapable of fighting, but can participate in production. A woman gives birth 8 hours after the start of pregnancy, and after another 8 hours the baby grows up, so as soon as the children become adults, they should quickly pick up a new pair of marriage.
  5. Caps are also given for rushing rooms. You will be given the number of covers corresponding to the probability of an incident. For increasing the level of the character, you will receive the number of caps corresponding to the achieved level. Also, sometimes you will receive currency simply for collecting resources.
  6. Build a radio room and put characters with great charisma to work in it. The broadcast will begin, which will not only attract new residents, but also increase the level of happiness of your inhabitants. The happiness boost will only work if someone is working in the room.
  7. In addition to transferring a resident to a more suitable room for him, you can increase happiness by overhearing what your residents are saying. Double click on the room with residents and read the text above their heads. They can tell you what they want, or they can tell you that everything is in order.

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